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The Act of Prayer

March 17th, 2009

In one form or another, most everyone prays. In a very interesting book I’m reading, ‘RETURN TO THE SACRED’ by Jonathan H Ellerby, Ph.D, I was taken by an experience the author had as a fifteen year old. As an inquisitive Jewish kid, while on vacation in Hawaii he asked the hotel bellman if there was a place he could learn more about Hawaiian Spirituality: not just culture, but spirituality. A long story made short, he was introduced to an older Hawaiian women wise in spiritual understanding.


Through their conversation, she asked if he knew how to pray. He responded by telling her about praying at synagogue, and religious holidays. He thought he understood prayer, but when he thought about it, he realized it was always something that someone else had to supply for him.


The wise woman told him that a real prayer doesn’t come from the head and it’s not about memorization or doing it perfect. The true power of prayer comes from the heart. A prayer begins as a feeling-a true, deep feeling-that activates the energy of your body and mind. The feeling is like a beacon in the universe and God will find you by it. That feeling is the voice of your spirit. What is truly in your heart of hearts, the Spirit World will always hear.


When communicating from that place - in words out loud or in deep and sincere thought- it is a prayer. It can be anything that comes from your soul; a wish, a thanksgiving, or an intention for one’s self. This world is alive and listening to you; your prayers, your actions and your energy. The Creator, the One True Power, hears every prayer from the heart.

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