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St. Joseph

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St Joseph Statue
Hundreds of Years of Tradition

The solemn tradition of burying St. Joseph in the earth began hundreds of years ago in Europe. During those times, an order of nuns prayed to St. Joseph (the patron saint of the family and household needs) when they needed more lands for convents. The Sisters were encouraged to bury their St. Joseph medals in the ground.

The medals evolved into statues, culminaing with the complete "Underground Real Estate Agent" Kit currently available. Today, thousands of homesellers and real estate agents nationwide continue this successful tradition; they are looking for a little divine intervention.

The St. Joseph Statue "The Underground Real Estate Agent" Kit was developed to assist you in continuing this tradition. The kit contains everything thing you need to successfully bury your own St. Joseph Statue. Be it fact or be it fiction, it´s worked more than once.

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