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Believer Letters from 2012

March 15, 2012

Dear Phil, My brother and I have had my father's house listed for almost two years to date. Nothing is moving in Florida. Desperate, despairing, and on a lark I googled "Saint Joseph sell my house fast" yesterday morning and found your site. Just reading the testimonials and articles from others raised my hopes enormously that someone will see my listing, Dad's house would be so perfect for retirees who want to get out of the bitter cold and storms of the winters in the north central U.S. or New England states and enjoy warm, beautiful sunny days from November through May.

When my mother needed to sell the house in New Jersey twenty years ago, she prayed novenas to Saint Joseph and Saint Theresa and within the week an offer was made and the house was sold; this despite the unprecedented ice storms and the continuous gray dark miserable wet weather that winter. I know Saint Joseph hears our prayers and I have strong faith that he will hear my plea and help us sell this house quickly, and to buyers who will love it just as much as my parents did.

Colleen Forest

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