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Believer Letters from 2011

December 14, 2011

Thank you for the opportunity to share my comments. I sold my home in 95 days at full price.

I placed St. Joseph at the front walk way and prayed everyday. I truly feel I was blessed to sell my home; but, I couldn't have asked for a better buyer who really appreciated my home and was very pleasant to do business with.

I still pray to St. Joseph to give him thanks and praise his name.

Helen S.
Lpswich, MA

November 09, 2011

My husband and I heard about the statue from our neice who was also selling their house. We ordered our statue and then my husband followed the directions and planted the statue. I can't remember the exact date but it was fall 2010. At that time he prayed that we would sell our house in Spring of 2011. When I asked him if he prayed afterwards, he replied yes and then told me that he prayed the house would sell in spring. I was upset at the time because of the poor market. I was wondering why he wouldn't pray just to sell the house as soon as possible. We were in the process of building a home in Beaver Dam and the house would be done in spring of 2011. Well my husbands was right. We sold the house three weeks prior to moving into our new house. We did unbury the statue and he sits proudly on top of our mantle.

Thank you very much.

Christine & Mark

October 26, 2011

We buried the St. Joseph statue upon receipt along with a silver St Joseph medallion I had given my husband 51 years ago.

We had a high priced home and it is a very difficult real estate market here in Hawaii. We loved our home but it was just too big for us so I prayed for someone good & special to buy this place we loved so much and for a fair price for all the work we put into the property. We were sent a buyer 2 1/2 months later with all our prayer being answered. His first name was "Joseph".

We were able to buy a Van for our church's Zambia AIDS project and would like to send the Saint Joseph statue to Zambia to be the patron of this van. Would that be permissible? We would buy a larger statue of St. Joseph for our new home in Las Vegas along with our silver medallion. Mahalo Nui Loa...

Donald & Maxine

We thank God & St. Joseph

October 19, 2011

Our buyers were from the same state that we originated from and are relocating to FL. They have sold their house and have their furniture stored; so when we were sharing stories with them, we confessed that we had buried St. Joseph in our yard. Their response was, “How do you think we sold our house?”

Thank you St. Joseph from both of us!

Cheryl S.
Port Saint Lucie, FL

September 11, 2011

In 2002 I relocated to Florida from my hometown in Massachusetts due to a serious heart condition which made me unable to handle the cold New England weather. My son took over the house there with the thought of following me to Florida when the time was financially opportune. In January 2009, he listed the house at 27 Bush St, So Dartmouth MA with a realtor but had no sale within the next 6 months. In the meantime, I visited a church in my neighborhood and met a gentleman who told of his experience in selling his home (divine providence I believe). He explained how he had his house for sale for two years with no action until he was told by a friend about the St Joseph network, he called the "underground real estate agent". Because he "believed", he sent for the kit, buried St Joe and sold his house within two months!

I had never heard of the St Joe statue being used in this way; but I was "sold" and immediately sent the kit to my son in Massachusetts and listed the house online at St Joe's on July 22, 2009. The house sold in November 2009; a blessing and a miracle all at the same time!

We have just listed another house in Cape Coral FL with St Joe and expect the same "blessed" results. We "believe" that we will "receive" thanks to our faith in the power of prayer and St Joseph.

Janice Westgate

September 06, 2011

My daughter purchased this statue when we decided to sell our home in Texas. We were in the process of purchasing a home in another state and since the home sales were not looking good, I didn't know how things would go but was very optimistic. I buried our St. Joseph Statue and we put our for sale by owner sign in the ground, walked into our house and received a call almost immediately. We sold our house in 10 days and I have been thanking St. Joseph ever since. He now has a special place in our new home.

It just happened that I was given a St. Joseph statue from a realtor and since we didn't use a realtor, I passed it on to our neighbor's in-laws who had been trying to sell their home for quite some time.

Thank you St. Joseph.

Hazel Peterson
formerly of The Colony, TX

August 28, 2011

I want to thank you for selling the St. Joseph statues; I bought this for our favorite Aunt & Uncle in Philadelphia. They had their home on the market for 6 months and the move-in date on their senior citizen apartment was pressuring them to sell.

Three weeks ago we drove up to visit them and to plant St. Joseph in front of their home which we did. We left him in his plastic sleeve, said the prayer and covered him with dirt. Lo and behold "the very next day" they got an offer from a couple that looked at their place over a month before. Just this week they received the contract and are waiting for the settlement date in September which works perfectly with their move-in date of September 23rd. It's hard to believe, but we certainly and gratefully do!

They are so happy and relieved, all thanks to St. Joseph and you! I just had to tell you and I imagine this will be added to many many other happy ending sales stories.


Take good care and thanks so very much!

August 23, 2011

Sold in one day with St. Joseph!

Too good to be true. We listed our house in central Florida on July 11th. I received and buried my St. Joseph near my "For Sale" sign on July 15th. We received a contract on the house on July 16th...the first couple to visit the property, and closed the sale yesterday, August 22, 2011.

I know this must sound like a fairy tale, especially in the Florida market these days but it is true and I am still kind of stunned since the offer was for 97% of our asking price. Anyway, the moving van went up my driveway at 1 pm yesterday and I am more than happy. I must say, we prepared with care, staged the house as well as we could and followed our agents advice but, I give great credit to that little statue that we placed in the ground. When I walked in the house after placing the statue I told my wife that against all odds I felt a great calm that we had done everything we could and we would be successful. I just didn't imagine that it would be one day later.

Richard and Diane
Orange City, Florida

August 08, 2011

House sold with St. Joseph!

Last year summer 2010 we listed our home and had many lookers but no offers and took it off the market. In the Spring of this year we placed our house back on the market in April. At the time I did not call upon St. Joseph and we had lookers but nothing and a few negative comments as well.

Houses in our neighborhood were selling, just not ours. I placed St. Joseph Statue in front of our home in our flower bed and began to pray. We received an offer on Monday Aug.1st and the people want the sale to be quick!

Spring Hill, TN

Thank you St. Joseph for prayers answered

August 02, 2011

I just ordered the statue in case I decide to sell some day. In the middle of June, I sent my brother in law an email about three other people who had used the statue and sold their homes shortly after. My brother in law Harry lives in Lubbock Texas and been trying to sell for 2 yrs and 4 mos. He sent me an email on the 28th of June stating he had planted the Statue on the 21st and sold on the 27th of June. Amazing !!!

Bill & Connie E.

August 01, 2011

Thank you, St. Joseph!

I realize I should have written in sooner to thank St. Joseph for helping us sell our house. After burying the statue and trying to sell the house for 7 months, we took it off the market last December. In March, one week after my husband lost his job and my mother passed away, we sold. It wasn't for the price we needed or to the nicest people, but at least we sold and I am grateful for that.

God is good and He will provide.

L. Littlejohn

July 12, 2011

For the second time, we have put our trust, and believe in the powers of St. Joseph. Our house went on the market on June 06 2011, on my birthday July 02 less than a month later we received an offer that was very close to our asking price and with a closing date very suitable for all. As you can see from the letter below St. Joseph along with prayer and belief that he would work hard was taken out of the Curio Cabinet and out of his place of Honor in his frame. We buried him next to the new For Sale sign upside down facing the road so he could call the buyers to have a look. I hope my sister and her husband many miles away sell their home quickly I have told her about St. Joseph to Believe is to Receive.

September 17, 2009: Our house had been on the market for a while. There were quite a few houses in the same neighborhood for sale at the same time. They all seemed to be selling but ours wasn’t. We even did a price drop.

After several months on a Monday evening we went downtown and bought a St. Joseph Statue. We took it home and buried it upside down, facing the house, beside the for sale sign in the front yard. When we got home from work on Tuesday the very next day our agent called to say we had an offer, from the very same people that had put in an offer when we first listed, but they had withdrawn as they weren’t sure they really wanted to re-locate to a new town. The women that sold him to us said “He will sell your house” she was right, our faith in St. Joseph and his powers didn’t let us down. We dug him up and placed him in a frame and he is now in a Curio Cabinet in our temporary apartment until our new home is finished being built...thanks St. Joseph

Liz B.
Ontario, Canada

June 28, 2011

I am a Catholic woman who attends church regularly at St Ann in Charlotte, North Carolina. In March 2011 I was sexually assaulted in my home by a man who I considered to be a good friend and neighbor. Despite purchasing new furniture and trying to avoid him on daily walks with my dog, I found myself spiraling into a deep depression. My only recourse was to sell my house of 28 years and move away from the neighborhood where I had raised my kids as a single Mom when my ex-husband found another woman to fulfill his dreams. Yes, I had quite a few showings and while people seemed “interested”, no one made an offer. I had ordered the underground realtor kit from your website but had not yet buried it except in a kitchen drawer. Before I took my daughter to the airport on a Sunday, I decided to finally bury my plastic statue outside. I placed him in the bag, upside down with his feet pointing toward the street close to the realtor’s sign and read the prayers included in the kit (as well as adding my own personal thoughts)...

That afternoon, while waiting at the airport for Chrissy to board, my realtor called to tell me that we had our first “drive-by” house showing appointment scheduled for the upcoming Wednesday at 8 pm. She met with them and said that as they walked through my home, they seemed happy, appreciative and surprised that the house was 30 years old. A few days later, they contacted another realtor who arranged a second showing and this time they let us know that they were meeting with their financial advisor to see if they qualified to purchase the home for the husband’s parents who lived in Massachusetts. Then the following week, the couple met with their mortgage lender and this past Saturday, I received a reasonable offer on my home. Listed at $195,000, I sold my home for $187,500 in less than 45 days, in a very tough economic market, to a couple that randomly drove by my house the very day that I placed St. Joseph in my front yard! How can one not know that it was faith, God’s love and St. Joseph’s prayers that brought these special people to my home?

I am closing on my new townhome in the middle of July and hope that I will be able to move on from this nightmare and be the Catholic woman that I want to be….I thank God and his servant St. Joseph for their presence and love during this most difficult time.

Terese R.
Charlotte, North Carolina

My prayers and best wishes are with you as well, always!! Thanks for the underground realtor kit!

May 31, 2011

A very good friend told me about this and sent the statue to my home that WAS for sale. I returned home to find the package and within hours followed the instructions. This may or may not be a record but within approximately twenty minutes I received a phone call from the listing agent here with the offer that sold our home. We are looking forward to the same results on the home we are looking to purchase in CA.


Linda H.

May 19, 2011

I am a real estate broker who had a house listed for about a year with very little activity. The seller, a very kind christian woman in her 80's, had bought a home in the city and needed to sell her country property so she could afford to continue living comfortably at her new home.

She often shared with me that she was praying to God to bring a buyer for her home. I had heard about the St. Joseph statue and decided that this was the perfect person to send one to. I went online and found a great site to order from ( I had the statue sent directly to my seller with a short note.

Two days after I ordered the statue, we got a call from a buyer wanting to see the home that weekend. My seller received the St. Joe statue and buried it under the for sale sign the morning of the showing. The following day, the buyers came back and wrote an offer that was accepted. We have a closing date set for mid June and everything is on track for a successful closing.


Definitely a St. Joseph miracle!

May 07, 2011

Thanks for acknowledging the post that I recently left on your St. Joe web site. Actually, the property in question was sold about a year ago but we finally got around to digging up St. Joe just the other day (he was in a self contained plant pot) and ceremoniously installed him in a "place of honor" in our new home, as per the "system." It was then that I realized that I had never actually reported the property as "sold" on the St. Joe web site, so I thought I'd better check it out and when I saw it was still listed I removed it.

For your information, I initially learned of the St. Joe story when I happened to see it detailed by a buyer while watching a cable TV show on Bravo called something like "Million Dollar Home" (I'm sure you probably got a lot of action following the airing of that segment). I then did a web search for further information on the St. Joe thing and found your service....glad I did! That is a wonderful thing you're doing...keep up the good work!

In response to your query regarding the realtor we used, I did mention the St. Joe thing to her at the time, but she was unaware of the ritual and didn't seem to have much interest in it. I can see where not everybody would be inclined to get involved with it...."different strokes for different folks." Anyway, thanks again for making St. Joe available in this way.....much appreciated!

Brad P.

May 04, 2011

My name is Catherine Connelly and I purchased a St. Joseph Statue kit....My siblings and I lost both of our parents within 5 months of eachother last year and had to sell their beautiful townhouse condo in Southern New Hampshire...we hired a realtor and had a 6 month contract; it was up on March 26, 2011. I listed it with I

I returned to my house and within 5 minutes of getting in the door, my phone rang and it was a woman who had been to 2 of my open houses (I did on my own and was a little nervous showing the home alone to perfect strangers)....she wanted to bring her son-in-law to look at it the next day! ........we are closing on our parents property on May 16, 2011.

Thank you St. Joseph. I will dig him up and place him in my home for all to see and honor!

Sincerely, Catherine Connelly
Haverhill, MA

April 25, 2011

Use this works!

We not only found the perfect buyer for our hard to sell home, but we simultaneously found the perfect new home for us that exact same day! The statistical probability of that happening is so remote that we have to attribute it to a Higher Intelligence! Trust that the timing will work out to be perfect for your particular situation and don't get discouraged if it takes a little longer than you WILL all come together for you at the perfect time, in the perfect way.

B & E

Use this system and Keep the Faith! God Bless!

April 24, 2011

Dear folks at St. Joseph Statue,

Thank-you for providing the method, along with God's help, to sell my father's estate condominium, which had been on the market for 2 1/2 YEARS with three different agents. After planting St. Joseph upside-down facing the road under the kitchen sink in a pot of dirt, there were two offers within 24 hours, one for a lease-to-purchase, and another for a cash sale. It was the cash sale that was chosen, and the buyer couldn't get in there fast enough. He was actually moving his belongings in during the closing, which was less than one week after the "planting." This really works! St. Joseph now holds a place of honor "right-side-up" in my breaker front!


March 30, 2011

This is really a miracle! We ordered our St. Joseph statue after having our home on the market for 3 months without a single offer and very few viewings. The day I received our St. Joseph statue in the mail our realtor called with a viewing. I quickly placed our statue in our front flower pot and said a prayer over it. The next day our realtor called with a second viewing. The third day, we received an offer on our home - without any conditions! Needless to say, we accepted and all the paper work was completed within one month.

We were able to purchase our dream home that we had put an offer on three months prior. We have St. Joseph in a place of honor where we can see, and thank him, everyday for helping us.

We are so grateful to God and St. Joseph for our new home!

N. Boles

February 28, 2011

We purchased and planted the St. Joseph statue as directed. We also had numerous people praying for us. My bible study group put the sale of our home on the prayer list. In that same week, a lady put in an offer on our home, which exceeded our asking price. Not only that, but her name was Esther (a biblical name). Needless to say, I am very pleased and would recommend this to anyone wanting to sell their home.

P. Singer

January 17, 2011

We sold a home in Taos, NM in September after planting St. Joseph, the house sold in a month after being on the Market for a year.

Harriett G.
Taos, NM

Hope it works again we'll let you know.

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