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Believer Letters from 2010

December 10, 2010

2 months to the day after burying my St. Joseph Statue I recieved a serious offer that led to the sale of my house. While I credit the extremely professional work of my real estate agents, I have to believe St. Joseph helped too.

Catherine B.

November 24, 2010

Our home had been on the market for 7 months, lots of lookers, one offer, buyers backed out. Within 24 hours of planting St Joseph in the front yard we received a cash offer and closed within two weeks.

Kathyn & Chuck
Daytona Beach, FLA

November 13, 2010

I followed the instructions that came with St. Joseph. However, our Tennessee house did not sell for a couple of months.

I ran into a lovely lady realtor in a doctor's office while visiting my elderly aunt and uncle in Florida. During my time in the doctor's waiting room, I chatted with the retired realtor about selling houses. The topic of St. Joseph came up. She told me that as soon as I returned to Tennessee, I should dig up St. Joseph, clean him up, and place him in a front window looking toward the street. She told me that over her many years as a realtor she found that St. Joseph was more effective when placed in a front window "looking out for you."

When I returned home, I followed her instructions. I noticed him in the window each time I went in and out the front door and he reminded me to pray and release my faith. Within two weeks, after almost 20 showings over the 3 months that the house was on the market, God brought us a buyer... Thanks for letting me share my story.

Kat Schrack
Mount Juliet, TN

November 05, 2010

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my gratitude to St. Joseph Statue, your testimonial stories, and your Web site. We went through a lot to sell our house. We listed our house for sale since last December and had a contract in early April. The buyer's loan was pre-qulaified by a major bank. We thought everything would be ok, until end of May we learned his loan was not approved. He applied FHA loan and a month later, got declined again. The buyer was totally frustrated and backed off. I had to go to a friend for help because she sold her house in two months. She told me about St. Joseph Statue and gave me your Web site. I ordered the statue right the way and as soon as I recieved it, I buried it in our front yard under the "For Sale" sign. I said a prayer to Him everyday to ask his power to sell our house. I also prayed Him to help us get our loan approved for the new house as we planned. It was through his guidance. When I contacted the previous buyer in August, I was surprised he accepted our negotiated offer and was willing to go to a private banking to apply loan as my agent recommended. His loan was approved a month later and we had an escrow closing last week.

I have learned there is little I can do to reverse the situation. I must depend on St. Joseph and God to make it happen. I have to trust God to supply our needs. We moved to the new house on schedule. It is out of state where we have dreamed about for years. Now I have St. Joseph Statue in my room and still thank him and ask his protection to our household everyday.

Faith in God
S. California

October 25, 2010

St Joseph did it for me!

My house went on the market, was shown twice on Friday evening. On Saturday morning St. Joseph was placed according to instructions. My house sold by noon. Which meant I had to find and buy a house with in a month. I did and moved from Maryland to Ohio.

I have a beautiful statue of St. Joseph in my home in a place of honor for selling my home. I tell anyone that will take time to listen to my story.

Donna K. Testroet

October 24, 2010

Thank you for spreading the devotion to St. Joseph. He has always been a saint who speaks to Jesus in our behalf. On Oct 4, 2010 we listed our home for sale. The sign went in the ground the next day, as did St. Joseph. We began the 9 day Novena immediately. Within an hour we got a call for our first showing. They came back a second time, plus two other showings in the first two weeks. (Keep in mind this is a terrible sellers market.) On day 9 of our 9 day novena, we got an offer from that first showing's buyer. We are currently at the end of counter offers and feel the Holy Spirit guiding us, and St. Joseph watching over us as we "make our move."

I want others to know that the statue is not magic. It is the dedication to prayer and belief that St. Joseph will intervene for us to God - that is what brings the buyer - your faith. When we buried St. Joseph at our home back in 2006, we did not commit to prayer and God's will. It took over one year to sell our home. Sure there were other things that made it difficult to sell, but I still believe our faith has helped us this time for a quick sale.

God Bless you in your journey - Trust in God's will,

Melissa & Tom
St. Cloud, MN

October 07, 2010

We needed to sell our parent’s home. When we received an offer and then sold the home, a friend told us that she secretly put a statue on the porch. It sold and we didn’t even know the statue was there. Then, when we wanted to sell our home, My sister reminded me about St. Joseph. I ordered the statue and procrastinated putting him in the yard. Two weeks went by and no buyers.

We found a home that we wanted to buy. However, we needed to sell our home, and fast. I buried the statue and placed a holy card in the window. My husband called one day to tell me that we had an offer on our home. When the call came, I had buried the statue just 30 minutes before that. Within those two weeks, we had sold our home and our new home was in escrow.

Now, we have our new home and St. Joseph is in a place of honor. We are true believers. I will save him in case someone needs a miracle.

Lani S.
Ventura, CA

September 22, 2010

I recently purchased a St. Joseph statue and I just had to share my story. I heard about the tradition of St. Joseph several times within a week, so I had to try it for myself. I am amazed at how fast things happened!

My house had been on the market for two weeks with no real activity or interest. I purchased the St. Joseph Real Estate Kit on Friday, September 10. That afternoon, we scheduled a showing. On Sunday, the same people came back again. I received St.Joseph on Monday and buried him. We received an offer on Tuesday, and after some negotiations, we signed the deal today, exactly a week after ordering St. Joseph!

We are so excited and love sharing our story about St. Joseph with everyone!

Kristen C.
San Antonio, TX

September 07, 2010

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the St. Joseph Statue. We had a contract in April, but two months later we were informed that his loan did not get approved. A friend recommended me to order the St. Joseph Statue because it helped selling her house quickly. I ordered it and buried it in my front yard under the "For Sale" sign on July 29. We had a few showings but the deal was not good.

Fortunately, I was able to contact our previous buyer, reduced the house price and sent him to a private mortgage company to get his loan approved. On the other hand, St. Joseph also protected us being able to move to our new home out of the state as planned. We are thankful for these double blessings. I would like to share my story in the St. Joseph Statue Web site.


A Believer in
Houston, TX

September 03, 2010

I read the instructions and followed them explicity. I added a prayer of my own when I "planted" the statue. That afternoon I received a call asking to show the house the next night. A nice couple came to look and the next day we had their offer. We countered and are now accepting the offer and moving on. I buried the statue on Monday and accepted the offer on Thursday. How quick was that. I was shocked and very pleased.

Sally Stansberry
Eatonville, WA

August 17, 2010

Just a note to let you that within 48 hrs of ordering my St. Joseph statue we received an offer and contract on our house. The statue arrived four days later. We have had the appraisal and inspection, we are looking to close on the 3rd of September. St. Joseph's job here was finished before he was buried. We also have a condo to sell in St Louis. Hopefully he will continue to bring us luck in selling another property.

Ron S.
St. joseph, MO

August 17, 2010

I just wanted to share that I buried our statue Saturday morning (8/14) and had a call at 1 p.m. to schedule a second showing that day at 1:45 p.m. We met again Sunday afternoon…they made an offer and we accepted!!! We are closing Sept. 30th! Coincidence? Don’t know but thank you for any added boost!! I am a believer!

Julie Clark
Sherman, IL

August 16, 2010

Hi There, Thank you ! Just wanted to let you know St Joseph really helped us out . We prayed everyday Day The Seller even Believed .... He really Works : )

Thanks again,


August 01, 2010

Hi,I love the St. Joseph Statue but I am a little frustrated, its been 5 months now...any suggestions!!

I moved him to the back, to the front of the house to the back in the dirt out of the dirt and prayed every day.

So all your St. Joseph believers send good vibes this way!! We need to relocate.

Christina C.
Castle Rock, CO

July 28, 2010

Thanks, my house got sold and I'm very happy, thanks to St. Joseph!

Richard P.
Rancho Cordova, CA

July 26, 2010

I have to tell you my story. Thank you St Joseph. The day I ordered my statue 10 minutes later I received my first call for a showing. The day St. Joseph was in my mailbox I received the contract. I sold my home in 5 days thanks to St Joseph.

I could not believe how powerful St Joseph was. I just hope an pray I can soon find another home. Since the sale went to fast I am a week from closing and no home to go to yet. It’s a little scary.

However if you bury St Joseph be prepared to move quickly. Thank you again St. Joseph.

Kelly B.
York, PA

July 20, 2010

My mother passed away in 2005 and my wife and I had lived with her in her last years to nurse through a prolonged illness. We lived in a beautiful 3000 sq ft home built in 1945 in the hills of Martinez, California. It had a stunning view of the San Francisco bay. Unfortunately my mom never made any improvements to the property and while the home was very attractive, it had outdated plumbing and electrical issues and the foundation was in disrepair. In those days the market was still very hot but after listing the home for six months we couldn't sell it. One of my brothers offered to buy it at a very low price and we told him we would accept his offer as soon as the listing ran out.

In desperation I buried a small statue of St. Joseph, I figured, what have I got to loose? A week later on the last day of the listing we were resigned that my brother was going to get a steal and we were happy for him. That evening at about 8:00 an agent and a couple knocked at our door and asked to view the property. We told them the listing ended in just a few hours and we planned to sell the property to a family member. They were insisted however and we allowed them to tour the home. An hour later they made a full price offer on an "as is basis."

Did St. Joseph carry the day? I don't know. But I'm burying that little statue the next time I sell a home. You can be sure of that.

Sturat McCullough
Martinez, CA

July 19, 2010

I ordered my St. Joseph statue, buried it in a large flowerpot on a windowsill and said a prayer. We had to sell our apartment quickly in a bad market.

To the great surprise of all - we had a huge turnout at our first open house and shortly after had 4 people who wanted it. One had the best financials and we accepted her offer.

We close next week! St. Joseph will have a place ofhonor in our new apartment!

Abby and Joe H.


July 12, 2010

Our home has been listed since March 2010 with 2 unacceptable offers. I ordered the statue and when it arrived we buried him as instructed.

While doing that we received a call from our realty company that there was a showing for the next day. 5 days later they took a second look and made an offer that was accepted by us!

Thank you St Joseph!

Kathy and John L.
Manchester, CT


July 08, 2010

I am a true believer in the power of the St. Joseph statue. Nine years ago when my husband got transferred and we couldn't sell our house, we buried the statue and sold in 9 days! The sale of the house went so smoothly, it was an awesome experience. That's why, when we decided to downsize and reduce our expenses because of furlough days and pay cuts we've experienced with our jobs, we didn't hesitate to put money into the house to update it so we could sell. Even with the real estate market as bad as it is, there was no doubt in my mind about being able to sell our house.

I planted one statue on May 9th and another one a month later. Our realtor has told us we have more showings than their other listings, almost one everyday, but so far no offers. I realize that it may take more time to sell, but with our expenses stretched to the limit, it's getting harder and harder. I also cannot question God's plan for us. We took a leap of faith and more and more I find myself doubting our decision.

Please pray for the sale of house...Thank you,


July 05, 2010

I stumbled across St. Joseph Statue website via a link from another website inadvertently (or divine intercession) and read about how St. Joseph Statue has helped thousands in the sale of their homes. After reading several testimonials, I decided to order the statue and give it a try.

My husband and I placed our home on the market June 03, 2010. June 15th I ordered St. Joseph, however I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to receive the order and went to a local Christian store and purchased a Statue and buried it in the yard under the For Sale Sign, and said a prayer as instructed. When the St. Joseph arrived in the mail from the order, I placed it in the window facing the front street so St. Joseph could have divine intercession during inspection and appraisal period.

We received an offer June 19, 2010 and had a signed contract June 21, 2010 and we are closing in two weeks! We are also purchasing a new home and scheduled to close both sales on the same day. I am a believer and would recommend to anyone who needs to sell their home and do the works!

Allen, TX

June 28, 2010

I want to say that the St. Joseph Statue REALLY REALLY works! I want to share my whole story. We put our condo for sale on May 29,2010 in a exclusive listing in order to save money on the real estate commission but it was not working so good, so I went on Internet to read about selling a house fast and I came across the St Joseph Statue so I decided to buy, I ordered on June 02, 2010.

On June 11,2010 we bought a house and we were happy but very stress that our condo was not sold and not even offers yet, and I was still awaiting for the St Joseph Statue to arrive( It took longer because I am in Toronto- Canada) so on Jun 13 I went to to a catholic store and bought another statue. I came home and buried it on a potted plant, but my gut was telling that I also should hire a different Agent, so on June 14 we decided to fire the Agent and hire a new, the same day I got the St. Joseph Statue I ordered from this site, so i ended up having 2 St Josephs.

On June 16( Wednesday) our condo was listed on MLS at 9:30AM by 10:00AM we already had two showings for the evening. I came home I decided to bury the other St Joseph statue on the garden in front of our building , but what I did was to put st Joseph in the bag it came on and inside I put a paper with the number of my unit and wrapped on plastic paper so it won't get dirty and I started praying a Novena to St Joseph. On the sixth day my son and I went down stairs to talk to St Joseph and thanking for all the showing and I asked him to bring me a couple with a child that would love our condo, as we were talking to St Joseph we saw a young couple coming to see apts in our building , the wife was pregnant , I stoop up and open the lobby door for them and I asked them what unit were they going to see . They told me they were looking at 2, suite 205, 2311 and 715, I told them 715 it is mine, so they said let's go see yours first. So I brought them up opened the door for them and I left. On the seventh day my Agent called me to tell that we have received an offer, I knew it was the couple and I asked her who was the selling Agent when she gave the name I could not believe the offer was coming form the couple I mentioned before. The offer was not so good so we sent a counter offer and they sent one back to us with an acceptable price. On the ninth day the offer was signed by both parties. It only took 9 NINE DAYS, all the other listing on my building have been in the market for a least 25 days. Thank you GOD and Thank you St Joseph.

Anriana A.
Toronto, Canada

June 27, 2010

We purchased the St. Joseph statue. So far as of over 60 days. Nothing. A few drive by lookers but banks aren’t lending any money to anyone. The buyers are maxed out on credit cards and our economy stinks.

I think we need a prayer for politicans to really understand why little people have no money and effects of what happens when they don’t and won’t spend what little they have.

Our house looks new from the outside, cuz it practically is.. New lifetime siding, new lifetime high impact roof, new lifetime deck, and new garage doors, with a new shed. You'd think someone would at least want to come in and take a look on the inside of it. It may not be the very best in the neighborhood, but it is the best in the neighborhood thats for sale at a price thats more than competitive. No reason it won’t sell other than people can’t get loans.

Earl S,
Kearney, NE

June 14, 2010

The Seller had that property listed with two different agents for more than two years without any luck. I listed the property, the owner followed the steps to put the “Big Guy” in the ground, then I added the listing on the St. Joseph website and guess what – I sold it TWO WEEKS after!

You gotta believe in it – it worked for me.

Anna Larocque
Wakefield, Québec

RE/MAX Outaouais Centre 819.772.2828

June 14, 2010

I had my property on the market for over a month with little traffic. I buried the St. Joesph statue in faith on May 7, 2010. I said daily prayers to St. Joseph for the quick and easy sale of my home.

I received a call the following week, to schedule a showing, exactly 7 days after I buried St. Joseph. Three days after the showing, a price was negotiated on. My closing was on June 10, which is also my birthday.

Thank you, St. Joseph, for a wonderful birthday gift.

Amy B.

June 09, 2010

A friend of ours who is a very devout Catholic recommended burying St. Joseph in our front yard. He even gave us your web site. Now, you need to understand, we are Jewish, but at that point, we decided that Jesus was a Jew, so maybe He would have a soft spot for us.

Our house was on the market for THREE years! My husband, a nice Jewish boy from New York City, buryied St. Joseph, then knelt and said the prayer. It was a sight to see.

But we also need to say THANK YOU, ST. JOSEPH. By the way, my father's birthday was March 19, which I understand was St. Joseph's feast day. Maybe they all had a soft spot! :)

Mary Anne R.
Tucson, AZ

June 09, 2010

I just wanted to write in and say that my St. Joseph Statue worked perfectly. The house had been on the market for two months with St. Joseph buried out front next to the for sale sign. Then I moved St. Joseph to the backyard on a Saturday and on Monday we received an offer. We close in June. I am going to get St. Joseph and use him for the next home sale.


Castle Rock, CO

June 07, 2010

I am proud to say we have just sold our home, thanks to the help of St Joseph! We are now getting ready to move, so I went out to find the statue. I buried it near the for sale sign, but I'm afraid the sign must have been moved (during the 2 months the house was on the market). I dug all around the area, but no luck. Any tricks, or advice you have to find the statue?

Julie H.
Edgewood, KY

May 04, 2010

We'd had our house on the market for a month, and although our traffic and feedback were consistantly good, we watched two houses with the same floorplan in our neighborhood sell right away while our house sat there. We were always at the top of prospective buyers' lists, but were never their first choice.

My husband's start date at his new job was a month and a half away and we knew we'd have to sell the house quickly or we'd be separated across the country from each other--leaving me alone with our 2 and 3 year olds and a house that had to be perfect for showings at all times. When prospective buyers came for a showing--loved everything about the house--and never made an offer, I told a friend about our situation and she suggested getting a St. Joseph statue. She had gotten one when her house was for sale, and said her house had sold in a week.

So that day I ordered a statue of my own and had it rush delivered to me. It arrived on Friday and I put him in the ground next to the for sale sign right away. Two days later the buyers reappeared out of the blue for a second showing. The next day they made us the best inital offer my real estate agent said she'd seen in a year--the offer was competitive, with no contingencies, extra requests, or closing cost assistance requested. Plus, their ability to close was very flexible, so we were able to get the closing date we needed. Not only was it an acceptable offer, it was perfect! Now our entire family will be together and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It's proof that God really does answer prayers.

Upstate, SC

May 01, 2010

Our home on 1140 Hollywood Ave. Oakland sold within 9 days after the for sale sign went up. Our realtor told us that on the average she sells houses within 12 days. But the miracle was not only that the house sold in such a short time and over the asking price but the buyers I prayed for bought the house.

I asked St. Joseph to send a family to buy the house who can afford to pay over the asking price because we also need to buy our own house. I asked that the family be the one who will flourish in the neighborhood and that they will be the kind of neighbors who will become a wonderful part of the community we are leaving. We received 7 offers. Two of the prospective buyers offered the same amount. One is a family who has 1 son and 1 on the way. They were wondering where the Catholic school is. They didn't know that it is just 2 blocks away and that our children are going there. Not only that, the priest who married them is a close friend of our parish priest. They are the family I was praying for.

you St. Joseph for your intercession !!

Tina C.
Oakland, CA

Tina's story is the epitome of the St. Joe tradition..(a win-win for all parties).

April 30, 2010

Unfortunately, the St. Joseph's statue does not have the power to contradict what is going on here. Everyone loves our home. No one has the money.

The Roskoskis

April 30, 2010

Thank you for the reminder for the free St. Joseph listing,...but my home just sold !!


April 29, 2010

I sold my house the week after I buried my St. Joseph Statue. It had been for sale for over 2 years prior to that. My statue now resides in a special place in my new home.

Fran S.

April 29, 2010

This hoax NEVER worked. I had it in the ground for almost a year. No nothing, NOTTA!

S. Maynard

April 26, 2010

Our family was under the gun- we had to sell our house within a month and a half. We lowered the price twice. No offers, no second showings. Had open houses every week for over a month. Our real estate agent and fellow agnostic gave us a St. Joseph when we signed on with her. He wound up in a drawer somewhere until this morning when my husband, daughter and I buried him in the front yard. We don't pray, so we did our best. Within 4 hours we had an offer. Within 6 the deal was closed. My daughter ran out and kissed the ground where St. Joe is buried. Our lives will vastly improve with this move. Maybe he listens to the skeptics, too. ;-)

Thanks, St. Joseph!

Topeka, KS

April 20, 2010

My wife and I move to Cape Coral full-time in late January. We've owned our house here for two years as a vacation home and decide we'd like something "bigger and better" as a primary home. We recognize that selling a house in this market, literally the epi-center of the foreclosure world, is sort of a fool's errand, but we decide "What the heck, there's nothing to lose". As we make this decision I'm looking out my window at a For Sale sign that's been there at least for the two years we've owned this house.

So we sign the listing agreement on a Monday, put the sign up on Wednesday, plant St. Joe on Thursday and have a signed contract on Saturday. We're closing May 13th.

Que Sera, Sera.

George D.
Cape Coral, FL

Referred by Bob Webster (see below)

March 26, 2010

I had read about St. Joseph in a paper a few years ago and purchased one "just in case". I received a job offer and had 5 months to sell my house, find a new place, and move. I buried St. Joseph and put an ad on line as I had not received official orders and could not list until that time. The first weekend I got 3 inquiries on the house. My orders came the following Tuesday and I signed the contract with the realtor. On Wednesday, I received an offer for the full amount and to close within a month. I am a believer!!!

Denise D.
I was pleasantly shocked

March 22, 2010

"Joe - You be The Man, or Saint, as it may be" After a discouraging year of her Denver home going unsold, my Aunt Chelsia planted a Joe, and a week later had a signed contract. She kindly shared this with me just as I listed my Frisco, Colorado ski home at the height of the Summit County real estate market in spring 2007. But of course, being ever the optimist, yet also a devout realist, I laughed, and cast aside any consideration of any possible validity to this folklore. It was not until over 18 months later, having by then lowered my price by 20% and having seen the financial and real estate worlds fall apart, that while at Costco I ran into a friend who I had not seen for many years. He proudly boasted of retirement, of moving to Florida...and of how he had just sold his Boulder home. His home had been listlessly on the market for more than a year...until he had a "Joe Epiphany"; a recollection from growing up as a Catholic kid from Brooklyn. For him, online order, burial and five days later...Bingo!

I had now become desperate, as it had been 18 months and not a single offer...not even an embarrassing low-ball salvo. So casting my pragmatism aside, but still holding onto a sense of skepticism, I Google "st. joseph statue real estate". For ten bucks or so, I hit the bid, and a few days later Joe arrives in a tiny bag with simple instructions. I ask a Boulder buddy of mine who is headed to Frisco to stop by my ski house and to bury Joe. This is on a Friday. That next Monday night, my realtor calls with a full-cash, 30 day offer! We closed on Christmas Eve day. Ah, but it gets better. My final house guests used my ski home on December 18-22, and upon leaving, I had asked them to dig-up Joe and to bring him home. Well, first...they informed me that Joe had not been buried as directed - in the front of house, upside-down, facing the street, but in fact was gracefully hanging out on top of the fireplace mantle. Guess like long as he has not "left the building"...his presence is palpable! Second, they had read the Joe instructions, and asked....did I really want to tempt fate and "against the rules", remove Joe prior to a signed closing? So, as my prior skepticism had now been convincingly replaced by committed belief...per my quick response...they buried him in the front planter box. After an uneventful closing...I quietly snuck up to my old home and respectfully dug him up. He now sits prominently on top of my kitchen microwave.

To add to this amazing story, in early January, while meeting with my "business coach" and sharing the Joe saga with him....I am greeted with an ear-to-ear smile. I smile back and say to him that I see that response often when I tell this crazy-but-true story. He chuckles and responds, "I laugh not because of your good fortune...but because one of my clients (who happens to live in Los Angeles) is the owner of the largest seller of online Joe's in the country". In astonished wonderment, I look up my online is from his client’s Too weird and way too small a world! To quote the classic band of the 70’s, The Monkees, Now I'm a Believer. Bob W., Boulder, Colorado

Bob Webster
Boulder, CO

January 29, 2010

I sold my house just 6 weeks after burying my St. Joseph statue. With the economy the way it is, I am very grateful that our home sold so quickly.

The house next door was for sale, as well as the one across the street, the one behind us, and the one caddy corner from us. They had all been for sale for quite some time, and now 6 months later, they are all still for sale.

Some people laughed when I told them about burying the St. Joseph statue and saying the prayer, but I KNOW that is what brought about the quick sale of our home. Thanks again,

Paris, TX

January 06, 2010

My sister had her property listed since last August and she estimates at least 120 persons viewed the property but no offers were forthcoming and she was getting pretty discouraged. I purchased the St. Joseph statue and without her knowing buried the statute and with the novena provided asking for St. Joseph's assistance for my sister.

One day after I buried St. Joseph, my sister had two different persons wanting to buy her property and she has sold it and will close this week.

Now that is what I call fast work. Thank you, thank you, St. Joseph. As soon as the property has officially closed, I will retrieve St. Joseph and provide a place of honor for him in my household.

Mardi C.
Port Orange, Florida

January 04, 2010


Thank you Saint Joseph!

JoBeth C.
Dallas, TX

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