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Believer Letters from 2009

December 10, 2009

hello......we are so happy that we sold our home after we purchased the st joseph statue and buried it. Our home had been for sale for 2 years before we bought our st joseph statue.......we never even recieved an offer of interest during that time.

Five days after we buried st joseph and the very first showing of the house , we recieved an offer on the house and I'm very happy to say we have closed on the selling of this house!!

We have always had strong faith but we believe that using the st joseph statue symbolized the depth of our faith........yes in five days. The very first showing made an offer and bought our home!! I encourage anyone that has enough faith to do the same......thank you thank you thank you!!

Victoria S.
Clinton, OH

December 10, 2009

After my parents died I had to take over the care of my sister - the home was not in good shape - spent many thousands on fix up but it just sat.

After 5 months on the market I instructed the realtor to use the St. Joseph's kit and I said a prayer as well. Within 3 days we had a firm offer and the house was sold, closed and everything in 25 days.

W. Lilly
Lino Lakes, MN

November 30, 2009

I would like to share with you that I've sold my home, and have now moved into someone's house - with St. Joseph placed on my dining room table at the right of the entry.

I heard about St. Joseph from one of the realtors that I interviewed to list my home. She eventually didn't get the listing, but, I do appreciate her guidance. I researched St. Joseph's and decided to purchase prior to having the sign placed in my front yard.

I put St. Joseph in the strongly suggested proximity and orientation (upside down, facing the street, under the for sale sign'. I had decided to pull my home off the market after 3 months when I got an offer within the desired parameters. My home was finally closed on Friday the 13th - actually a very good luck day for me. It just seemed 'destined'.

D. Hunt
league city, TX

November 23, 2009

Just letting you know we put our home on the market in July of this year and had 2 offers on the table by September. Our closing was October 22, 2009. Both offers were within range of what we had been asking for.

We truly believe in the power of prayer. Never having sold a home before, I couldn't believe how smoothly things went.

I have shared with others what this experience has meant to us. We purchased the book in conjunction with the kit and a larger St. Joseph. The book has been very interesting. We've learned a great deal from this experience and will spread the word to others. God Bless

Julie and Rick E.
Rockford, IL

November 16, 2009

I do have a very strange story about St. Joe. I just ordered several from your web site to give to friends who are trying to sell. I believe in it because what happened to us when we sold a house about 8 years ago…we were desperate to sell. The house had been on the market for almost 2 years and we were getting resigned to never having a normal family life. My husband was working in the city, and we were out in the country with my husband coming home on weekends. Everyone was feeling unsettled and there was a sense of despair that our home would never sell.

Someone told me about St. Joe and I just laughed and thought it was ridiculous. My husband and I are not religious, but his mother is and swore by it. We first planted it too far from the house and the house just sat. The realtor we dealt with was unengaged and seemed to care less if our house took 10 years to sell. When her contract was up we changed realtors. The new realtor asked if we had St. Joe. I told her that we did and it was buried out by the street. She totally believed in St. Joe and told us to move it closer to our home and told us exactly how it should be put in the ground. She was adamant that we bury it and that nobody should know where we planted it. So, I buried it privately and said a prayer. At this point we would believe anything and hoped that this little "St. Joe" would help us.

Within 2 weeks we had a bidding war on our house. The day that the contracts were drawn I was walking by the walk way by our side door and there was St. Joe sitting on top of the dirt. I thought the dog had dug it up but the dirt under St. Joe was not dug or disturbed. I just was completely perplexed. I called my husband, who had left on a business trip that day and asked if he had dug up the statue before he left in the morning. He thought I was nuts and said he didn't even know where I had buried it. Nobody knew exactly where I had buried it. I had buried it by myself. I can not tell you or anyone how on earth this St. Joe got out of the dirt. It just was lying on top of the spot I had buried it. I almost passed out when I saw it just lying there. This is a completely true story.

Elizabeth B.
Mclean, VA

So yes, I do believe in St. Joe.

November 04, 2009

I only see 100% positive responses on your site. This is not the case & not truthful. Please Post: My husband and I purchased St. Joseph Statute and buried it according to instruction over 4 months ago. We have not yet had any positive results, actually no response at all. Please keep our house sale in Prayer.

Audrey B.
Hephzibah, GA

October 28, 2009

With the help of St. Joseph and the mighty blessing from God we finally sold our home: My ex-husband and I have been in a battle to sale our marital home for almost five years now and when a friend told me about the St. Joseph statue... I thought what else do I have to loose.

We were headed to foreclosure on this property and our credit was going to be ruined. I ordered St. Joseph and asked my ex-husband to bury the statue with me according to the directions that came with it. My ex agreed and one week later we did receive an offer. However, my ex was not hearing the consequences we were facing if we didn't take this offer. Unfortunately, he refused the offer and of course I was upset thinking this was it.. we were going to definitely loose the home to foreclosure.

By the grace of God we received yet another offer a little higher than the first but my ex husband was able to come to agreement with me and here we are "SOLD" and not having to face foreclosure; just a credit recovery period. Thank you ST. JOSEPH and Thank you GOD!!


"In God we trust"

October 24, 2009

Had the house up for sale for 1.5 years. Nothing. I mean a lot of people came to see it but know one would buy.

I got St Joseph to help me. Did what you're supposed to do. In 3 weeks we had an offer!

I mean the right people came at the right time and this house moved. Now I'm finally moving.

Laura R.
Oregon, WI

Thank you St Joseph!

October 23, 2009

Our listing was on the market for 6 months but really 5 months due to the delays in getting all the closing items....

We had a fast track for the sell and the buyer did not even ask us for any extras, just help with the closing cost, We got what we asked for and the appraiser rated it 500.00 more than we were asking for and we were very worried considering the bad economy we are in right now.

Yes, this was a pleasant sale and we buried not one but 2 St. Joseph's statues in the ground; one in June and the other in August as a booster shot. We were just about ready to rent the house out and had an interested renter, when I buried the 2nd statue and then someone came out of nowhere and bought the house.

Don G.
Pauls Valley, OK

Gold Home Listing #108210

October 22, 2009

I'm not sure what this means -- My cousin burried St Joseph by the 'for sale' sign in her front yard. After being on the market for 6 months, the house was sold...So she went to dig up St Joseph, only to find she couldn't find him in the ground....She tried several times to find him with no luck....

Although he did his job to help sell the home, she doesn't have him put him in 'his place of honor' in the new home....hmmmmm -- wonder what that represents --

Thanks St Joseph for all your help -- even though we can't find you, we know you were actively involved with the sale of the home!!!!!


October 15, 2009

I was not getting any traffic in selling my home or any offers...It had been on the market for 5 wks..I bought the St. Joseph statue, and buried it like the directions told me to, and within 2 weeks..I had 2 offers..It sold ...I'm a true believer of the saint of real estate..thank you.

Maria D
Cicero, NY

Listing #109100

October 13, 2009

Dear St. Joseph Statue, I am writing to tell you this works. I had my home on the market for 3 weeks with a showing here and there. I finally ordered the statue and buried the statue with my kids on a Thursday afternoon. The next day I got a call that a family wanted to see my home. They came and I didn't hear anything.

Then on Tuesday another family came. Again, I didn't hear anything. The following Sunday my realtor called and said one family wants to see the home again on Monday and the other family on Tuesday. On Thursday one of the families put an offer and I am closing 11/13/09. I prayed every day to St. Joseph.

Tiffany V
Brick, NJ

Listing #109111

September 30, 2009

My house was listed for sale for about a month, with very little activity. While I realize that one month is not a long time in the real estate market, there was some urgency to my selling.

I am retiring and moving near my children who live in Illinois, where weather is not always cooperative. I needed things to move quickly, so I purchased a small St. Joseph statue and placed him in my front yard. Three weeks to the very day later, I have a contract on my house!

I've always been told it's a no-fail situation, but I hadn't experienced it first hand -- now I have. It's a wonderful thing. Blessed St. Joseph is truly a miracle worker and I shall always be grateful to him.

"Toni" L.
Benton, KY

September 24, 2009

I'd like you to know that 20 minutes after I order the St. Joseph statues, a buyer came and bought the house. He really works FAST!

Alice Q.
Jackson, NJ

September 23, 2009

I received my order on September 18th and that very day buried St. Joseph as instructed (near the For Sale sign), placed a small rock on top so I would remember where I buried him and said my prayers.

There was an Open House scheduled for September 20th and we decided to go away for a few days, returning today, September 22nd. Pulling into our driveway, I saw St. Joseph’s statute, still in the plastic bag lying on top of the ground--the small rock had been moved also. I reburied St. Joseph, said another prayer and replaced the rock on top. We placed our house on the market June 27th, have had many people look but no offers. We have reduced the price twice.

We have lived in the house 36 years but it is now time to move to our recently purchased condo. Is it a bad omen when St. Joseph’s statute comes out of the ground? Should I speak to my priest?

New York

September 22, 2009

Thanks for my order! It came as promised and I was very pleased at the quality…only one problem…

I did as instructed in the insert: Bury statue near the “For Sale” sign, head down facing street , 1 – 2 inches deep….say a prayer, and be sincere…

Well….He’s popped out of ground twice….I’ve now got him in a flower pot by the front steps…. If he pops out again, should I take it as some kind of sign and get the local priest to come , or wait for the economy to turn around? Thanks!


September 17, 2009

My boyfriend and I have been working on a move to Naples, Florida for several years. I have lived in VA my entire life and while I love the spot we found and bought in FL, I have always had some reluctance to make a move to so far away. However, I am committed to the dream. In the spring of 2008, after 1 1/2 years of my house being on the market, my boyfriend's father gave him a St. Joseph statue which he had used and sold his home quickly. We buried the little guy and less than a month later, our buyers came to an open house (not the first open house there had been) and we closed 8/11/08. My boyfriend had a cabin in Goshen, VA (listed on your site). He was already in FL, but I ordered and buried a St. Joseph beside the front door. A couple of weeks later, he listed it with a realtor at $83,500 (a more realistic price than the price on your site). Three weeks later, the place was under contract for full asking price and closed in 12/08.

The toughest property to sell has been a 3.4 acre tract with four greenhouses from which we ran our mail order plant nursery business in Staunton, VA. I cannot move to FL until this property sells because of caretaking it and finances. I purchased a statue for that property at the same time I got the Goshen cabin one. The property sits off of the main road up a lane. I first buried him under the realtor's sign by the main road. Nothing. I changed realtors after the six month listing expired with only one viewing by a total jerk, and at that point, I moved the statute to the entrance to the nursery up the lane. This was in late March this year. On Easter Sunday, my boyfriend sent me a picture message from Florida of a St. Joseph's lily on our property in FL which had a bloom for the first time - he had thought it was dead. The accompanying text message was "St. Joseph's lily - things are looking up!" referring to the sale of the property. The very next morning, we got an email from an interested party which came through our nursery website, not through the realtor. The man and his mother came to see the place that afternoon when I was there and the mother fell in love with it. She had bought a landscape business in February, was operating the office out of her basement and keeping equipment and such at a rental facility and they were looking for a permanent home for the business. In conversation, it turned out that the woman lives two doors down from the people I have been staying with since my home sold last August! It also turned out to be the same woman read about in a local business publication in February and called my realtor and said "make contact with her - this is my buyer!" The realtor never did so. At the conclusion of their visit, I referred them to the realtor and waited. To shorten the story a bit, they never did contact the realtor and the listing expired in August without so much as a realtor's showing. However, the woman and her three adult children and I have become close friends and I have been able to offer and give help to her in her struggles with her new business. While she very much wants to buy the property, it does not look promising, at least not until next spring or later.

Depressing, as I have been "homeless" for over a year now and my boyfirend and I have been 1100 miles apart for most of two years except for every two month visits. I mentioned in conversation to the woman and one son about burying the statue, but they did not know its exact location. My boyfriend knows approximately where he was buried, but he of course is in Florida. No other human being knew about him. This past weekend, I was weeding a new rock wall garden near where St. Joe is (?), was (?). I was sitting on the rock wall and looked down to see St Joseph reclining on his back next to the wall about three feet from where he was planted. The ground was undisturbed. It freaked me out, but then I thought someone must have left me a St. Joseph.I couldn't tell if he was mine or not, since as we know those little plastic ones all look alike. The next day, I decided I should see if mine was still in the ground. I had placed a thin metal stake right next to him so I would know where he was to dig him up after sale. He was buried head down with his feet about two or more inches under the soil and covered with mulch. At first, I could not find the stake, but then found it hiding under the fuzzy leaf of a young mullein plant. The stake was firm in the dry clay soil and only a spot of soil next to the stake about the diameter of a quarter was somewhat loose. Otherwise, the site was completely undisturbed. When I began to dig, the metal stake ceased to be firmly in the ground and the mullein was uprooted immediately. I dug for a foot wide all around and to a depth of six inches, digging faster and more frantically as I went. And no St. Joseph. I don't know if the reclining Joe is the one I buried or not. No animal could have uprooted him and left the site looking erfect. No human knew where to find him. I haven't reburied him yet. I want to figure out what is going on. My boyfriend said this is too much voodoo crap for him. I think the daimon on my shoulder is trying to send me a message. What is it?

Debbie G.
Staunton, VA (maybe someday Naples, FL)

September 17, 2009

Our house had been on the market for a while. There were quite a few houses in the same neighbourhood for sale at the same time. They all seemed to be selling but ours wasn’t. We even did a price drop.

After several months on a Monday evening we went downtown and bought a St. Joseph Statue. We took it home and buried it upside down, facing the house, beside the for sale sign in the front yard. When we got home from work on Tuesday the very next day our agent called to say we had an offer, from the very same people that had put in an offer when we first listed, but they had withdrawn as they weren’t sure they really wanted to re-locate to a new town.

The women that sold him to us said “He will sell your house” she was right, our faith in St. Joseph and his powers didn’t let us down. We dug him up and placed him in a frame and he is now in a Curio Cabinet in our temporary apartment until our new home is finished being built...thanks St. Joseph


September 16, 2009

Please remove listing #108626, 64 Lavendon Circle Dr. in Bella Vista, AR 72714 from the web site.


We must never underestimate the incredible power of prayer & faith.

Paul K.
Bella Vista, AR

September 16, 2009

We had been trying to sell our condo for the last 13 months without a single offer during this time. A colleague made the suggestion of purchasing St. Joseph's statue as it worked for her (she received an offer 3 days after burying it).

Slightly skeptical, I went online and ordered one at 2:00 on a Friday afternoon. By 8:00 the next morning, we had an offer! Then at 6:00 that evening, we got a second (better) offer!!

Needless to say, I am now a believer. Thanks St. Joseph!


September 14, 2009

I received my St. Joseph statue on Monday August 31, 2009. That evening I placed him in the ground and my wife and I said a prayer. We had at least one showing of our home every day after that. On Saturday, September 3, 2009 we received an offer, then countered. The buyers responded on Tuesday September 6, 2009 that they accept our counter offer.

We have been house shopping seriously since then, and even made an offer on one. All along I have been saying prayers to St. Joseph and asking for his guidance and intercession. Friday evening, September 11, 2009 we found a house we love. That evening we noticed one of the most beautiful sunsets that gave my wife and I the feeling that things will work out for us (see attached photo).

I have shared with co-workers and other people about St. Joseph and how he has worked for me. God bless,

Bill T.

September 11, 2009

I personally hadn't heard of the burying of St. Joseph, even though I was raised catholic, however a friend mentioned it which led me to google and ultimately your site.

Our house had been on the market for months with very little interest. Within a few days of burying the statue we received our first offer. We didn't accept as it was too low, however after approximately one month, we did accept a very good offer on our home, and the sell went smoothly and actually quite quickly, almost too fast as we were scrambling to finish all the inspections on the home we wanted to purchase.

I'm definately a believer, although several factors were involved in the sell, it wasn't until we buried the statue that we even had any interest in showings...Thank you for your help St. Joseph:

J. Wheeler
Dallas, TX

September 10, 2009

I got an offer just 15 minutes after I ordered the St. Joseph statue online --now that's what I call good service. I have the statue setting in a lovely potted plant here in my office so I can see it each day.

I also sent one to my son in Phoenix, which is in a terrible real estate slump, and no sale for him yet, but we're still keeping good thoughts.

Patty J.
Gainsville, TX

September 10, 2009

Thank you for offering the free home listing, but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. MY HOUSE IS SOLD thanks to St Joseph Statue.

I'm so forever grateful.

Lise L.
Newcastle, Ontario Canada

September 05, 2009

I ordered the statue for my son who has been trying to sell his house for over a year. I followed the directions. Then he had to move the sign so he 're-planted' it. It sold within 1 1/2 months of doing this. He didn't get what he was asking but he was satisfied with the price.

Janice V.

September 04, 2009

After a friend of mine told me to bury a statue of St. Joseph in my front yard in order to sell my house faster (hers sold in three days!) I ordered my own statue from I followed the instructions that were included with it and buried him right beside the sign post on the day it was put in. In less than 2 weeks, there was an offer made on our house (and only a little below our asking price!) We are going to closing in a record 30 days.

I recommend this 'ritual' to anyone who wishes to sell their home. Thanks so much,!

~Beth in Seattle

September 04, 2009

A fellow Catholic recommended your service. I had never heard of St. Joseph statues for home sales, but after having a house on the market for five months, I was ready to try anything.

Within a month, we had our first offer! Very exciting in this bad housing market.... keep praying that all goes well and we close by Oct. 16th.

We'll keep you posted. God Bless!

B. Reed
Gulfport, MS

August 31, 2009

My home was listed for several weeks, with not much activity. I reread the list of things to do to help sell a home and the first one was to be sure the home is priced right.

Shortly after my reading the list and thinking about it, my realtor called me to discuss the sale of the house and suggested that we lower the price to encourage buyers. I agreed to lower the price and the very next day an offer came in and we closed on the house 5 weeks later.

Thank you Saint Joseph…Sincerely,

Nancy M.
Boston, Massachusetts

August 31, 2009

You have to believe not just bury a status because people say this or that about it.

I buried St. Joseph in September had an offer in December and recently closed. I knew he would not let me down and he didn't. I just wish I would have done it earlier.

Thank you for having this service! God Bless

Jamie Z.
Atlanta, GA

August 28, 2009

We live in Adamsville, TN and have been trying to sell our house and the 2nd lot for over a year. One day we'd heard that a local construction company was looking for lots in our subdivision, so we decided to put up the For Sale sign.

The next day we received a call from our exterminator (he had mentioned it before but we didn't think he was really that interested). How wrong we were! He gave us a security deposit that day.

Thank you St. Joseph, and now, please let's get this house sold.

Adamsville, TN

August 27, 2009

Had an offer within 2 months of burying the statue. St. Joseph really helps! He is now in the living room.

John S.
Garrison, NY

It looks like the 8" St. Joseph got the job done!

August 27, 2009

Greetings Phil, The home we sold was my Daughter-In-Law to be's home. She had a statue that she/I thought was of St. Joseph. As it turns out it was a statue of the Holy Spirit (which is pretty darn good) however, it wasn't St. Joseph.

I subscribed to and purchased two kits and we specifically followed all of the instructions etc., and a month to the day we had a written offer on the home.

That same date was 6 months exactly from their wedding date. Pretty Amazing to everyone but the faithful :) Blessings and Gratitude!

Suzy Kull - Realtor
Valparaiso, IN

Congratulations on the sale, and thank you for your business and support.

August 27, 2009

Hi, I don't want to write a novel... but my question is this...If we are not in the same state....we live in Pennsylvania and are trying to sell a house from a previous marriage...but the house is in New Mexico...should we try the statue?

I mean for you selling this product obviously saying yes is in your best interest (not to sound rude!!)...but would burying it near us in PA with the right "intention" still *hopefully* workout....I'm sure we are not the first people to be in this situation. We have plenty of woods near us and a big flower pot can definitely be bought!

If you can give me some advice, I would like to order a kit. We are unable to go to New Mexico and the ex-partner involved lives in Colorado (and wouldn’t help if she could) so we don't have a way to actually bury the statue close to or on the property of the house that is for sale, there are no neighbors able to help either. Hopefully you have a method that has worked for other customers?! Please let me know!! Thank you,


As for matters of the heart, real estate and St. Joe, I do have a couple of suggestions. Please call me at 888 BURY JOE…Phil

August 25, 2009

We had our home on the market for several months with no offers. We buried St. Joseph, and prayed, and waited. We ended up losing the home we had a contingent offer on, then started a new one. Then our home sold! As it turns out, the home we thought we wanted we would have been very unhappy with for a number of reasons.

The one that will now be ours is wonderful. We really feel like we had some Divine Intervention in the process, that God (& maybe St. Joseph too!) knew better than we did, and did things in HIS time.

Thanks so much for the help & the hope!

The Flaherty's
Indian Trail, NC

August 24, 2009

I have a question about the testimonial dated August 11th, 2009 from Karen from Illinois. She wrote that her statue kept coming up out of the ground. You asked if a death had taken place in the home. My question is: does that matter and should something different be done if that is the case?

My home has been on the market twice in the last year. The first time for three months, at that time I buried a statue in both the front and back yards. This was the summer of '08 when the market was at it's worst. After the three months with not one offer, we took the house off the market for a few months. When I went to dig up the statues after the three months, I couldn't find them; although I was pretty sure of the spots I had buried them. I figured they were still there, I just couldn't find them...After another three months of the house not being on the market, we re-listed. I didn't bury statues this time. Although we've had more lookers this time, we have yet to have an offer (although we came close, but they decided not to pursue it after all.)

My mother passed away in this home, peacefully after a long illness. Should I be doing something different? Our current listing contract ends in two weeks. We will be listing again with a different realtor. Thanks for your time and advice.

New Jersey

Like you Judy, many others contacted me about this subject. We’ll talk 888 BURY JOE…Phil

August 14, 2009

Phil, Just wanted to let you know that we buried St. Joe in our front yard before we had our home on the market. We had to buy an additional St. Joe because we forgot where we buried him.

The second one went in a flower pot for easy removal. We sold our home within 3 weeks and did not even place a For Sale sign on the property.

The buyers, however, are not ideal, but we are working through the process. I believe that prayers and St. Joe were instrumental in the quick sale of our home. Regards,

D. Emmett
Potomac, MD

August 13, 2009

Our house was listed on the market in Charlottesville, VA on July 7, 2009 and we accepted an offer in the price range we were looking for on August 7, 2009.

The buyer came in on August 6th, came back for a second look on the morning of the 7th and we had an acceptable offer that afternoon. The house had been on the MLS listing for 4 weeks, but had only been listed out in the local papers for three weeks. We had one open house on the Sunday preceeding the sale.

Blessings to St. Joseph from the Petersons.

R. & P. Peterson
Charlottesville, VA

August 12, 2009

We had our vacation home listed with an agent for nearly two years, in that time although she claimed to have shown the home she never would give us any names and we never received any offers.

I buried St Joseph in Feb. 09 but still no offers. Our listing ran out in June and after her sign came down I put up a sale by owner sign. The sign went up on Tuesday and Wednesday a neighbor asked if he and his wife could see the home. They toured the home and on Thursday made us an offer.

The home is now sold thanks to St Joseph. There was obviously something about the realtor St Joseph didn’t like. He will now always occupy a place in our new home.

John M.
Phoenix, AZ

August 12, 2009

We received an offer within 30 days of burying our statue, and the property closed 30 days after that! We are so grateful and believe in the power of St. Joseph!

All The Best!

Diana M.
Sahuarita, AZ

August 11, 2009

I ordered and received two St. Joseph kits from your firm this past Monday and buried St. Joseph on Tuesday according to your directions. That night, I saw a very large Raccoon in my front yard eating the mulberry's which were on the ground. The following morning (Wednesday) there was a pile of dirt and Joe on top of the grass. I reburied him in a different spot and two days later the same thing happened. So on Friday I decided to bury him a third time and placed a paver brick on the top of the dirt thinking no animal would move the brick due to its weight. Wouldn't you know it ... this morning there was another pile of dirt and Joe on the top of the grass. So I got my larger shovel out of the garage, dug a much bigger and deeper hole, buried Joe one more time, covered him with dirt, and then placed three paver bricks on top.

If the statue is dug up after this, I know it will be some sort of sign and probably not a good one.

Any suggestions? Or have you ever heard of this happening?


Karen, this has been reported to me many times. One question, do you know if a death occurred in the home? Call me 888 BURY JOE

July 24, 2009

My husband and I had a piece of real estate that we had tried to sell for close to a year. Twice, sanctioned deals fell by the way side and when the third one came along I was extremly anxious to see it through.

My friend at work knew that I was worried about selling the property so she introduced me to St Joseph and asked me to recite a prayer to him with earnest. Seeing that I had nothing to lose - I went ahead and recited the prayer.

Well, lo and behold, as soon as I had said the prayer, my husband called to tell me that the third buyer did come through with the money and we closed on the property in no time. I have every reason to believe that there is some truth to the miracles of St Joseph. I cannot wait to recieve my 8" statue so I can honor St Joseph with a special place in my house. Thank you St. Joseph


Speaking with this lady from India; she understands the power of believing even if it is outside of her personal belief system.

July 16, 2009

I sent for a St. Joseph statue, hoping it would help in the sale of a house I've had on the market for six months without an offer. Just half an hour after placing the order, I received a call from my agent saying someone had made an offer on the house.

When the statue does arrive, I plan to send it on to my son who's had a house for sale for many months in Phoenix -- hopefully, it will be as helpful to him as just ordering was for me.

Patty J.
Gainesville, TX

After only 30 minutes, the power of positive thinking strikes again.

July 10, 2009

I purchased the St. Joseph kit for my own listing which was not selling. It had been on the market for 6 months with no offers. I buried St. Jo in a Christmas Cactus plant as there was no yard. It was a condo and within a week I had an offer. It sold in 2 weeks, cash.

Then I purchased a kit for my daughter and her husband. They did not bury St Joseph for quite a while as they weren't sure they really wanted to sell. Then he got a promotion and they had to sell and move. They buried St Joseph, followed the directions, recited all the prayers and prayed daily. They had 2 offers within 2 weeks and the house sold. They are now on their way to NY with St Joseph safely packed to be displayed in their new apt in NYC.

I also sent 3 to a client who has 3 houses to sell. He buried 2. One just fell out of escrow but he got another offer tonight! And he is going to accept it. He is a believer. I am convinced that prayer is the answer.

Kathy P. (Realtor)

July 09, 2009

The house went on the market 4/20/09 and when I put the statue in the ground in May-- 2 people came and one wanted to buy, but did not have the right credit score-- this was in May. Since then the house just sits....The statue is not doing anything. I put it in the front yard and under the real estate sign. The city is a small city of 12,000 population and the nearest big city with population is 40 miles away-- and not much activity in the house selling area for any resident here-- at least 12 or more 'for sale' signs in this city and none are moving fast.

What should I do? Dig up the statue and put it in the back yard? Can you offer publicity stunts to get people to notice your house in a small town? I saw a news report that house sells under 100,000.00 were up 25%, but apparently not in a small town.

Please show some mercy for me and take a special interest in my plea. I can't afford 2 mortgages, but I bought a sweet home in another town and I need to sell this Pauls Valley home within a few months while my surplus money holds out. Sincerely,

Don Greenwell
Pauls Valley, OK

Help Don…his St. Joe home listing has been viewed 3,298 times, someone needs his cute $75,000 home; Tell a friend

July 09, 2009

We had listed our home in October of 2008 and shortly after listing it we buried the St. Joseph statue; I also had a statue of St. Joseph by the willow tree in my front room.

Many times my husband and I would see flashes of light coming from the willow tree statue shooting out towards the statue buried out front. We always knew when we were going to have a showing because we would see flashes of light the night before. Sure enough my realtor would call me and set up a showing the very next day. On May 9th we had an offer on the house for our asking price and the people were pre-approved and closing was on June 19, 2009.

The day of the closing my husband and I went to where we buried St. Joseph. We had the area marked so we would be able to dig him up easily. He was not there!! It made me smile. I know our home would not have sold as quickly as it did with out St. Joseph!...PEACE


In October, Gerrie called and told me about the lights...she's not crazy. St. Joe MIA (1,000's of times, I don't know why)? Phil

July 07, 2009

Thank you for your statue. I am a believer now! My house was on the market since April 2. I had not had an offer or activity in almost 2 months. I was getting a bit depressed about it, and then my friend told me about the St. Joseph statue. I ordered a package off of your website.

Less than one week after burying the statue, my house had an offer, went through financing, inspection and was sold! Unbelievable!

I am referring friends and St. Joseph is now my patron saint.


June 22, 2009 will NOT believe this!

Our son Andrew ordered a St. Joseph statue kit for us from you.....THE DAY WE GOT THE STATUE IN THE MAIL WE RECEIVED AN OFFER ON OUR HOME AND IT IS NOW SOLD TO THOSE PEOPLE!

We didn't even have to take him out of the box, much less bury that faith being rewarded or what???

Randi and Edward D.
Manitowok, WI

The order was shipped June 8th, WOW!

June 18, 2009

Our north Georgia home was on the market from July 08 til May 09. On April 7, a St. Joseph home selling kit was sent to us as a gift. The following Saturday I buried my St. Joseph statue and by Friday we were offered full price on our home with a back up offer on it the following week.

This really worked for us...we followed the directions to the "T" and the whole family was involved. We are now settled in our new home with our St. Joseph!

Thank you Sheila for sharing this with me and thank you St. Joseph saint of the home.

Clarksville, GA

What a great gift to give a friend

June 05, 2009

We sold the boat last August through a local broker. There was no room for a planter at the dock, so we "buried" St. Joe in the trunk of the boat, near the "For Sale" sign. I thank God every day that the boat sold before the world fell apart in September.

My husband and I buried St. Joe near the entry of our house on March 19, prior to listing our home for sale. We live in an HOA community where we cannot post a "For Sale" sign. So St. Joe is my beacon of hope.

Elida J.J.

June 03, 2009

I buried the statue the first of March. We had a few showings but nothing came of it. We lowered the price and still nothing. Finally I decided that maybe St. Joseph didn't like the place where I buried I dug him up and moved him closer to the for sale sign and planted some new flowers. The following day we had two showings on the same day. (not the eventual buyer but it gave me hope)

After one more price reduction, we accepted an offer in June that is lower than we wanted but in this really tough market we are thankful to be able to relocate and not leave a house that isn't sold.

Jacquie L.
Everett, WA

May 27, 2009

This is for all the skeptics out there who think placing St Joseph in the ground to help sell a house is hogwash. I am here, as a former skeptic, to say IT IS NOT HOGWASH ! There is a divine intervention at work in this ritual that exists... I have seen it.

My house here in Illinois was put on the market in March of 2009. With the recession taking hold and jobs being cut all over the area, I had all but given up hope of ever selling it. We had nothing but bad luck since Day 1. We started out with a terrible realtor who virtually did nothing to bring buyers in. After we fired him and hired someone else, the new realtor had open houses every weekend...and every open house it either rained or snowed. Within 6 weeks, we had 82 people come through without one offer!! Not even any interest being shown at all! The frustration was kicking in as we were under a time limit to move.

I had heard about the St Joseph story and decided to try it. We buried a statue right by the For Sale sign, facing the house and everyday, I said my prayer to him asking for the speedy sale of this house. Within 1 week, we had a man come to our door and offer us cash for the house! Buyer 83 bought our house, thanks to St Joseph, prayers and faith. It was not coindence either. This man had been looking for a house to buy for 2 years and said for some reason he was "drawn" to this house. Thank you St Joseph! You have earned a prominent place in our new home!

Mary K.
Rock Island, Il

I recommend trying this for yourself. If you are sincere and have faith, it WILL work.

May 22, 2009

We sold our house ourselves in April, 2009. We had listed our home on Saint Joseph’s website and shortly after also listed it on the MLS. Within two and a half weeks after it was listed on the MLS we had an offer. Not just an offer, but a cash offer of 3.5% below our asking price. Still above what the local county was assessing the property value to be. A week and a half later we closed.

We priced the home based on the current real estate market conditions for new and existing homes in our area at about an estimated 18% below the real estate bubble of 2006. We never had sold a house ourselves before and felt the need to recruite Saint Joseph's guidance. Saint Joseph was our underground agent. We prayed to him when we began and during this venture. We believe Saint Joseph helps those who help themselves by working through them and guiding qualified buyers. From the beginning we aggressively marketed the home and held an open house every Sunday during the key spring real estate marketing cycle. After two 3 hour open houses of attracting 16 to 20 families per open house, Saint Joseph brought the perfect buyer that expediently brought closure to our house sale. The Buyer's were from out of town.

During our current economic times of extremely tight credit from the banking industry, we believe only divine intervention could have made such a task as selling a home by beginner's go so smoothly and quickly as it did in sellng our home. By selling our home ourselves with the guidance of Saint Joseph, we were able to midigate the real estate economic downturn by more than half of a real estate bubble level all the while bring complete closure to the home sale cycle within a one month period. God Bless,

Bob H.
Lakeland, MN

May the spirit decend upon those of little faith.

May 18, 2009

This is amazing. I ordered the statue on Friday, 5/15/09. I found a prayer that I love on line and started saying the prayer Friday, Sat, Sun. When I ordered the statue, I paid for faster shipping... I didn't realize that faster shipping would mean... receiving it on MONDAY (this) Morning! I believe just saying the prayer this weekend, brought the statue practically overnight!

And... we have also been looking for a place to buy (when the condo sells). We have looked at quite a few homes in our price range and have been very disappointed. I believe that the negative energy of not finding a house to buy could or would have something to do with the condo selling.

Well.... I received the statue this morning, and a new listing came on MLS that looks perfect. I can't wait to see it and if it is perfect... when I bury St Joseph... I just know the condo will sell. It is Amazing... how this is happening. I will email you as soon as the Condo is Underagreement! Thank you,

Gloria K.
Amesbury, MA

May 11, 2009

I wanted to take a minute to thank you... And to tell anyone who may be questioning the validty of St Joseph, please read my story and have faith that it's the truth. I'm not going to ask someone to believe in something if I haven't had a personal experience. This is my family's experience..It's been amazing..

We listed our house on March 19th 2009.. we had only had 1 showing since we listed the property. I purchased my kit on April 26th and it was shipped on the 27th. We had a broker open house on April 30th, and wanted to have the kit in time to bury our statue prior to the open house taking place. From the time that i ordered the kit, I started praying to St Joseph for guidance and assistance for finding the perfect buyer. From Monday the 27th to Wednesday the 29th, We booked 2 additional showings on top of doing the open house. We didn't recieve our kit in time for the open house, but did recieve it prior to our showings. So my husbnad and I buried the statue together, and said a payer. The open house was good, but no immediate buyers from any of the real estate agents that came through. The 2 additional showings were disappointing as there was no interest. My husband and I kept praying w/ the hopes and intentions of selling our house. I also have been making sure to thank St Joseph for any positive activity on our house and in our life. It's been 7 days since we buried our statue and we got an offer today for what we wanted to get out of our house. The buyers are ideal, pre approved and requesting very little..

I was raised Catholic and had a strong belief in Saints but I've never had any direct experience with such a strong divine intervention. It's nothing short of a miracle that we've got such an awesome offer on the house. I truly am grateful to St Joseph, God and the Universe for such a blessing. When I recieved the sttatue of St Joseph I made a promise to him that I would tell as many people as I could about our experience and display him with honor. So I'm asking anyone to pass along this blessing that's happened with my family and I and hopefully it'll bring some faith to someone who's having a hard time in this tough real estate market..

Chad and Jen Smith,
Winterport Maine


May 04, 2009

Thank you for the reminder to list our home on your site, and would have, had I had a chance to. On March 11, 2009, we received our St. Joseph statue and within hours place him in the ground. The same day we received a call that someone was interested in our house. The next day, we had and offer that was only 2,000 under the asking price, we accepted the offer and we closed on the house four days later. It was a relocation package through our company so we didn't have to wait the normal month to close.

Before receiving our St. Joseph, our home had been on the market for eight months with only three showings. During the few days of working out the paperwork with our relocation company, four people called our listing agent to see the house, and seven other real estate agents showed our house as will; far more than the whole eight months on the market!!

We give thanks and praise to St. Joseph and the Lord. St Joseph is now in our home and displayed for everyone to see.

Cindy and Tom H.
Atlanta, GA

April 29, 2009

I was excited when I ordered my St. Joseph statue and with the help of my son, we buried it in the front yard. For sure, when the home is sold, we will be taking St. Joseph with us to our new home.

Now, I am really excited that St. Joseph is going to have ‘home trading’ as a possibility. More and more people are swapping homes and I think it is going to be the way to go now.

Thanks St. Joseph!!

Karen Marshall
Bozeman, MT

See Karen's $5.5 million home for trade - Listing # 106618

April 29, 2009

We followed the burial directions and stated the time period in which we needed the sale to take place; we moved out exactly on time.

We visualized it all-saw the papers being signed with a wonderful buyer, and the money being deposited in our account. And that is what happened. Trusting that the universe works for our highest good and letting it all go was the key.

Thanks for your help!


The power of St. Joseph from a metaphysical perspective

April 27, 2009

We received our St. Joseph statue, buried him in the ground and prayed over it at 5:30 PM. At 6:30 PM the realtor was showing our home. We received an offer the next day. The house is sold after being on the market 3 1/2 mos. with over 80 showings and not one offer until we buried the St. Joseph statue. It is a miracle from God and no one will tell us any different

Thank you St. Joseph for your intervention,

Bob & Diane Sullivan
Arlington, TX

April 22, 2009

My home had been for sale for two years without an offer, when a friend recommended burying a St. Joseph statue. I do not practice Christian religion and was skeptical about the idea, however after reading the testimonials on your site I was convinced it might work.

I prayed to St Joseph in my native language, Hindi and he understood it; I had a contract within a week and sold my home in 15 days. I embraced St. Joseph whole heatedly.

So it doesn’t matter what faith you practice, what language you speak; St Joseph will help you if you believe in him. I became his follower for rest of my life…I speak to him everyday, as I pass the fireplace mantle in my new home where he is proudly placed.

Anonymous Believer
Scottsdale, AZ

April 22, 2009

I had never heard of the tradition of the burying a St. Joseph statue until my husband & I put our house up for sale. One of my coworkers suggested burying a statue so I ordered the kit and my son and I buried it on Good Friday. We collectively said a prayer and on the Monday following Easter, we had one scheduled showing.

After a few days of rain, our statue became unburied. It was a Thursday when we noticed him sitting atop the lawn. We went outside to re bury him and within 10 minutes, the phone rang and it was our realtor- he had received an offer on our house.

We signed our contract Saturday and settlement is scheduled for June 12th. I was always a believer but now, it only reaffirmed my faith. I can only attest to divine intervention.

M. Carr
Philadelphia, PA

Thank you St. Joseph.

April 21, 2009

Our house, a unique (therefore difficult to sell) three-story, had been on the market for three months. Not an eternity in this economy, we know, but we were going to have to give up a contract we had on another house if this one didn't sell soon. We'd had only a handful of showings and no offers since it went on the market and no activity at all in a month. Some friends told us to bury a St. Joseph statue, pray for nine days and the house would sell. Although we were highly skeptical, we were swayed by the absolute conviction of our friends and we ordered the St. Joseph statue. It would be a small investment if there was any chance it might actually work.

We ordered the statue on Easter Sunday and began praying that day, even though the statue would not arrive until later that week. We buried the statue when it arrived on Thursday. Less than 24 hours later, we had two showings scheduled. One of those people came back for a second showing later in the weekend. On Monday -- Day 9 of our prayers! -- we received a solid offer and on Tuesday we had a signed contract. We close on May 29.

Some of our friends and family laughed at our "frivolous" expenditure of $9.95 for a little plastic statue and we had our own doubts; today we are all believers.

Sandy S.
Columbia, Mo.

"Instant Devine Intervention"

April 20, 2009

After a year of trying to sell my home with realtors, by owner, I wasn't having any success. I'd get calls but people weren't interested due to it's size or price since I was competing with a lot of foreclosures and shortsales in the area.

Everyone I knew said to just hold on to a few more years until the market got better, but I didn't want to wait, I wanted to reach my goal with upgrading to a Townhome this year. I felt if I didn't do it now then I wouldn't get the opportunity later.

So New Year arrives I decided to give it another try in January. A few of my friends and a previous realtor informed me of the St. Joseph Statue, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try since nothing else seem to work. I put up my "for sale by owner" sign and posted some flyers at a nearby college, went online and ordered the statue...2 days later I got 2 calls from 2 college students and a couple more calls from people driving by, one of those college student turned out to be my buyer! :-) I felt by ordering the statue St. Joseph was already helping me before he arrived, and when he did, he made everything go smoothly and I closed escrow on April 15th! I also got my brand new Townhome! :-D

Ator T.
Southern Cal

April 02, 2009

I had been wanting to sell my home for some time, as although I loved it another house which I also loved and was slightly bigger came on the market. Not a good time to sell, but I had to. For over four months with the market place and house sales reducing because of the economic climate I waited. Then someone told me about St Joseph…. All my friends laughed but I went ahead and ordered a statue, took it along to church on Christmas Day and had it blessed, and then buried it Christmas afternoon, with strange looks from people as they were passing.

Two weeks later I had interest and now although I had to wait for the people I want to buy from to find a house, we are now all in the final stages of the contract.. In the UK, at this stage things can go wrong, but I believe St Joseph is looking after my house sale.

As the saying goes in the UK “my friends are laughing on the other side of their face”!!!” I will dig up St Joseph on the day I move and take him to my new house to look after me there.

Nicola Brown
Waterlooville, Hampshire (UK)

March 11, 2009

We have sold four homes in the past 18 years by burying the St. Joseph statue. As a result, we have bought beautiful St. Joseph statues to display in our home. Our most recent sale was in Plano, Texas on March 6, 2009, in one of the worst real estate markets we've seen in many years. Our home sold in three months.

All I can say is to have faith and pray daily, but you must be sincere. There were times when I almost gave up, but in the end, my prayers have always been answered. St. Joseph is a very special saint. With continued prayer, he will always be with you. Your home will sell if you bury the St. Joseph statue, and pray, pray, pray

Carole W
Plano, Texas

March 07, 2009

I was told about the St. Joseph's statue about 10 years ago. I had a house on the market forabout 3 months. My sister's mother in law told her about this statue that she had used to sell her home. They sent it to me, I sold my house two weeks later.

It was then placed on the mantel of my new house for several years. When I wanted to sell it (we are custom home builders so we build and sell every two years), I then buried it in the front yard, two weeks later, I showed my house, the next day had a firm offer, sold and made $200K profit. It has now been three years. I was ready to sell my house last Saturday (one week before today March 7, 2009)..... I buried it head down facing my house....and placed my house for sale by owner. Wednesday I had a call from a broker...showed it that night and by Thursday I had an offer which I accepted for full asking price.

Is it the power of the statue or God behind the statue? You tell me. All I can say is I've been using THE SAME one for 10 years and have made three very quick, clean sales. This time however, I found the prayer online regarding the sale of the house and said the prayer as well, which may account for how QUICK I sold it in this hideous economy.

Gena Scott

This really works if you have faith and believe in God.

February 26, 2009

Well, I purchased the St. Joseph statue in September 2008, placed him in the ground based on the instructions, and said a prayer. My house has been on the market since May and I have dropped the price by about $30k. I have said several prayers over the last few months, but he apparently, St. Joseph, did not hear me.

My fiancé and I went over to the house a couple of weeks ago, and the for sale sign was nearly tipped all of the way over from the wind. My fiancé went to put the sign back in the ground in another location and I reminded him that it had to be near the statue that was buried. My fiancé proceeded to say some not so nice things to St. Joseph in a rather loud and angry tone. I told him that it might be better to say another prayer rather than kick and yell at St. Joseph buried in the ground, but he did not seem open to that idea.

The very next day, I got an offer on the house, and there were several other interested parties! My fiancé said, "see, we just needed to get the big guy's attention." I am scheduled to close on the sale next week.....

Theresa S.
Independence, MO

As a reminder for your fiancé and a thank you for your story, I’m sending you our 8” St. Joseph statue to display in a place of honor in your home.

February 26, 2009

On April 1, of last year I was waiting for a potential buyer for our home to arrive. While waiting someone comes up in a car and wants me to give him a sheet with all the details of the house. I asked if he had an appointment and he said, "no". I wasn't going to show it being April Fools day without an appointment. When the other person didn't show and he was still there I let him in. He said he'd contact our realtor and be back the next day.

He left and stayed outside in his car and used his cell phone. Twenty minutes later he knocks on the door and says, "I want to buy your house". He made us an offer and calls our real estate agent. He lived in another state and was commuting plus he grew up in our town so he knew the area.

Net result; the joke was on me as he bought the house. 87 showings and no decent offer. One unannounced and unexpected showing and we sell our house. Never did dig up the St. Joseph statute as we had switched real estate agents and not sure where the statute was under the new r.e.a. sign. Hope everyone is as lucky.

R. Jones
Clarksville, TN

Thank you for your delayed story Mr. Jones: we’ll be sending you our 8” St. Joe to place in your new home.

February 12, 2009

After having our house on the market for a little over five months, I was watching the local news and saw a story on burying a St Joseph in the yard. I was very skeptical but our contract with our realtor was expiring in less than three weeks.

My wife and I were discussing taking the house off the market and sinking a boat load of money into it to remodel and get it the way we wanted, but out of desperation I ordered a St Joseph kit, and when it arrived my wife buried it by the for sale sign and we said our prayer. The same day we got two offers on the house and had it closed within 7 days, and we were able to buy the dream house we wanted that had sat empty for two years. We watched this home go on and off the market with deals pending four times finally we were able to make an offer on the new house and moved in before Christmas.

Now St Joseph has a special place on our new mantle. I am not the most religious guy in the world but this is amazing, and I now look at things in a new light.

Kevin K.
Arlington, TX

January 30, 2009

In one of the worst real estate markets ever, we finally were able to sell our house after 4 1/2 months. I think this is remarkable, given that we had so many resale homes and foreclosures in our zipcode area. Not only that, but builders were continuing to drop the prices on the glut of new homes built within blocks of us. There were so many homes on the market and so much competition, that I figured it would take at least six months to sell our house or maybe even a year.

Our realtor was Mr. Doom and Gloom, too, and gave us bad news--weekly. I didn't even want to get updated comps or read the e-mails anymore just to see ever lower prices and more foreclosures added to the mix

So, thank you St. Joseph!!! You are a hard worker!! May you continue to bring peace and faith (and buyers) to all those who are selling their homes. Thanks to St. Joseph for keeping me calm and focused (as much as possible) during this stressful time. Sincerely,

A Believer

January 30, 2009

Dear St., We have two miracles to relate: First miracle: We lived in Glendale California, nestled close to the Griffith Park Hills. Our home was small but a snug and lovely little cottage. We had lived and loved there since 1993. Unfortunately, by the end of 2007 the economic down turn severely impacted our family. My husband couldn't get construction jobs and no one would hire this 49+ woman. We knew we would have to put our home on the selling block for the survival of our family. However, we also knew it would be nearly impossible to sell. We had been happy in our 917 square foot home with only one bathroom - but this was Southern California the nesting place for big expectations - translating to lots of space, and a minimum of two bathrooms! We struggled, draining all of our savings - wondering if we should put our home on the market - even though everyone told us it probably wouldn't sell when nicer, larger, flashier homes in the neighborhood were still on the market for 12+ months, even though the prices had been reduced multiple times. Then -- my dear friend e-mailed me your web site. She told me she really felt this was the answer to our prayers. We read it, we hesitated for a heartbeat, then we ordered your kit and set up an appointment with a Real Estate Agent Once again, we were told not to expect too much too soon. She explained it was a VERY SLOW market and not to expect an immediate sale - but not to lose hope: " only takes one person to find it and love it!" So we patiently and thoroughly staged our home -- cleaning and clearing until a quiet zen-like quality was revealed. Soon our St. Joseph statues arrived. My two girls, 14 and 16, eagerly helped me dig a resting place next to the "For Sale" sign in our front yard. When their dad got home we gathered around the hole and said our prayer to St. Joseph. We were hopeful - and yet doubt after the last year of turmoil was running rampant in our hearts. However, in the worst economic housing disaster of our time and against all the nay-sayers: Our house went on sale at the end of July - and went into escrow at the end of October!. Escrow closed on Nov. 22 and we moved out lot-stock-and barrel right after Thanksgiving. We gathered our St. Joseph's and prepared to move out of state - to Tennessee where my husband had two brother's and an Uncle and the housing market was more in our scale.

Second Miracle: We had expected to be able to find a house that would fit our budget and fit our family - but housing everywhere was up! up! up! Even though sales were struggling - the one place in Tennesse that my husband selected: Clarksville, was booming due to Ft. Campbell where the influx of Army and the supporting industry thereof was flourishing. No houses were in our budget. Our budget had to stretch over a full purchase of a home and at least one vehicle so that we could survive while we looked for work... We were staying with our brother in law and his beautiful wife Liz. Liz is a bus driver for Montgomery county. One morning while talking to my youngest girl on the phone she asked me if I didn't think it would be a good idea to pray to St. Joseph about finding a house. Out of the mouth of babes! That afternoon, Liz came home from her bus route and said, "Hey, there's a house that just put a sign out "sale by owner" over on Apple Road - come-on let's go look at it!" We did. We got the number of the sign. We called the owner Mike Parr. We saw it the next day at lunch. We bought it immediately. Three bedrooms, two baths, in-ground pool with a pool-house. Small scale - but perfect for our family. His asking price was $140,000. This helped Mr. Parr out. This was the answer to our prayers. We moved in on December 22, 2008.

St. Joseph is our advocate in heaven! Thank you so much for helping us find him and promoting this knowledge for all those with an open heart and mind -- and the humility to pray for help when needed. Now all we need to do is find jobs. So we will continue to pray.... With love and gratitude and renewed faith,

Kimberly CK
In the hills of Tennesse


January 29, 2009

I sold my house just 6 weeks after burying my St. Joseph statue. With the economy the way it is, I am very grateful that our home sold so quickly.

The house next door was for sale, as well as the one across the street, the one behind us, and the one caddy corner from us. They had all been for sale for quite some time, and now 6 months later, they are all still for sale.

Some people laughed when I told them about burying the St. Joseph statue and saying the prayer, but I KNOW that is what brought about the quick sale of our home. Thanks again,

Pat G.
Paris, TX

January 29, 2009

Hello, I had my home on the market for a year. It had been under contract three times and all three fell through at the last minute due to financing problems and the like. My husband and I had decided to list the house for two more months and that was it. If it didn't sell we would take it off the market and try again when the housing market started to turn around. We had just been through too much heart-break over it all.

So, I heard about the St. Joseph Statue and thought,"What could it possibly hurt..." I bought a statue and placed in the front yard. Amazingly, after only four weeks our house went under contract and we made the sale! We were shocked, but we have to give some credit where it is due! Now we are in our new home and we are so very happy.

Thank you so much,

Katheryn B.
Metairie, LA

Another great story-listing #104958

January 16, 2009

You have to believe not just bury a status because people say this or that about it. I buried St. Joseph in September had an offer in December and recently closed. I knew he would not let me down and he didn't. I just wish I would have done it earlier.

Thank you for having this service! God Bless

Denton, TX

January 07, 2009

I followed the instructions that came with the St. Joseph statue. In a few days a offer was presented that was acceptable. I did not want to return to the property after the closing so I dug up St. Joseph and place it in a place of honor in my home. Big mistake! The loan for the borrower was turn down for some income reason. Back to the property placed St Joseph in the same place and in a few days lender approval. This time I did not return to the property till the closing and disbursement had taken place. Off to the property to dig up St Joseph and to my surprise, no St Joseph was to be found. I purchased another a St Joseph statue and placed it in a place of honor along with Mary and that is where it still is three years latter in my home. Thank you St Joseph,

Coral Springs, Florida

January 06, 2009

We have already sold our home. We had a contract the day the statue arrived in the mail. We were pleased and recommended our friend to buy a St. Joe's statue. Thanks

Hemant R.

September 30, 2009

My house was listed for sale for about a month, with very little activity. While I realize that one month is not a long time in the real estate market, there was some urgency to my selling.

I am retiring and moving near my children who live in Illinois, where weather is not always cooperative. I needed things to move quickly, so I purchased a small St. Joseph statue and placed him in my front yard. Three weeks to the very day later, I have a contract on my house!

I've always been told it's a no-fail situation, but I hadn't experienced it first hand -- now I have. It's a wonderful thing. Blessed St. Joseph is truly a miracle worker and I shall always be grateful to him.

"Toni" L.
Benton, KY

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