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Believer Letters from 2008

December 22, 2008

Fascinating how Saint Joseph's 'installation' actually works!

We have but a balcony at our condo; we purchased a beautiful purple, flowered plant, and put Saint Joseph upside down as suggested on the very same day we signed our listing agreement. I mentioned to our realtor, that she sold the home below us in four days a few years ago, and we are giving her eight days to sell our home

Within three days another realtor called to preview our home for a later showing to his client; he showed his client on the sixth day and on the seventh day he requested our disclosure packet for his client. It did take a bit more time for the offer, acceptance and contingency removals, yet all the action began within the eight day time frame! Amazing story! Thank you so much!

Angela W.
Foster City, CA

December 12, 2008

I must admit, being Catholic does help ward off the superstitions of burying a statue of St. Joseph in my yard to help with the sale of my home! I first heard about the statue from a coworker but didn’t pay much attention to it. After having my home on the market for six weeks (with a lot of interest and lookers), my mother suggested that I purchase a statue of St. Joseph to bury in my yard. I did a Google search on the subject and was quite surprised that there was so much information out there and so many believers. It didn’t take much to make me a firm believer.

The following day, I went to my local Catholic store and asked the cashier to direct me to the statues of St. Joseph. She said, “Oh, are you looking for a Home Selling Kit?” to which I replied, “Yes, I am!” She continued to tell me that she had heard some miraculous stories and wished me well with the sale of my home. I replied, “I’ll be back to give you another miraculous story!” That evening, my husband and I prayed over St. Joseph and we buried him at the entrance to our front door (I wasn’t sure exactly where to bury him but I thought the front door was appropriate as potential buyers would pass by St. Joseph as they came to view my home.).

The following day, an agent whom we worked with on the sale of our last home (seven years prior) called to show our home. After they viewed our home three times, they put in an offer. By the following week, we were not able to come to an agreement and the deal fell through. We continued to pray and keep the faith that God and St. Joseph were finding the perfect family for our home. The following week, we had another showing. The day after the showing, we received a good solid offer and have since closed the sale of our home. The new owners are thrilled with their new home. We know we have been blessed to sell our home in these trying times, to have received such a wonderful offer, and a wonderful family to take care of and love the home as much as we did.

Lori H.
Irmo, SC

December 10, 2008

This is long overdue! I was in shock when my house sold within days of reading about this and printing out additional information. I was so not a believer!

The initial contract on my house went sour weeks after taking it off the market. I began to fret as the market was horrific and I had been out of the marketing for a good month. When a dear friend suggested to try this, I scoffed, but did so anyway.

Wow!!! Within days…really! Another contract was submitted, actually closer to the original listing price, and closing was immediately scheduled.

Thank you!!!!!

November 18, 2008

I have to write to tell you our story. When first heard about the statue I must admit at that point and time I was willing to try anything since our house has been on the market since April of this year. We have had some interest but not any strong buyers. My mother in law who is very Catholic told me about the St. Joseph Statue and I couldn't believe that she hadn't told me about it sooner. The day that she told me about it I went to the Christian book store to see if I could find it, but was not successfull. However, when I was checking out at that store I asked if he knew of a Catholic book store and he gave me directions. However, they did not carry these either. After being frustrated I was talking to a girl friend of mine who found your website and forwarded it to me. This was on Monday, I immediately ordered my statue and was praying each day that I would receive it before Saturday which was another one of our many open houses. On Thursday, I received a phone call from my Realtor who said that someone was wanting to come over and look at the house. I said sure; but was not hopeful because I had not received my St. Joseph Statue as of yet. I had to leave to go pick up my kids from school and was disappointed that I had received my mail but no St. Joseph's statue.

Around 4:30 I received a call from my Realtor telling me that they were very interested in the house but wanted for her Mom to come over on Friday to look at the house. When I arrived home I noticed that on my kitchen counter was a box.....and yes it was my St. Joseph statue. Apparently when the Realtor brought the potential buyer over, the box was on my front porch and they picked it up and brought it in with them. So you see, St. Joseph was working for us and he was even buried yet. Upon receiving our St. Joseph statue, my older daughter and I prayed over him and Friday morning I buried him close to our for sale sign and said my prayer as well That after noon the buyer and her mother came back and signed the contract on the house. So how's that for a story. I have told everyone that I know about this including my Realtor who had heard of the stories. I told her that if she wanted to be a Millionaire seller that she should hand out these to her clients.

So St. Joseph does work and as I'm typing this I have the potential buyers here again with their engineer, and Realtor. Trust me St. Joseph does work. After all, you have nothing to lose do you? God Bless St. Joseph and blessings to you all.

Tina Novak
Houston, TX

November 17, 2008

I am so pleased you cared enough to email me back. Thank you so much. I am a great believer in the work of the Saints, but my story is not a selling home story. I have prayed to St. Joseph for help after I heard this incredible story from friends of mine who had visited a church in New Mexico I believe, in the middle of nowhere.

The story was about 200 years old, the old church was in great need of repair, the stairs were in bad shape and the Nuns that took care of it prayed a Novena to St. Joseph for help and to there surprise an old man came by a bicycle who offered help in return for food & shelter, and this old church was brought to life and it stills stands today strong as ever and the elderly man just as he arrived left without any signs.

Well my house is in need of great repair and I have no idea how to get it done and I felt St. Joseph would help. After I watched a TV programne last evening and heard the results I just knew I have to call on St. Joseph and that is my story. I will send youa photo of the now and after one day because I do know he will help. By the way so many of my novenas to St. Jude have come true.

Mabank, TX

We will be awaiting those before and after photos.

November 10, 2008

Our house was on the market from November 26, 2007 to September 24, 2008 with no offers.

We switched realtors and put a St Joseph in the yard. I faithfully said the prayer that came with our St Joseph.

Thirty five days later we had an offer and they wanted to close in two weeks. So, you tell me! Was it the realtor or St. Joseph. I like to believe that it was devine intervention!

Tami Camlin

November 05, 2008

I am feeling so very amazed that a wonderful buyer appeared who is in love with my home and after so many months on the market.

I keep the St. Joseph statue as a reminder of the security of God’s love for us and that miracles can happen.

Truly a blessing!

Myriem L.

November 03, 2008

After years on the market, we buried the St Joseph statue on our property. A couple of weeks later, we decided to start packing - just as though we were actually getting ready to move (we weren't).

We packed up the knick knacks in our living room on Saturday. On Sunday, our realtor called for a showing. The people that came to that particular showing ended up buying our home 2 weeks later.

We believe that the St Joseph ritual was a break through for us. It started the momentum, got the energy flowing, so the house would sell. Sometimes you have to take action to receive action.

Carl Wilson

October 27, 2008

My home has been on the market for just over 5 months. Had a lot of showings and no offers, someone told me about the St. Joseph statue and I ordered it.

Exactly 1 week after burying the statue my home was sold.


October 24, 2008

I just wanted to share that I know St. Joseph helped us greatly in our home sale because we sold the house in 2 months, that's record timing given that the housing market was beginning to decline so badly.

So we praise God and thank St. Joseph for his intercession.

God bless you,

Paul and Lorraine C.
Glenmoore, PA

October 24, 2008

We haven't dug St. Joe up yet, waiting until escrow closes. But he will definitely have a place on the mantel at our new location. Our house had been on the market for almost a year when I heard of your St. Joseph statue. I believe it was in August I ordered one and followed the directions....and everyday when we would pass his site we would tell him to do his part and we would do ours.

We had an offer the end of September and after countering we went into escrow on October 14 and will be moving by Thanksgiving.

I'm not superstitious but I think a little devine intervention helped a lot. I thank you for your vision in getting this idea out to the masses, especially in these trying times. The real estate market does not look very promising and we feel fortunate having St. Joseph on our team. Thank you!

Lori H. and family

October 23, 2008

Way back in March, we found, clearly by accident, a house that had all that we could ever desire, located 3 KM. from the school I teach at. It meant a four minute versus a thirty -five minute drive each way. It was a bank repo, been empty for about a year and a half and the bank was eager to unload it. We put in a ridiculously low offer, never imagining it would be accepted, and so we did not think about listing our present home.

June 25 the real estate agent called to say that the bank accepted our offer, to our shock and panic. Listing our house on July 1 meant that we missed the spring selling season, but we took a chance and went ahead. July, August, September and much of October passed without an offer. Over 65 visits!!!, but no offer.

At the beginning of October, venting my frustration in the staffroom, conversation turned to this St. Joseph story and how the burial of the statue could attract an offer and sale. Right, come on and give me a break. After all, it is a piece of plastic! Well, three weeks after I deed the burial deed the only offer was accepted and the house is sold. The woman who bought the house saw it the first week it was on the market, and came back three more times. Only after St. Joseph was buried did she decide to buy, and was lucky (for her) that no one else had beat her to it.

Linda N.
Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada

A Jewish Believer!

October 23, 2008

I did everything that was recommended. And waited and waited and waited. Dropped the house's asking price and dropped it again and again. Finally, many months later, it sold. Sorry but I don't think St. Joseph had much to do with it.

David M.

October 23, 2008

I ordered my St Joseph and buried him as planned, and I received an offer within the first 2 weeks of listing my condo! I closed 2 weeks after that!

I am a true believer!



October 22, 2008

For two years, we had not had any luck in such a bad market so right before leaving the house after staging it for a showing, we held hands and prayed to St. Joseph to please sell our house.

It worked! We heard back in 24 hrs that it was sold.

Debra W.
Winamac, IN

October 06, 2008

I just wanted to let you know I ordered a St Joseph a couple weeks after we listed our house, right after reading about in the Dallas Morning News.

I was very busy for the next couple weeks and wanted to bury him properly so I waited until I had the time.

Well, less than 48hrs later we had an offer and less than 2 weeks later we closed. We believe! Thanks!

Jan B

October 06, 2008

We had our home on the market off and on for nearly three years. We had tried burying other St. Joseph statues but did not follow through with the process. In fact we could not even remember where the statue was buried.

Finally, we ordered a statue from you and followed the instructions exactly including the prayers.

The day after we buried the statue, we received three calls about the home and within five days sold the home. Thank you St. Joseph.

Doug L.

October 02, 2008

I am not Catholic but have been put through a nightmare with my next door neighbor and so I am going to bury Saint Joseph facing her home in hopes that she will sell her house and go back to New York. She has only been here for four months and hates Florida! I will keep you posted.


Now that's a new twist!

September 26, 2008

We had our home on the market for a few weeks & things just weren't working out. We had fired our first Realtor and were interviewing new ones - but in my heart -I knew that it was going to take more than a salesperson to sell our home.

My husband and I had been doing a lot of praying for guidance and He brought the right Realtor to us. Although it is important to have the right person representing you when selling your home, we knew that in today's real estate market it was going to take Divine Intervention too. I found your website purely by "chance". Although we were financially strapped I felt the need to purchase the statue. I am Baptist so praying to a statue was not something I was willing to do. However, my son and I did bury it upside down facing the street - underneath our Realtor sign- and asked God for his help and his blessings.

Within 2 weeks we had 2 couples making bids on our home at the same time! None the less, one offered us cash & within $1,200 of our asking price.I won't say that the statue did it - but I do believe that burying it and believing in Him and handing it over to Him - He sold our home. Faith truly works Miracles.

LInda S.
Springfield, MO

September 24, 2008

My Mother passed away in February leaving her home to be sold and divided between her children. And after having the house on the market in a declining economy we were not having luck.

A friend informed me of the St. Joseph statue. I ordered one and my siblings buried Jospeh on Sunday evening and we sold the home on Monday.

Not only did my Mother's house sell but the neighbor whom had her home on the market longer than we did, her house sold also.


September 17, 2008

Our house sold in about 5 months, just in time for us to go back to school in a new County. We had just signed an apartment in the area we planned on moving to, and we got a contract on our house 2 days later. In an effort to make things easier, I dug up St. Joseph the last time I was by the house (3 days before our scheduled closing) and brought him to the apartment. I was very hesitant to dig up the statue until we had officially closed, but I saved myself about 2 hours of driving by doing so.

As fate would have it, we had a problem with our closing less than 24 hours before our scheduled time, which delayed our closing by a week and a half. I kicked myself for digging up that statue immediately.

Now, we're set to close on the house of our dreams (which it took 2 contracts falling through by other buyers for it to fall into our laps) in a week. It was just meant to be!

Scott L.

September 17, 2008

We buried our St. Joseph statue in the middle of July, but we did not tell our realtor. When we sold our house, we told him.

He said the first time he showed the house to our buyer was at the end of July. We received an offer the first week of August, with a quick close completed by the end of August. It was exactly what we needed!

Wendy R.
Des Moines, IA

September 12, 2008

My husband and I listed our home with a Century 21 realtor in November 2007; we had almost NO interested visitors at all until early 2008. Even then people came and looked but we had absolutely no offers. When our contract expired in the spring we changed realtors and listed with a Coldwell Banker realtor. This lady was Chinese, and since our neighborhood was largely Asian we thought that she might be able to reach more potential buyers than our previous realtors. She did indeed bring many more people to look, but the only (tentative) offer we received was way too low.

My husband's mother suggested that we get a St. Joseph's statue; she said that a friend of hers had sold within two weeks of burying one after 6 months of no offers. So I went online and found your site and ordered the statue. For good measure I ordered a St. Anthony statue as well (from a different site), as he is also supposed to be helpful in these situations. We received both statues, buried them and prayed over them

Within 3 weeks we had an offer, and after a couple of counter-offers we accepted and were in escrow! It truly was a miracle! We are so glad we found your site and ordered the statue; I know that it made a difference in the outcome of the sale of our home.

JoAnn Luscusk

September 10, 2008

I told my friends about the St. joseph statue. They were in a desperate state and needed a quick sale in a totally flat and foreclosure market in New York. It was really the only condo sale in a long time in their town. Now

They bought a statue, buried it in a pot on the deck of the condo and it was sold in about two weeks.

I am selling my ranch and need to do it quick quick quick.. best

Dana Maxey

September 08, 2008

I just ordered my statue kit, and I have to tell you that this is actually my third utilization of the good Saint's skills. My first statue was a loaner from a friend,who has used him to sell her condo a number of years ago with great results. I buried him and sold a parcel of land in 2005, pretty close to the asking price, in short order although I think it took a little longer because his mojo was already used.

I purchased my second St. Joseph just outside of St. Peter's Square in Rome in November of 2006, as I had another lot to sell and it just wasn't moving, and the real estate market was really starting to slow down. It took a while to actually get around to burying him when we got home, so I sort of rushed out there a few weeks later just before the temperature was due to drop and the ground freeze. As near as we can figure, the people who ended up buying the lot about 8 weeks later must have driven by and seen the for sale sign the same day or the next day after we buried him, made us a very acceptable offer, and the rest is history.

I have also praised his virtues to a number of people, who have used him with amazing results (most recently a friend ordered her kit from you this summer in this absolutely dead market, and had two FULL PRICE offers within 72 hours of placing the order....she never even had time to bury him!) So this time I'm burying him in the yard of a multifamily property we have owned for about 25 years, and have had ENOUGH of.....wish me luck, and include us in your prayers! Thanks for making it so easy to order.

Rowley, MA

September 04, 2008

WoW! This really works! We had to sell our house to relocate to New Hampshire. Our streets are filled with for-sale signs! I thought it would take six months to a year to sell this house.

We put the sign in the ground on a Thursday and buried St. Joseph as instructed and that Sunday we got an offer!

First showing! We are closing by the end of September!! Thank you St. Joseph!!

The Smiths

August 29, 2008

Hi Phil! I just finished chatting with you concerning cancelling the order I placed for my goddaughter. She and her husband have been trying to sell their house since the summer of 2007. Since then her husband had lost his job and she became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl in March.

After much searching for a new job her husband FINALLY found one, but it’s located about 50 miles from their home. Now they were even MORE desperate to sell their home. Well, I remember when my husband and I were trying to sell our home, we decided to bury a St. Joseph statue in our front yard after seven months on the market, and within three weeks our house sold! I relayed this information to my god daughter a few times, but she had never gotten a chance to buy a statue; naturally with a two year old boy and a five month old girl who has the time or the ability to remember to do that!

Today I decided (well, actually remembered) to purchase a St. Joseph statue for her to bury in her front yard so her house would sell! About five hours after placing my order online with your company I received a phone call from my god daughter telling me they sold their house TODAY!!!! NOT KIDDING!!! TODAY!!! Thank you for helping me today! I know I asked you to cancel my order, but I was wondering if you could just have it shipped to me instead of cancelling it? This way, I’ll ALWAYS be prepared to help someone in need of selling their home!

Shirley C.
Apex, NC

Shirley’s statement is evidence the power of intention is a active force.

August 16, 2008

Myself and my Husband had our house up for sale for 2 months and it was so discouraging. My daughter sent me a St Joseph statue, so feeling like an idiot I planted it in my front yard as per the directions. I could not believe the people that came to look at our house and believe it or not it sold in just a few days. I still thought it was just acoincidence, but I dug him up and took him to our new home.

My husband passed away and I did not know what to do as I knew I could not live there anymore and then I remembered St Joseph, so I immediately planted him once more in my yard---the house sold in 2 weeks so that has made me a real believer.

Now I have sent him to my sister who is trying to sell her home. I advise anyone who wants to sell there house to purchase St Joseph-it works!

Washington State

August 15, 2008

I just ordered a statue for a friend. It really works.

We had our house up for sale for 7 months with no offers. My sister-in-law gave us a St. Joseph kit and I planted the statue following the directions. Four days later we had an offer and sold our house. We are making settlement next week and taking our statue with us to our new home.

Thanks St. Joseph.

Lansdale, PA

August 07, 2008

When it comes to selling a home now-a-days the old saying "It's a jungle out there" really applies. With so many homes on the market and the market seeming to plummet every day, it's a miracle any of us can sell our homes.

When I first put my home on the market, a little over 11 months ago. I was full of optimism. The Realtor was too. When the Realtor told us how much we should list our house for my husband and I were not only surprised, we were shocked. We were thinking around $217,000. She said $239,000 to $235,000. We thought it was high but we were no experts. She was supposed to know what she was doing. After a short time someone had wanted our house but they had to sell their Condo first. She talked us into a contingency contract. She was working hard to sell that Condo but not so hard to sell our house. When nothing was happening after 3 months we dropped the price. This went on for 8 months. Every few months dropping the price a little more. Until we wised up. We figured out she wanted a double sale.

After 8 months we told the Realtor we were taking it off the market for 2 months. After 2 months it would come in as a new listing. But when we did re-list it we used a different Realtor. Also a lot wiser now, we were careful at what price it was listed at and absolutely no contingency contracts. This time it was listed at $209,900. Big difference from the first Realtor and closer in line with our thinking. It sold in 11 days. Was it a miracle? All I know is I prayed really hard. I asked the Lord to talk to St. Joseph. To have St. Joseph help sell our house. So as far as I'm concerned, "yeah, it was." Because I don't think the house would have sold without St. Joseph. We almost went back to the same Realtor but at the last minute my husband changed his mind. Just things like that. Something or someone set us on the right path this time. We've been planning this for a while. Sell our house, retire and move to North Carolina to be near our daughter. Josh Osteen said, "The Lord doesn't give you dreams, just to take them away." He's right, our dream is about to become a reality thanks to St. Joseph and the Lord.

Sharon B.
Ballwin, MO

See for yourself, 225 Ries Road Ballwin, MO, it's on this site.

August 07, 2008

Thanks but I do not need to list my home on your site. I ordered the statue on 7/18/2008. I received it on 7/21/2008 (which was day 387 of our home on the market) and we buried him as instructed. On 7/25/2008 it was seen by a couple and again on 8/3/2008 by the same couple. Today 8/7/2008 we have accepted their offer and should close on 9/29/2008.

I don't know what to say other than the statue really did work for us. Weird I know, but after that many days and no interest I was willing to try anything and we buried him with respect and it paid off.

Thanks again.

Charles A.
Sunset Beach, NC

A new prospective, the power of intention works again...

July 28, 2008

The day I received the statue I buried it right away that afternoon. Later that day we had someone come see the house. He said he liked the house but needed a "second opinion".

He brought in his Fianc the following Sunday and they gave us an offer that same day!

Prior to this buyer,(and before I got the statue), we've had some 15 people look at our place but no offers. We sold our home in less than three months and in the middle of winter (January 26)!

Maria P.

July 28, 2008

We recently sold our home at 1232 S. 10th St. in St. Charles, IL. I buried St. Joseph according to the instructions, next to the For Sale sign. However, every time my wife mowed the lawn she'd move the sign. Last fall I just wanted to make sure he was still where I thought he was but he wasn't next to the sign...Neighbors thought I was nuts sticking a long rod down into the ground. Took me 45 minutes to find him. Decided he belonged in a safer location so placed him under my WELCOME stone next to the front door.

The house was on the market for 12 months and then I fired my realtor. Put it up by owner and within a week had a contract. The family just had triplets plus they have a 2 year old son. Our five bedroom house was perfect for them but they couldn't afford the asking price. Reduce the price by the commission we saved and were able to close the deal at the end of July.

God works in many strange ways and I know St. Joseph was also involved. He's in a place of honor at our new home in Florida and will always be remembered as getting lost in our old front yard.

Fred R.
St. Charles, IL

July 28, 2008

I just wanted to write to tell our story. Our house had been on the market for like two weeks, when we received our St. Joseph in the mail. My son and I buried our St. Joseph and eleven days later we had the contract that we wanted on home.

By selling our home, my family was able to pursue the home that we really needed and wanted. Our family had grown quite a bit since the purchase of the house that we sold and we really needed the extra room that the new house provided. Thank you St. Joseph for making that dream a reality.


Chad McGuffey & Family
Cheney Kansas

July 25, 2008

After my beloved mother died this past April, I knew my sister and I would have to sell her house, as neither of us could afford to keep paying the mortgage. I Googled "St. Joseph," found your Web site, and ordered a statue to be sent to me. Well, when the house was almost ready to go on the market, my husband and I buried St. Joseph upside down, facing the street, right next to the "Coming Soon" sign in front of the house. On the day that "Coming Soon" sign changed to "For Sale"--June 19 , that was--nine groups came through the first day of the open house, two of the couples called, and one made an offer!

Today, 25 July 2008, my sister and I went to settlement with our agent and met the young couple and their agent. The house has now changed hands. After I returned home from the settlement, my husband and I rushed out to the house and found that our agent's company had just removed the signpost--in fact, he was just loading it into his truck when we arrived. We hastily dug up the statue and took it home. I've cleaned it and set it in a place of honor on my bookshelf. As soon as possible, I'll put some fresh flowers around it. Words cannot convey my deep gratitude for this enormous luck! The housing market is terrible in the Washington, DC, area where we live. (We actually live across the river, in northern Virginia.) I dreaded the thought of the house being on the market for months. My dear mother left a little money, but we would not have been able to continue paying the mortgage past October.

I am SO happy and excited that things went so smoothly! I just can't believe the house sold the FIRST DAY. A house across the street was for sale for months and finally that sign disappeared and a "For rent" sign went up. Just a few hundred yards down the street a house very similar to Mother's has been for sale for two or three months. So, it worked for us and I'm happy, grateful, and humble at the thought of our good luck. St. Joseph will have a good home with us. Thanks for being in this business and for sending the statue so promptly.

D. M. Read

July 22, 2008

Thanks St Joseph we sold our house in a month!!!!!

Brien & Angela B.

That was fast

July 18, 2008

I wanted to let you know that my Mom purchased the Original 4 Sales Kit for us and said she heard this worked. I thought it was silly at first, but want you to know that it worked for us!! because it works!! Thank you!!

I received the kit and buried St Joseph in the front yard by the For Sale Sign on July 5th. On July 9th we had a couple look at the house. On July 13th, we received an offer from the buyerseight days later!! I want to encourage everyone who wants to sell their home to use this kit. Thanks,

Holly Hill

July 17, 2008

On April 1, of this year I was waiting for a potential buyer for our home to arrive. While waiting someone comes up in a car and wants me to give him a sheet with all the details of the house. I asked if he had an appointment and he said "no" . I wasn't going to show it being April Fools day without an appointment. When the other person didn't show and he was still there I let him in. He said he'd contact our realtor and be back the next day.

He left and stayed outside in his car and used his cell phone. 20 min. later he knocks on the door and says " I want to buy your house". He made us an offer and calls our real estate agent. He lived in another state and was commuting plus he grew up in our town so he knew the area.

Net result the joke was on me as he bought the house. 87 showing and no decent offer. One unannounced and unexpected showing and we sell our house. Never did dig up the St. Joseph statute as we had switched real estate agents and not sure where the statute was under the new r.e.a. sign.


Hope everyone is as lucky.

July 17, 2008

We had heard from a few coworkers to buy and bury St Joseph and pray every day. We kinda laughed and didn't believe. After about 2 months of them telling us and over 30 showings with no purchase, we decided to go ahead and try it out. After some internet research and some stories read, I became somewhat a believer. I'll pray, and hope and truly believe when it happens.

So I ordered St Joseph and waited for him to come in the mail. He was very quick to arrive. During the wait for his arrival we had a very interested buyer. Actually it was the very next day after I purchased St Joseph. Nothing came of it. St Joseph arrived so I proceeded with the burial ceremony right next to the sign following all the instructions. Gave him a kiss, said I was sorry I had to bury him but I would dig him back up as soon as we close. I kinda felt bad, all the believing started making it very real. I laughed at this. So everyday, sometimes a few times I would appologize for burying him and once he helped the sale close I would dig him back up.

The same excited buyer ended up coming back for a re-show 2 weeks after the initial showing (day after I purchased St Joseph). And an offer was on the table, accepted, and here we are moving onward to our dream house. I kept praying to him after the offer was accepted as a first time home seller I was still worried it would back fire and not go through. That wasn't the case and I truly believe St Joseph helped the entire way.


(St. Joseph buried at Kim's home on Joseph St.). See for yourself, listing #106156 in Indiana. WOW!

July 17, 2008

I listed my home for sale at in El Segundo, CA on 6/21/07. I buried the St. Jospeh Statue in Feb 2008 and by April I had an offer. I guess it really does work. I only wish I'd known about St. Joseph and his amazing powers the year before.

Now I'm a Realtor and will help my clients sell their houses faster too.

Jacquie Brooks

Another St. Joseph Home Listing SOLD!

July 16, 2008

We had our house on the market for 13 months in NE. I first buried St. Joseph across the street from house as the ground was frozen, and this was by the mailbox. My husband ever concerned about the appearance of the property saw a plastic bag sticking up by the mailbox and discarded it.(I didn't bury it properly). I never new this while the property was for sale. One day as things kept getting worse I said to him, I really wonder what happened to St. Joseph. I told him the story and where it was buried, he in turn told me about digging it up, not looking at it and throwing it in the trash. I ordered a new one, and placed it by the front door and this time told my husband where he was and leave him alone.

We received an offer two days after the second burial of the statue, the arguments went back and forth and we had 5 hours to agree to a yet another 10,000 deduction after the inspection. Our broker called at noon, and said he had someone else that wanted to look at the house. I said to my husband this would have to be a miracle for someone to come in at the last minute and help us out here. After all, we had an open house every Sunday for one year, over 75 people came through that house, what were the odds that someone would come in at the last minute and love it.

This young man named Joseph came in, his father and mother lived not a quarter of a mile away, he was getting married and made an offer twenty thousand over what the other couple offered, we closed in two weeks, and we left NE and the snow behind April of 2008. St. Joseph is out of his plastic bag and in a place of honor in our kitchen.

Pat McNeill

Did I believe before, not at all? This was just too much...thanks Joe

July 16, 2008

My whole family offered our home to St Josephs guidance and indeed St Joseph graciously blessed us! We put up our house on sale Thursday and 2 days later we received two offers and whats even better we got an offer more than our asking price. PRAISE BE TO GOD! All we did was to pray and have faith and let St Joseph do the rest. Thank you St Joseph!

Jon & Maricon A.

Amazing St. Joseph!!

July 16, 2008

We had our house on the market for 4 months and had a TOTAL of 1 showing without an offer. We ordered our statue, followed instructions and in 17 days after we buried the statue we had 7 showings and 3 offers, the last of which we accepted. Our house closed on July 9th and we are awaiting the completetion of our new home.

We also had friends who had their house on the market just slightly longer than we did, they ordered their statue a week after we did and within 1 week they had an offer and sold their house also. They sold it to buyers who had seen their home almost 3 months prior and decided to come back and give it a second look. We all believe

Michael Rubino

If this doesn't make a believer out of you...

June 26, 2008

I buried St Joseph in my daughter's yard and within a week , her house sold after being on the market for a year...Thank you so much .in Honor of St. Joseph


Wow, one week!

June 26, 2008

Thank you St. Joseph!!!

Liliana Castaneda

June 26, 2008

We had to sell our house in Spring Texas because my husband got a promotion that would move us to Southern California (HUGE real estate market difference in $$$$). Although the Houston area market was not suffering like other parts of the country, we still did our diligence with regards to pricing the house properly, de-cluttering, listing with a great agent who knew the market, etc. Four days after our house was listed, we did receive an offer, albeit a "low-ball" offer. Knowing that we were priced properly, we attempted to negotiate. After a week of back and forth, we knew we would not be able to work this these potential buyers and had to move on. In the mist of the negotiation, I went online and ordered my St. Joseph Statue, which came promptly withhin 2 days of my order. The day that we walked away from the first offer, I buried my St. Joseph and said my prayers. The VERY NEXT DAY, our house was shown to a couple who put in a good offer and after one round of negotiation we had a solid sale. If that is not divine intervention, I don't know what is!

P.S. About ten years ago, I sort-of heard about burying the St. Jos statue, and in the desperation to sell our house I grab a figurine out of my Christmas nativity scene and buried it. After a year on the market, we finally sold the house at rock-bottom price. I dug up my statue and had to laugh when I saw my faux-pas. Instead of burying St. Joe, I had accidentally buried one of the wise men!! Ah, live and learn! :-)

Hope these stories help put some faith in the practice!

Holly Badger
Mission Viejo, CA

June 26, 2008

At first we were skeptics of the St. Joseph story, but since so many different people came to us and told us about it we decided to give it a try. Prior to purchasing the kit, we had our house on the market for 2 months with no offers, but lots of traffic. After having purchased the kit, after a week of burying it by the for sale sign, we got an offer. The only problem was the offer being too low that we ended up rejecting it. The statue remained buried and after a couple of weeks we got a 2nd offer, which we accepted and now the house is sold. It sold within a month of burying the statue! We do not know if it was the mercy of St. Joseph or if it was just meant to be, but we believe the statue played a role at some point and would try it again if we needed to sell.

The only down side to our story, we forgot where we exactly buried the statue so we couldn't unbury it and take it with us.

The Sergents

June 26, 2008

Sorry the St. Joseph Statue didn't work to sell my home. I buried it and said all prayers before the house was listed for the 6th time. At the end of this 3 month listing we got one offer at $40,000 below the listed price and the listed price is already below market. The guy wouldn't come up to a price so that we could pay to get out of our current mortgage. The house was initially listed at $919,000 with current market comps, then over the last tow years it is now at $549,000 and still nothing. I don't need a statue, I need a Democrat in the white house.

Russell W.

June 24, 2008

A follow up on my previous post...In September 2003, my husband and I purchased a freestanding condo, our first home for $121,900. A year and a half later, we put it up on the market after being broken into. Our asking price was $133,900. Over the next THREE years, we switched realtors four times, taking it off the market and putting it back on and lowering the price as we went. At the same time, the houses in our development started to get repossessed. (The builder did their own financing, and everyone did 2-1 buydowns and when they got to year 2 and 3 they realized they couldn't afford them anymore!). We put in laminate wood flooring, re-did the landscaping, put in new carpet, ceiling offers, not one, not even a low ball offer.

At Thanksgiving, my husband's step-grandmother suggested we bury a St. Joe. Being raised Protestant, I sorta blew it off. In the winter of 2008 however, my brother and sister-in-law mentioned they saw St. Joseph on TV and suggested we get one.

So, after all my desparation and 723 days on the market, I figured I would try. Even though I am not Catholic, I figured I wouldn't go to hell or anything! I ordered the statue, then we got a huge blizzard. 12 inches of snow fell at our house. However, the next day on 3/15/08 I buried him anyway, digging away the snow, snow, snow, then mulch, then dirt, then finally there was a hole big enough for him. I buried him strictly as per the instructions, face down, facing the street, by the for sale sign. 14 days later, we received our first and final offer! The asking price was $99,900 at this time and our offer was $95,000-not too bad! St. Joe now sits on our breakfast bar, watching over the living room area. Thanks St. Joe!

Renee Zysk

I think Renee wishes she would have buried St. Joseph three years earlier.

June 23, 2008

St. Joseph is DaMan!!! We put our home on the market back in January 08 after being accepted to a specialized school out of state just as the housing situation across our country was in a full downward spiral. We knew that not only were we in the midst of a housing crisis, home sales activity typically doesnt begin to move about each year till around March and April anyway but needed to get the home listed. Between January and mid March there were some inquiries but NOT ONE offer! Although our home is just 1 years new and professionally staged with many practical upgrades it is in a new neighborhood that units continue being built along with other properties for sale just like ours. We are not superstitious but have strong faith. On March 21 we received St. Joseph kit, my wife and I buried him in the front yard next to the for sale sign according the instructions and said a prayer. On the morning of March 25 a serious contract was being prepared which we ultimately accepted and got what we were asking. We since then have confirmed a place to live in our new home town where I am able to begin school 6 weeks earlier than planned. Whether you think you can or you think you cantyoure right!

Randy & Denise

June 23, 2008

I know you said to try and add humor to our Joe stories but this is more sad than anything. It's also typical from what I hear from other people. The house that we just sold at 1366 Marsh was my In-laws and I loved them dearly. Let me give you a little background so this will be easier for you to understand. I lost my Father to Cancer about 26 years ago, so my husband and I knew early on how fickle life was. From then on my husband and I always made ourselves available for our parents, my Mother and his Mom and Step Dad. What ever they needed done. We always tried to be there for them. Now I have 2 brothers. 1 lives out of state and the other would only help my Mother if she paid him. Sad isn't it? On my husbands' side he has 3 other brothers and a sister. 1 brother lives out of state, the rest live close by but won't help. The youngest brother used his Mother as a babysitter but when his child grew up to the point that a baby sitter was no longer needed, she hardly ever saw him. That hurt her so much, even she commented about it. The other brother would help his wife's mother but couldn't even bother to pick up the telephone and call his own mother. The sisters' husband is very handy but refuses to help because he doesn't like the Step Father. That gives you a little background of this family. 16 years ago I lost my Sweet Mother to Cancer. So my husband and I concentrated all of our love and energy to his family. I told him store up the memories, savor every moment of time you have with them. You never know when the Lord will call your parents home. His brothers and sister were always to busy to take the time to be with his Mom and Dad or to help. If they needed help cleaning the house, we did. When they wanted the yard landscaped, we did. Of course, his Mother was laughing and said she was going to sell tickets because my husband and I were arguing about the right way to put in a keystone wall. When his Mother got out of the hospital, I would rush home from work and make home soups for her because that was what she wanted. I would fix dinners and take them to their house to make sure Mom and Dad were eating. Nobody else cared. I told my husband someday those no account brothers and sister of yours are going to be sorry they missed out on all those memories with Mom and Dad because they were so busy. 4 years ago my dear Mother-in-law passed away. Dad was devastated. My husband's sister blamed Dad for her passing. Which was stupid. She died of an aneurysm. She hasn't spoken to Dad in 4 years. Pretty much the same as before really. Only she tried to turn my husband against his Step Dad for some unknown reason and he was having none of it, thank God! So his sister has turned on him and me with a vengeance. Anyway things went on as usual. If Dad needed things done, my husband and I did it. When I cooked, I always cooked extra. I have a vacuum seal machine, so I always vacuumed packed him meals and froze them that way I knew he was getting a home cooked meal. Plus We always invited him down for meals or took meals over to his house. 8 months ago my Father-in-law passed away from Cancer. That's how the house came to be in the family's possession. I never knew that my husband's family harbored such hatred because of the care and love that we gave his parents. Isn't sad that quilt and MONEY can cause such hatred! We sure found out in a hurry. My husband and the youngest brother are Trustees of Mom and Dad Estate. But as far as the family is concerned my husband doesn't exist. At least they are trying really hard to ignore him. Fortunately the law is on his side. That is when I found St I thought Dad or the Lord sent me there. This family was against everything. They wouldn't let us clean. They wouldn't let us fix the broken oven. 2 rooms upstairs were full of the younger brother's junk. Half of the basement was full of the younger brother's stuff that Dad was storing for him. They left wood with nails in it in the basement, sawdust, trash and junk. And refused to let us remove any of it. The garage was full of stuff from garage sale items. The realtor told them time and time again they needed to clean the place up for showings and they refused. If we were going to sell this place at all. It was going to take a miracle. Because trying to deal with these people was impossible. So I buried St. Joseph, said my prayer that was on the paper. Then added my own, on bended knees and bowed head. And told St. Joseph the story that I told you. I guess maybe he was listening that day.

Saron B.

June 23, 2008

I was scepticle. I am non-catholic, and this seemed like an idol to me, but our house had been on the market for 3 months, with only 4-5 showings. My husband was living out of town and driving back and forth on the weekends. We were miserable. I was desparate. I was going to get this statue whether I believed in it or not! What could it hurt? I did not receive my statue after about 10 days, so I called to find out what was wrong. They reshipped my St. Joseph statue kit and I received it 3 days later. I received it on a Saturday. On Monday afternoon a couple looked at our house and bought it. They were already preapproved and ready to move in. We hadn't even had a chance to bury the statue yet! We close in three weeks! Coincidence, or answer to prayer? I believe our prayers were answered either way!

Jeri P.

June 23, 2008

Hello My husband and I put our home up for sale in January of 2007. Following the instructions included with our St. Joseph statue, we buried him in the front of our house, across the yard from our sign. Nothing happened for over one year. I tried to find St. Joseph to rebury him near the For Sale sign which had been moved, but was unable to find him. I dug in the precise place that he was buried (I think the squirrels have dug him up and put him in their own yard, or tree). My husband ordered a new St. Joseph statue for me. On April 20th we had an Open House. That same day my realtor and I stood beside St. Joseph, held hands and prayed to God for intervention. We prayed that God's will would determine the seller and the timing of our sale. We thanked God for allowing us to bury Jesus' earthly father near our home and prayed for St. Joseph and our sweet Lord Jesus to watch over the sale of our home. That day only one couple came to the open house. They fell in love with my beautiful house as I did when I first saw it. They returned for three more visits. They made their offer and we accepted three weeks after burying St. Joseph. Since that time we have become friends with the buyers and continue to thank God and St. Joseph for divine intervention. The difference between the first burial and the second? I believe God answered our prayers because "two or more" were gathered in God's name. We prayed for God's will to be done, not our will. We prayed for Jesus and St. Joseph to intercede on our behalf. God does indeed work in mysterious ways. He has shown us, once again, that all things are possible through faith and in God's own time. God's blessings to all.

Judy S.

June 23, 2008

I was skeptical at first but am now a believer. I had my house up for sale almost 2 years to the day I was told by my real estate agent that a contract was in the making. I originally put my house up for sale because I was contemplating changes in my life. Six months later I got married and moved out of state. A friend of mind said her father was moving back and would need a place to stay so he rented from me for almost a year-and-a-half when he let me know he would be moving out. About two months before he let me know I was moving out, I had my real estate agent put Joseph in the ground to pray for the house; I was worried about the market and find a new renter I could trust. The day I found a new renter, my real estate agent called to let me know that a contract was coming in the couple days. The new owner moved in less than one month after my renter moved out and I did get the current price I was asking with a few conditions which was good considering the area housing market. I am very happy and will definitely use St. Joseph's Statue in the future.

Shelly R.

June 19, 2008

I listed my late aunt's home the first week of january '08 after the market started it's downward slide. I didn't bury St. Joseph right away as the ground was frozen. Then I got the idea to pour hot water on the spot I wanted to bury him. This made mud but I was able to get him in the ground! After a much needed talk with God and a prayer to St. Joseph, the house sold 3 weeks after I buried him for the asking price! My broker was in shock as nothing was selling. I know it was St. Joseph who found our buyer and kept him interested as the house had many issues most buyers would walk away from. The day before we closed I dug him up and he now watches over me until I find my own home.

Thank you


June 08, 2008

My husband and I had our condo on the market for 723 days before burying the St. Joseph statue. I buried him to the tee on the instruction page and within 14 days we received an offer! This was our first offer ever!


Renee Zysk

June 08, 2008

Hi I wanted to let you all know that by the grace of St. Joseph, we were able to sell our house on May 29th 2008. We had bought the statue of St. Joseph in November 2007 since our house was on the market since September 2007. We did get a lot of traffic since then. However, did not receive any offers. Then we decided to re-bury the statue of St. Joseph right underneath the for sale sign. We did this on April 7th and we received our first offer and the only offer in two weeks on April 23rd. We did not get the price we were asking for, however, were happy to be able to sell our house at the right time. The day we closed on this house which was May 29th, our offer got accepted for the house we really wanted to buy. The closing on the new house is next month. We will be putting St. Joseph on the fireplace mantle in our new home. We are extremely happy and excited and very thankful to St. Joseph for working his miracle!

Sonal Rastogi

June 07, 2008

Here is our story... We had to sell our house in Spring Texas because my husband got a promotion that would move us to Southern California (HUGE real estate market difference in $$$$). Although the Houston area market was not suffering like other parts of the country, we still did our diligence with regards to pricing the house properly, de-cluttering, listing with a great agent who knew the market, etc. Four days after our house was listed, we did receive an offer, albeit a "low-ball" offer. Knowing that we were priced properly, we attempted to negotiate. After a week of back and forth, we knew we would not be able to work this these potential buyers and had to move on.

In the mist of the negotiation, I went online and ordered my St. Joseph Statue, which came promptly withhin 2 days of my order. The day that we walked away from the first offer, I buried my St. Joseph and said my prayers. The VERY NEXT DAY, our house was shown to a couple who put in a good offer and after one round of negotiation we had a solid sale. If that is not divine intervention, I don't know what is!

P.S. About ten years ago, I sort-of heard about burying the St. Joe statue, and in the desperation to sell our house I grab a figurine out of my Christmas nativity scene and buried it. After a year on the market, we finally sold the house at rock-bottom price. I dug up my statue and had to laugh when I saw my faux-pas. Instead of burying St. Joe, I had accidentally buried one of the wise men!! Ah, live and learn! :-) Hope these stories help put some faith in the practice! Sincerely,

Holly B.
Mission Viejo, CA

WIse men are a dime a dozen; a good Joe is hard to find.

June 07, 2008

This my second statue that I ordered. The first went to my parents (Deceased) house and buried the stature there. The house is located in St Joseph, MI and the square footage only 900 sq ft. It did have a new roof, new air conditioner and a new furnace. That was about the only good thing going for us. There were about 9 houses for sale in a two block area and believe it or not....we sold it in one week. My sister and I thought we were going to have this house for ever.

The second statue is going to a friend who has been trying to sell a spec home for over a year...let's see what St. Joseph does for him. Will keep you informed. What ever works. I am a believer!


June 05, 2008

I was reading the testimonials on your website and am really happy for all the home buyers out there who say that St. Joseph has helped them sell their homes. Unfortunately, we cannot count ourselves among these people. We have had our house up for sale for three months and have had more than 40 potential buyers come through but not a one offer yet. And this when every real estate agent who come through says they love it because it shows like an absolute model home and is priced just right, even in this tough market. Regardless of this we have already dropped the price twice, but still nothing. After reading all the glorious stories on your website, we must confess that we had higher hopes regarding St. Joseph's powers.

Cameron Park, CA

May 30, 2008

I bought a St. Joseph statue several years ago and followed the instructions to bury it. The very next day I received an offer on the house and I moved within 4-6 weeks. This was after 12 months on the market without a credible offer.

Doral C

May 30, 2008

It worked for us! We just closed on the sale of our home a few hours ago, and we want to share our good news! We put our home on the market in late March, and had very few showings the first several weeks. Our friend told us about burying a St. Joseph statue, and two days after placing the order, we had a showing for a couple moving to our area from out of town. We received the statue quickly (within several days of ordering it), and the day after we buried it, we received news that the couple wanted to make an offer! We'll soon be moving to our new home!


John & Linda

May 27, 2008

We are selling our house by owner. I received my St.Joseph statue on Tuesday, May 13th in the afternoon. I said some prayers, but didn't bury it. The next day, a woman knocked on our door and said, "are you selling your house?" She had seen it on We had a wonderful conversation and she was very interested.

She brought her family for a showing on Saturday, and brought me a full price offer on Sunday. You can't ask for much more than that.

I do think that this was helped by St. Joseph. I will definitely recommend him to friends, and use him in the future.

Cathy R.

May 14, 2008

Our house had been on the market since November, 07 with very few showings and we had already moved to SC. We repainted the house, had it posted on the internet and we had an excellent real estate agent as well, nothing seemed to help. Earlier this year we had more showing and some really ridiculous offers, people trying to take advantage of our desperate situation. Someone at work mentioned St Joseph and I googled it out of curiosity and came across your web site & I ordered a kit. We mentioned it to our real estate agent and she seemed to have a kit handy. I did not want to bury the statue of a Saint and so I requested that he be placed in my house. The kit that I bought, I have it with me and we wrote and recited the St Joseph prayer every day. There were more viewings and more real buyers and finally we now have a good buyer, they are pre approved and they made us a reasonable offer and are keen to close. There are others that are interested as well.

WE THANK ST JOSEPH FOR ANSWERING OUR SINCERE REQUEST BY GETTING US A GOOD, HONEST & RESONABLE BUYER. We wish the family that will be buying the house the very best and hope they enjoy the house as much as we did, I am sure St Joseph will keep them safe. I will be getting the statue of St Joseph from my old house and the statue that I have and both will be placed in a place of honor in my new house(when we find one, I hope St Joseph will help us in doing that too..) and will remember his help and will be eternally grateful. I pray that St Joseph protect me and my family always and pray for everyone else who is in a similar situation: honest hardworking folks who had to move and got caught in the housing fiasco.


May 13, 2008

We had the house on the market for two weeks. The third couple who walked in gave us a contract for our asking price. In this market - this was amazing! St Joseph is now in a place of honor in our temporary home while we wait to get into our new home. Everyone who knows us is now a believer!

Karen Jones

May 02, 2008

We heard the rumors about the St. Joseph statue, but of course we were still skeptical. Finally after having our house on the market for a year, we decided we didn't have anything to lose, so we ordered the kit and thought we would try it. After all, 10 dollars is a small price to pay to get a buyer. Well, needless to say, within-no I am not kidding here-1 hour of having the statue on our property, we got an almost full price offer and sold our house. Now I believe!!! Thank you so much for what you do, and keep on doing it! I sent a St Joseph statue to my son who was selling a condo in San Diego. The unit had been on the market for about 40 days, with no offers. I ordered the statue from your website on April 14, 2008. He received the statue on Wednesday, April 16th. He said to his girlfriend (and co-owner), "wouldn't it be something if we got an offer tomorrow"? Well, you must know the punchline by now. On Thursday, April 17th, they received a pre-qualified offer at the full asking price. They went to escrow the next day (April 18th), and will close on May 18th. Needless to say, the statue is now a family heirloom, and will pass from family member to family member in the future whenever we sell a house. Thanks for the great service !


Brett and Julia
Plymouth MA.

April 20, 2008

I have always believed in St Joseph, but a recent experience exceeded all expectations. I sent a St Joseph statue to my son who was selling a condo in San Diego. The unit had been on the market for about 40 days, with no offers. I ordered the statue from your website on April 14, 2008. He received the statue on Wednesday, April 16th. He said to his girlfriend (and co-owner), "wouldn't it be something if we got an offer tomorrow"? Well, you must know the punchline by now. On Thursday, April 17th, they received a pre-qualified offer at the full asking price. They went to escrow the next day (April 18th), and will close on May 18th. Needless to say, the statue is now a family heirloom, and will pass from family member to family member in the future whenever we sell a house. Thanks for the great service !

Martin Murphy

April 18, 2008

I just wanted to say we put a sign in our yard on a Monday, buried St. Joseph under the sign, our reality agent showed the house on Thursday morning and afternoon, and the second person who looked at the house, put $1,000 down and signed a contract that day. We close May 23rd.... Once we close, we will place St. Joseph in our new house. Have faith, trust in God. Remember, "Nike" stands for Victory and God has already won.

Jamie Wetig

April 18, 2008

I buired the St Joesph Statute in the morning and the next day I was notified by some buyers that had looked at the property last year, They said they had been trying to call me the night before, to see about buying my property. We set a time for them to come out and the made an offer with-in a week.

Thank you so much, I had been trying to sell this property for 2 1/2 years.


April 10, 2008

About 9 years ago my father passed away and my Mother did not want to live in the country alone. I moved in with her and we put her acreage on the market. We spent the winter there. After the holidays, a Catholic friend told me about the St. Joseph Statue. I quickly found one, discussed it Mom, and we respectfully place him as directed. It worked!! The house sold and closed easily and quickly. Within 2 months Mom and I had both moved on. I am now planning on selling my house, with the assistance of St. Joseph. My plan is to put my house on the market in Aug or Sept.

Thank you,


April 08, 2008

We sold our house to the first person to walk in the door after we put St. Joseph in the ground! Thanks so much!

Eric & Renee W

March 31, 2008

I listed this home and did not have any customers look at the home, the next week I buried the statue under the sign and the next day a customer called to see the home one month later it is sold. We lived out in Tucson Arizona last year and had two homes for sale, on one investment home was for sale for three months, then I bought the St. Joseph statue and buried it while my wife said the prayer. The next day we had a cash offer and it closed in two weeks.Our other home we did the same thing, and it sold in two months. I am a Realtor and firmly believe in the power of St. Joseph. It also helps to make sure it is priced right and is clean and show ready.

Bob Surma
Fredericksburg Realty
Fredericksburg Tx.

March 20, 2008

Within 2 months of burying St. Joseph and saying numerous prayers, our house sold! I have shared this web site with others! Thank you!


March 20, 2008

To all -- we sold our home within two months of purchasing the ST. JOSEPH statue and putting it in the ground in front of our home, that was two months ago and all the other homes that were for sale around us are still there with for sale signs on them. We followed the instructions that came with the statue and prayed that ST. JOSEPH would help us and it worked.



March 20, 2008

We received our St. Joseph statue on Wednesday and followed the directions to bury it that very moment. The following Friday, a couple came to see our home and bought it! They saw it one time and loved it. This was after our home had been listed for almost six months. Our agents listing was due to expire in one week. We truly believe the St. Joseph statue brought us our good fortune and we tell everyone who is trying to sell their home to get that statue. It sure worked for us!

Judy W

March 20, 2008

We already sold the house. Thanks!

Seattle WA

March 20, 2008

I really have to believe that it was St. Joseph's assistance that brought us the buyer. In a depressed real estate market, when there were near 100 units for sale in the same area, it was a true miracle that a buyer came along interested in our unit. Granted it was top floor with views of the ocean and the intracoastal, and golf course, but there were so many for sale, why ours. I did not question, I just sold. And, because we were pre-construction investors, we sold in the "Green". Not too much, but we weren't in the "Red". I do believe................... I bought 8 more St. Joseph statues. I'm a realtor. Thank you St. Joseph, and God Bless all those who need you as did we..

Carol E

March 20, 2008

The house sold within a month!


March 19, 2008

St. Joseph DOES work !!! We listed our home in early December and I immediately got the St. Joseph Real Estate kit and followed the instructions to the "T". While I was burying the Saint by the "for sale" sign, two people pulled over and was observing my home - unbelievable!! Within a short 5 weeks and during the Holiday/New Year season, I received four separate offers with the final one being acceptable within my price range. Considering the housing market conditions, I truly believe that St. Joseph did intercede for us on Long Island, New York. Thank you very much St. Joseph!!!


March 18, 2008

Our home in Phoenix was on the market for approximately 2 months without an offer. We had showings but no offers. My husband buried St. Joseph on Friday afternoon and Monday morning we had an offer and it will be closing on 3/26/08. Thank you St. Joseph and THANK GOD!!!!

John & Katie

March 15, 2008

It was God and our 2nd realtor James that sold our house...St Joseph didn't have anything to do with it, we did everything it said to fact he didn't seem to help at all...we buried him in 10/ a new realtor in 02/08 and 3 weeks later our house sold...sorry, wish I could say St Joseph worked like everyone else said he did!

The Andersons

March 12, 2008

My elderly aunt's home in AZ was on the market since May '07 with absolutely no prospects of selling. She told me about the legend of St. Joseph and how much she wanted a statue to plant under her home's For Sale sign. I searched the internet and bought the home seller's kit from this web site and had it shipped to her. In mid-February she buried St. Joseph under her For Sale sign and within two weeks received an offer and final papers were signed this week! She is a believer and told me to pass the word!!

Thank you.

Leslie G

March 11, 2008

Wahooo! We actually don't need to list our home on the site, b/c a week after burying St. Joseph, we got a contract! We're looking forward to digging him up and placing him on the mantle of our new home ...



March 07, 2008

After a little over a month on the market, our condo sold within two days of our contingent contract on a home we love being voided. My wife and I prayed about whether it was God's will or not for us to be in the new house or whether we should just give up and search elsewhere at a later time. God answered our prayers with a speedy sale with absolutely no hang-ups! It could not have worked out better. Thank you St. Joseph and praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!


March 02, 2008

The same day I burried St. Joseph I got a showing. This was the person that loved our place, brought his fiance the following weekend and put an offer right away. WOW! St Joseph is in a special place in my new house.

Maria P

March 02, 2008

Our house was on the market for several months, with quite a few lookers, but no serious offers. I read an article in the newspaper about burying St. Joseph, and we decided to try it. Within a couple weeks, showings picked up and we had a solid offer, very near the asking price. Given the market, we were thrilled.

Rus McElvain

March 01, 2008

Gentlemen, Thanks for your confirmation follow-up. I wanted you to know that last year, we used your St. Joseph statutue for the sale of our Reno home. Wow. Talk about a dead market! No offers at all for the first two months (noting that some houses had been on the market for almost a year). We received your statue, planted it, and got a full price offer within two weeks. Happy doesn't begin to cover it. How about ecstatic?! Thanks so much for this awesome sales tool.

Relocated and Happy,


March 01, 2008

Divine intervention! We listed our home around Thanksgiving, against common knowledge that everyone, even the few homebuyers out there, have better things to do over the holidays than shop for a house. We buried St. Joseph shortly after listing the house. Some traffic but no bidding wars, then a couple came, saw, loved it, made an offer that was actually fair, the appraisal came in at $1k over the sales price, the home inspection turned up nothing, the termite inspection turned up nothing, and the buyers asked us if they could CLOSE EARLY. We turned over the keys to the buyers on February 21st. No one should try to sell a house without St. Joseph!

Shelli & Bruce

February 29, 2008

I just wanted to tell you my incredible story. Our house had been on the market since October 2007. We had our St. Joseph statue in our house and everyone kept telling me I needed to bury it. We all know this is one of the toughest markets in recent years, but I refused to bury my statue. Although we had many showings, we had no firm offers. Finally in January I said, "If we don't get any movement within the week I'll go ahead and bury my St. Joseph statue." We didn't get any offers, so I buried St. Joseph and offered to pray a novena. I also told St. Joseph, "We really need to sell our house quick. Our new house will be ready in late February. A quick sale would be very good for us. Please help us sell our house quick!" That day we had an open house and a record nine groups of people visiting. We also got an offer the next day for the price we were asking! (I quickly un-buried St. Joseph...I don't think he liked the cold.) We closed on our house yesterday and will close on our new house today. Oh! By the way, the name of the family who purchased our house? Their name is "Quick". The power of prayer!! THank you St. Joseph. I will be visiting the church with your namesake to offer an additional thanks!

Renee Rodarte-Keeling

February 29, 2008

I just saw Bill Cates on CNN. Nice marketing and I applaud you for taking advantage of vulnerable people in a vulnerable housing market and getting rich off it.

However, you should allow ALL interviews of ALL customers so to not distort the truth. Especially go to Michigan. Then go on CNN.

I purchased a St. Joseph statue from you and followed the procedure. It took two years to sell our house at $100,000 less than we paid for it. Oh, we purchased it brand new built and invested $75,000 more into it after we moved in. A net lose, including realtor commissions, nearly $200,000.

Please post this to your web site ...


Mark Werner

Ed: Just a couple of clarifications. We have been providing St. Joseph Statue kits for almost 20 years. We've seen a number of up and down housing cycles. We actually started in a rising market. It's sad that you got caught in a falling market. Secondly, CNN interviewed us. It was not our marketing, it was their news story. They chose who to interview, what to film and created the final edit. We had no say in the story.
Best wishes to you.

PS: A last clarification, it's 'Phil' Cates.

February 18, 2008

Just to let you know that I just sold my house with the help of St. Joseph. My house is on the market for 3 weeks with a very good traffic average of almost 1 showing in a day but with no offers. After my realtor advised me on burying St Joseph, I immediately bought the kit. Buried St. Joseph on a Thursday and the next showing day which was a Saturday I got an offer. This really works! Just have faith in HIM.

Vancouver, BC

February 15, 2008

I just received the reminder to list our house. However, the house has already sold. The option period just ended and we are set to close. I felt compelled to let you know our story. Our house was listed over the holidays and we had gotten traffic but no offers, my dad called to remind me that he had buried a St. Joseph statue at their last house and sold it a week later. I ordered my St. Joseph Statue from your site that day. When I received the package I drove out to the house later that day, despite the fact that it was freezing and pitch dark, buried St. Joseph according to the directions and said the prayer. That was on a Thursday night. Monday morning I had two offers, one of which we accepted and will close on before March 14th.

M. Buono

February 15, 2008



ED: We ship same business day, the rest is up to the US Postal Service (for standard shipping) - they do a great job

February 14, 2008

We tried for 6 months to sell our home. Not a single offer. We burried St. Joseph and within 4 days we had a SOLD sign on the property. Because we had already left the area we had a friend bury it for us. He too is now a believer. We have sold several homes but had forgotten about St Joseph because he was packed away. Our daughter reminded us about our St Joseph belief and we immediately had him burried at the home. We had to buy another because our orignal was still packed.

Douglas M

February 14, 2008

I ordered the St. Joseph Statue ... It arrived on Thursday. On Friday, we had a couple view our house, then come back three times. On Sunday, I asked my husband and son to bury St. Joseph, since he had been sitting on our desk since Thursday. They buried him early Sunday morning. We had an open house starting at noon. We have had at least four other open houses. Usually no one showed, sometimes one person. This day, five different people came to see the house. One was a young couple, newly weds. They loved the house and placed an offer on it. With the offer, they sent a note that said that they never went to open houses. They were with their realtor, noticed the sign and came to visit. As soon as they saw the house, they knew it was a place they could raise their children. They felt that God had sent them to this house. Sure gave me goose bumps. Will close by the end of next weeki.

Leslie Connelly

February 14, 2008

We had this house for l5 months... the house empty, paying the utilities every month. Listing was for lease, rental or purchase. A few low ball offers. We did reduce the price 25,000 dollars. Still not a decent offer. We found St. Joe and buried him in the front next to the for sale sign. Five days later we had a decent offer. This offer was the one that sold. Thank you St. Joe. In this market we were still upside down for $23,700. At last we are free of all the monthly payments.


February 14, 2008

Good Morning, I am happy to say the day that my statue arrived, my condo sold! Thank you for the blessings.

Seattle WA

February 14, 2008

Our house sold three days after the listing went "live" for more than the asking price! Thank you, St. Joseph!

Samuel F.

February 13, 2008

I just wanted to let you know that I had previously purchased 2 of the kits and gave them to a friend and to my son. Believe it or not, in my son's subdivision, about 1/4 of the houses were for sale, and his was the only one to sell! My friend had a condo with all sorts of restrictions and even a lawsuit against the association, but a week after she buried St. Joseph, she had an offer and sold her condo! I believe in St. Joseph and his blessings!! This latest one is for my daughter who is selling some property in Birmingham and needs his help.


Betty S.

February 10, 2008

We listed our rental home in CA at the worst time in the summer - August 07 when the sub-prime fallout escalated and the credit crunch started. We ordered the statues in September as all the odds were against us with selling the rental in a fast declining area. Within a few days of our listing expiring in late November, we received an offer. We closed escrow in mid-January. Thank you St. Joseph. We're now sending our statues to our North Carolina agent where we've had a rental listing since March 07.


February 01, 2008

Nothing has sold in our subdivision in months so when we told our neighbors we were selling they could not believe it. We put our house up for sale the weekend of Thanksgiving and had St. Joseph at the house that first day. We sold in 6 weeks! Thank you St. Joseph!


January 27, 2008

We received our statue on Thursday, buried him on Sunday. We had a signed contract the following Saturday. This was after having our house on the market for 10 months with no offers.

Thank you.

Leslie C.

January 24, 2008

Thanks for the reminder, but I am happy to report that I won't need to use your listing service! Two weeks after receiving our statue and following the instructions, we have a firm contract on our home. This after six months of no activity whatsoever. I am a grateful believer....


January 15, 2008

I planted St Joseph sometime in early November. I received an offer over the Thanksgiving weekend, and closed on 12/21/08. Thank you St Joseph!

Reenie R

January 15, 2008

in our building were for sale, including several that were less expensive than our unit. We listed the apartment at the end of October, planted St. Joseph in a pot on our terrace, and closed today. We had a solid contract, almost hitting our asking price, the week of Christmas. No trauma, no drama. This is the third time St. Joseph has worked for us.


January 14, 2008

I already sold my house!!! Thank you

Karin G

January 14, 2008

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased a st. joseph statute from you in 2007. I finally got my husband to reluctantly agree to help me bury the statute by digging the hole for me. This happened in late november or early december. I received a contract last week for full asking price of my house $320,000.00. In this very bad real estate market, this type of offer is unheard of. My real estate agent was floored!! Anyway, I have told everyone of the work of my st. joseph statute.

Kimberly N.

January 11, 2008

I ordered the St. Joseph statue about eight months ago to assist my husband and I in selling our home. Every day I would go out to the "for sale" sign, and say a little prayer to give me insight and hope. I would attend church regularly asking for more strength in keeping my head up, and to look for hope. In December 2007, our home sold on the day I felt like giving up. My husband and I were going to take our home off the market, and just rent it out. On the day we decided to call our realtor to remove the sale sign, the home sold at our asking price.


January 11, 2008

Our home was listed with a real estate agent in August. It was a beautiful home and sparked a lot of interest. There were many showings, a number of open houses and we received numerous compliments on what a wonderful home it was. But we did not receive any offers. Due to an employment relocation we no longer lived in the home and were making double house payments. Nearly four months after listing it we received an offer considerably less than our asking price. We decided not to accept the offer. Our daughter was home from college for Thanksgiving break and reminded us that we had sold a former home 10 years earlier only after burying Saint Joseph in the yard. With that reminder we ordered a Saint Joseph kit and had it mailed to a former neighbor. He read the instructions and did exactly as directed. Within a week we had a reasonable offer on our home Our former neighbor called to say he was now a true believer and would dig up our blessed treasure and return it to us after the closing. We closed on the home on December 31st barely a month after burying St. Joseph. If we ever sell another home we will remember that St. Joseph has answered our prayers in the past.

With thanks,

Jan and Doug

January 10, 2008

No advertisement (listing) needed - the house is under contract already. St. Joseph did his job! Thank you.

Lucinda B
Hadley, MA

January 02, 2008

Thank you so much for making St. Joseph available to everyone...Although we are Jewish, I thought I'd give him a try in trying to sell our house in this terrible market. This was the 2nd statue I purchased see, we followed directions to a tee in burying the statue and even said the prayer. A few days before we were to move to our new house, I mentioned to my husband that if St. Joseph wanted to come to our new home with us he needed to get busy and help us get this house sold. Several days later and 2 days before we moved we got a contract!!!!!... A month later, during the walkthru the day before the closing, we went to the house early to dig up the statue so we could take him home with us...but we couldnt find him!!! My husband, my real estate agent, and the buyers real estate agent all dug up the whole flower bed where we put him ...but no St. Joseph....I felt so guilty that we couldnt find him I ordered this last one and placed him in a spot of honor in our new home.

I am now ordering one for my step-son who is trying to sell his house in Florida.

Thanks again!!

Maxine Tate

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