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Believer Letters from 2007

December 23, 2007

I buried my St. Joseph Statue on the same day that we finally hired a Real Estate agent to sell our home. We had 2 contracts on the home that fell apart over the last year and a half and I’ve been paying 2 mortgages for all that time. Finally with the help of St. Joseph within 3 weeks we had a contract and within 6 weeks we had a closing – THANKS GOD!!! And THANKS ST. JOSEPH!!!! I’m so happy to finally be free of two mortgage payments – one on an empty house! I would recommend that anyone who uses St. Joseph to assist with the home sale mark the spot where he is buried really well with a big rock or something. We didn’t do that and when we went to find him we couldn’t – I think he was still working with my next door neighbor’s house which was also for sale. I’ve kept the bag that he came in on my family altar so even though we couldn’t dig up his statue we are honoring him and giving thanks for his help. I would recommend St. Joseph’s help with your home sale to anyone. I think my Real Estate Agents might too!

Thank you again!

Peace and blessings,

Amethyst Wyldfyre
Nashua, NH

December 23, 2007

Our family is relocating out of state next month, and our house was on the market for 5 weeks. Due to the time of year, it wasn't surprising that we hadn't sold in November or early December. We had one contract on our house on December 1, which fell through on Dec. 8. I ordered my St. Joseph "selling kit" the morning of Thursday, Dec. 13. We had a showing of our house scheduled that night. The next day, we received a contract on our house. The St. Joseph statue came in the mail the morning of the 15th. Since we had a valid contract, I did not get the chance to bury him in the front yard, as directed. Our house inspection was a success and we are now locked into the contract to sell our house on Feb. 1!

We are a Christian family, although Lutheran, not Catholic. We Lutherans typically do not pray to saints, however, we figured, that we would give St. Joseph a try. We're not sure if St. Joseph did the trick, but who's to argue? We are planning to take him with us, and place him somewhere in our new home, as suggested.

The Pritchards

December 22, 2007

I didn't really think a statue could help me sell my home, but after 2 months on the market and everything selling around me but mine, I gave it a try. I purchased the statue and buried it as instructed, and 1 week later a bid came in for my condo. One month later I was able to close on the condo and move to Arizona. The funny thing when I was in signing escow papers I mentioned to my agent about the statue and how I didn't want him to think I was strange, but to my amazement he replied if he notices a property hasn't sold within a given amount of time, he will bury a St. Joseph statue himself and just celebrate when the property sells. Thank you, and YES the St. Joesph Statue really works!!!!!! Signed Happy Home Seller!!!


December 21, 2007

We just had to share our story…

I'm not a real religious person or a superstitious person, so when my wife suggested that we get a St Joseph statue to help sell our house, I just smiled and thought "yeah, that will help".

So, we went online and ordered the statue. We got it a few days later and my wife convinced me that I should bury it immediately. We had been consistently having showings, but had no real interest up until the point we buried the statue. A single day after burying St Joseph, we got a call for a showing. The next day we had an offer on our house.

That in itself is great, but here's where the story gets into the realm of divine intervention. We needed to sell our house in Denver due to some health reasons and had picked Austin, Texas as our spot for relocation. The purchaser of our home (the result of the showing a day after burying the statue) was named Austin!!

I am now a huge believer in the St Joseph statue and have recommended it to several friends already. This really does work!!

Rodney and Angela Wright

December 21, 2007

We purchased our St. Joseph statue after hearing from our friend Pam that he would help us sell our house. We put our house on the market in April and two weeks later, GM announced they were closing the plant in our town. Hundreds of houses went on the market and our house wasn’t selling even though we had many showings and two open houses. When we received our statue in October, we made a big ceremony out of burying it in the yard. The whole family was present and we all really believed St. Joseph would help us. Within a month, we had a signed purchase agreement and we closed today 12-19-08. Thank you, St. Joseph. I have heard from my stepmother that St. Joseph will help you get a job too. I have moved to Miami and am looking for work so I know he’s going to help me again. I’ll let you know.

Kristine E. Amo

December 20, 2007

Thank you St. Joseph! Less than 3 months after I buried the statue I sold my house in a tough, unpredictable market for almost what I was asking!! This really works....if you believe!


December 19, 2007

I'm writing this testimony with the deepest gratitude to Saint Joseph. After 3 months in the market with no offers, we buried a Saint Joseph statue on the 3rd week of August 2007. This was a particularly hard time to sell because of the mortgage crisis, and extremely few and qualified buyers. Although we have a lovely and cozy home, it has a unique floorplan and lot size that appeals only to a limited type of buyers. We prayed hard and desperately to Saint Joseph because we are under severe financial constraints. We brought before we listed our house in the market, and can only carry 2 mortgages for a short time. Otherwise, one will go into foreclosure. Inquiries and visits picked up on October thru November 2007. We accepted an offer on the 3rd week of November for an amount substantially less than the asking price. However, we felt compelled to accept it because I know that this is the answer from Saint Joseph, and it came at the right time. Escrow closed a month later, a beautiful and blessed Christmas present. Saint Joseph, through his powerful intercession, made all of this possible. Indeed, he can accomplish everything in front of Jesus and Mary. And truly, Saint Joseph's kindness is as great and strong as his powerful intercession.

Keep the Faith,

Greater San Francisco Bay Area

December 19, 2007

Sold in 10 days. We had first offer within 24 hours of burying statute. It works, even in a bad market. Thanks,

Rick Russell

December 19, 2007

My wife and I put our home up for sale in February of 2007. We were working on our second real estate agent and had yet to receive an offer on what we know is a wonderful condo. We had it in prime condition from jump street and figured the tough market was keeping us from getting a buyer. We ordered St. Joseph's statue and followed the directions carefully burying him the day before Labor Day in September 2007. The day after Labor day we had a showing to a nice couple just starting out. We sold our condo to them and closed a month later. I cannot even begin to tell you how the experience has changed our lives. We are truly blessed.

Thank so much for the insight.

Best Wishes

The Hicks Family

December 18, 2007

I first listed our home mid-year of 2006 for about four months without an offer being made. I ordered a St. Joseph's in 2006, but ended up giving it to a friend who was desperate to sell her townhome because she was building a new house to be ready by January 2007. I gave the St. Joseph's to her before I even opened him as a gift. She sold her townhome faster than expected and had to choose a home in the same neighborhood that was almost complete. I think it was sold and closed within 6-8 weeks of the statue placement.

My personal home was taken off the market on Dec 31st and then relisted when I spotted a foreclosure home I desperately wanted. My husband was not about to budge until we had at least an offer on our current home, so in February of this year I summoned a second St. Josephs. In about 4 1/2 weeks we had an offer on our home - full price! The offer was a contingency, but it was an offer. The foreclosure was still available so we placed another offer on the foreclosure and placed a contract on the foreclosure. The contingency offer did fall through, but miraculously as we were moving to our new home the house showed five times over the weekend and we had our second offer. An offer that was not full price, but within our acceptable range.

Thanks for the assistance,

Amy Sperrazza

December 18, 2007

I just want to say thank you. Also, would the opportunity to share my recent experiences with the St. Joseph statue.

For example, we purchased the statue on Monday, September 24, 2007, and decided to carefully follow its instructions on Saturday, September 29, 2007. Exactly 6 days after, we received the first and final offer on our home.

Why did we wait so long to share our experience with you? The closing process for us was a roller coaster.

For example, our prospective buyer wanted to close before the their lock expired only to find out that their lender had reneged on the loan because the purchaser had an existing mortgage with the bank used for the settlement.

To make a long story short, the purchaser had to reapply through a different lender, and was finally approved for the new loan on December 3, 2007. We received a call that very day asking if we come to closing the following day.

We sold our home on Tuesday, December 4th, 2007. Thank you once again.


December 13, 2007

My in-laws home had been on the market for 10 months (since Feb 07) when I finally ordered St. Joseph for them, just before Christmas. They are not Catholic and do not believe in Saints or the power of the Saints. Reluctantly they followed the prayer and directions included with the statue. 3 weeks later an offer was made on their home. The final paper work will be complete this week. What a wonderful Christmas present!


November 11, 2007

Hello, I am a believer. I listed my home and did not have one person look at it. two days after i planted st.joseph i had my first interest. three weeks later i sold my home. thanks again,

Rick Metts

October 29, 2007

Thank you. My house sold 7 days after I buried the statue. It was on the market for over 3 months. The St. Joseph kit worked for me!

Caroline Seavey

October 28, 2007

We are pleased to report that we have a signed contract on the house with a good price. The buyers are very warm and friendly and like the house very much and will take very good care it. The offer came and with a little negotiation we had a signed sales agreement by early August, about one month after asking for St. Joseph's help.

We are very grateful and I've already placed St. Joseph with other sacred objects which we will move with us to our new home. We expect to move in December.

Thank you very much for supporting us by showing us how to ask fro St. Joseph's help.

Janet Cooke

October 28, 2007

I buried the St. Joseph statue on the day I went to my mother’s house to make the final inspection and payment for the completion of repairs done to the house, which happened to be December 8, 2006 (the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary). Because of the frozen ground, I buried the statue near the house in the landscape bed. The realtor had an open house on Sunday, December 10. Well, I would like to say that the house was sold, but it wasn’t. In fact, even with two open houses scheduled per month, the house sat through the winter. Come spring, I moved the St. Joseph statue next to the realtor sign as is suggested in the literature. Was St. Joseph and the burying of the statue going to help me get this house sold or not? It did not appear to be working, as you read in many testimonials of quick sales. However, on July 20, 2007, I received 2 offers on the house! The closing day of the sale was on August 15, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary! So, yes, it took a little over 7 months to get an offer and 8 months for the sale to be finalized, but the question is, did St. Joseph aid in the sale of this house? Well, look at the current housing market where houses are lingering on the market for over a year or two! Yes, the burying of the statue did help! I am so thankful for this heavenly intercession! And thank you for offering people the opportunity to purchase the St. Joseph statue. May God bless you!

Thank you,


October 27, 2007

I purchased a statue from your company when we decided we would put our home on the market. We decided not to advertise, except by mouth, and we would sell the home ourselves. The market in Florida is very slow right now, especially in the South Florida area (West Palm Beach) so we didn't expect to sell the house at all. We had been letting friends know our house was available for sale for about a month when I finally ordered the statue. As soon as I got it in the mail I buried it in the front yard near the house. The very next day we had a friend come by the house "to look" on a whim because he was in the neighborhood looking at another house. After he left we got a call from him and offered us our asking price for the house. It took about 4 months with all the paperwork involved but last Monday we had our closing. I now have the statue proudly displayed for all to see. I have and will continue to recommend your website for this statue and so glad you are here.

Thank you,

Teresa Bryant

October 26, 2007

Thanks for the email but our house went under contract about two weeks after I buried St. Joseph. We just moved into our new home last week! Thanks again!!


October 26, 2007

Thank you for the reminder of the online listing, although we will not be needing it. Our home sold within a couple of weeks of planting the statue and has already closed escrow. Consider us believers! I recommend your site to anyone I know who's selling or considering selling a home!


October 26, 2007

Thanks for the reminder, but we buried St Joseph on the same day the "For Sale" sign was installed and sold our home in the first two weeks. We already closed and moved into our new home. St Joseph has taken his place on the mantel.

Thanks again,


October 25, 2007

We sold our home at the end of September, 3 weeks after Craig buried it. Thanks

Barbara Noe

October 25, 2007

Your reminder of your Free Listing service came too late. We buried St. Joseph on a Thursday, right after the real estate agent put up the sign.

The following Wednesday, she led a group of agents from her office through the house for their input and to become familiar with the listing.

One agent said she had a client who would love the house and showed it that afternoon.

Two days later (Friday) we had an offer. Our counter offer was quickly accepted. In effect, we sold the house in EIGHT DAYS!! Closing was about 30 days later.

We thank St. Joseph for the miracle he brought to us in spite of the market being so bad. We hope his blessings stay with us always.

Maston & Janet Sillin
(Formerly from) Mesquite, TX.

October 25, 2007

You all just sent me an offer for the free listing. Not needed! I buried St. Joseph five months after my house was listed without any real interest.

WITHIN TWO WEEKS, we had an interested party, and within a month we closed.

Now, the strange thing is this: When I went back to retrieve St. Joseph, my daughter and I could not find him! We're feeling bad because we wanted to give him a place of honor on our mantle of the new house...instead I've just hung the muslin bag he came in here at work!

Patty Rooney
Graham, NC

October 24, 2007

Dear Mr. Cates, thank you for your reminder about the free home listinging, but we had sold our home 3 weeks ago. I did follow the instructions that came with St. Joseph's statue. I have been a devotee of St. Joseph since I was in college; in fact I named my only son in his honor; my son is a paratrooper who is in Afghanistan and his dad and I are extremely proud of him. Thanks again.

Lumi Lim
Anchorage, Alaska

October 22, 2007

After I buried St. Joseph my house sold in two weeks. The odd thing about it is there were 5 homes for sale in my neighborhood, and real estate is not selling at this time. My realtors were even amazed.



October 20, 2007

My name is David and I live live in Palm Harbor Florida. I'm a true believer of the Saint Joseph statue! Here is my story. Well I have a 1 bedroom condo, I thats been listed on MLS since 2-18-07. Since then I've only had a total of only 4 phone calls and 3 showings and no offers. The last person who called seen my condo, that was on July 20th. I haven't had even one call since then. I was just about to give up and rent my property out so I could move. On Sunday October 13th I placed my St. Jospeh statue in my flower pot on my balcony. Four days later on Wednesday October 17th I had a call and showed the property. The woman loved my place and just called me last night becasue she wants to see it again today!!!! Wow, I know it's not "sold" yet, but I feel real good about this deal and I owe it all to Saint Joseph! I will email you again if she buys it. I can't believe this is happening! I'm so happy!

David D.

October 20, 2007

Incredible!!!! We listed our house in March 2007 with a realtor. We live in Damascus, MD. which is only a 30-40 minute drive to Washington DC, where we thought we would have no trouble at selling. Then the housing downfall hit hard. We changed realtors and still no luck. Now here it is Octboer 3rd, 7 months later, our realtor even suggested taking the house off the market till spring. Then we buried our little gem under the for sale sign just like we were supposed to do. On October 4th, yes the 4th, just 24 hours after we buried him, we had a showing and after several counter-offers back and fourth, we finally signed a contract on October 19th!!!!! 7 months after the house was sitting and not getting any bites at all and after 1 day, its sold!!! I have complete and utter faith.

Kay Mcquiston
Damascus, MD

October 12, 2007

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We sold all of our three properties St. Joseph protected all of those months. We will be ordering more St. Joseph Statutes. Do you have anything to list land only, since you have sold our inventory of homes! What we do want you to know is that our faith is strong and it is a miracle that the buyers of these properties have been blessed, in fact, we put the brochure from our statue with the keys at closing so we all know who put this one together! St. Joseph says Patience means SOLD! SOLD! SOLD St Joseph RULES!

Boyd McBrayer
Kingman, AZ

McBrayer Mortgage

October 11, 2007

Well you wouldn't believe it! The day we ordered St. Joseph we had a showing and the day after we buried St. Joseph we had an offer and we accepted. I guess he really does work. The house was on the market for 45 days so he came at the perfect time. Thank you so much and now we will take him to our next house.


Eagan, MN

September 26, 2007

In April of 2007 I listed my house in Essex County NJ for sale with a realtor, before the realtor I prayed to St. Joseph and buried his statue in the front yard and tried to sell the house by myself without a realtor. I got an offer within 10 days which I was trilled with, but the man kinda disapeared and after meeting two times never called back. I knew God had a bigger plan , God guided me to the real estate agency and I listed it May 13th signed all papers first thing in the morning and within ONE WEEK an offer came in for FULL ASKING. People keep saying I was just lucky. I'll tell you my Friends, there is no such thing as luck, it is the POWER OF PRAYER AND GODS WILL. Through the intercession of St. Joseph my House was sold. The closing was August 1, 2007.

Susan Haberman
Livingston, NJ

September 19, 2007

Phil, Thank you for such prompt attention to my order. I can't believe that it already arrived. Apparently St. Joseph has been watching and waiting for me to finally take action and call upon divine intervention! I have had a lovely home listed for the past 2 1/2 months. I truly expected that it would be sold within a few weeks, as that has been the case in our market area. This home needed the right buyer, as it is a hillside property that is truly tucked into the hill so there really was no yard. I have promoted and marketed the home diligently. It has been open almost every weekend with good traffic and positive comments. Many people commented that they loved the house, if only it were a little bigger. I have spent some sleepless nights, as I felt that I was letting the seller down. We had reduced the price a little more than a month ago to a very attractive price and still NO offers. As I was rummaging through my desk last Friday, I came across a St. Joseph statue that I had left from a few years ago. While I had lost the prayer and bag, St. Joseph was sitting there in the plastic just waiting for me. I took him over to my client's house on Saturday afternoon. Together, she and I buried him and I said a prayer asking for help in selling the house. A few minutes later, my client got a phone call from an agent sitting across the street who wanted to show the house to her clients. We both got a chuckle out of how quickly St. Joseph had responded to our pleas for help. Well, yesterday morning, I received an offer to purchase the home. By the time I met my client @ 5PM, a second offer came in. We ended up countering both offers and one came back signed about an hour and a half later. I have a relieved and happy seller and I am one grateful real estate broker! I am now planning on burial ceremonies for 3 other properties that I need St. Joseph's assistance in selling. One of these statues will have a true place of honor right here on my desk! Thank you St. Joseph!

Cheryl Wamsley
San Carlos, CA

September 12, 2007

In this depressed housing market, we’ve been watching homes in our neighborhood linger for months with For Sale signs in the yard. We listed our home on September 5, 2007. I received my St. Joseph Kit on Sept. 8th and buried it in the front yard. I said the prayers with an open heart and much faith. Our Open House was on Sept 9th and on Sept. 12th, we sold our home. Just seven days on the market and we only came down a little from the asking price. Many thanks to St. Joseph for his intercession on our behalf!

Marsha Hughes-Gay
Indianapolis IN

September 12, 2007

My name is Yves-rose and I am writing from Milledgeville, GA. I moved there about a year and half ago and soon realized that it was not the right place for me. I had bought a home there. Last May, I wanted to sell by the Summer so my kids will not have to transfer schools in the middle of the year. I bought your St Joseph kit and then talked to a realtor. I was surprised that my realtor already knew about St. Joseph. I did a novena for 7 days with a St Joseph candle, then buried a statue of St Joseph upside down facing east in the back yard. Within 2 weeks, I had an a lot of showings and an offer. Although the house was in a good location, we had about 14 houses for sale on my street and some had been on the market for more than a year. I have given statues to colleagues and my sister. They work everytime.


September 10, 2007

My house has been on the market since the beginning of May. Prospects: zero. Not being desperate to sell, I haven't been disappointed in the market and have been willing to wait for the right offer, or any offer. All I did, at my agent's suggestion, was place the order for the St. Joseph Statue and the house sold last Saturday, full price, cash!! Go figure!! I have my eye on a run down fixer-upper and will use the statue on that property once I receive it. Thanks

Kay Heihn

September 04, 2007

Hi my name is Wendy and I live in Venice Florida, I recently purchased two of the statues, one for myself and one for my mother n law. We both have our houses on the market, hers has been on for several months and nothing. She adjusted the price on the house since she really needed to sell it. I gave her the statue on a Thursday, she buried it and the following Sunday she had a offer on the house, The closing is on September 14!!! We are still waiting for our house to sell, it has only been on the market for a short time, but we are in no hurry to sell it. Thank you for all of your inspring stories!!

Venice, Florida

Another house Sold!

August 26, 2007

Hello. We got the statue on a Thursday. We planted it in the ground on Saturday morning and had a buyer by that afternoon! We close in a few weeks. This act of faith works!

Joe Iannacon
Dallas, TX

August 14, 2007

I am a REALTOR with RE/MAX Coastal in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. We, like others around the country, are experiencing a bit of a slowdown in the market. My partner and I listed a house that a lady really wanted to sell. Though very lovely we weren't sure we could have a quick sale so we asked the owner if we could bury a St. Joseph statue. Since she was raised a Catholic and knew St. Joseph to be the patron of "home life" she readily agreed. We buried his statue and I made a phone call to an agent who had some clients that had expressed an interest about 6 months earlier. He called his customers and we had a signed contract within 3 days! We are happy, the buyers are happy and our seller is extremely happy! Thank you St. Joseph. I will dig you up and bring you to my home when this property closes on Sept. 25, 2007. ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE!


Terry Brand, CLHMS, CRS, GRI
RE/MAX Coastal Real Estate of Ponte Vedra Beach

August 12, 2007

Hi. Just wanted to share a story......I am a real estate broker/owner in a small town in Western Massachusetts. Some friends listed their house with my company and it was a nice house but was very close to a busy highway. The house was on the market for about nine months. I had about a month go by with absolutley no showings and friends who had a new home built and had moved into it and now 2 mortgages. We were all beginning to get desperate. I phoned Mr. Seller one day and told him about St. Joseph. He thought I went crazy, but said he would talk to his wife and get back to me. He immediaetly called me back and said his wife was all for it. As a matter of fact, the wife had been visiting her mother at the nursing home and went to a mass with her there at the chapel and the priest had asked for special intentions and her mother asked everyone to pray for the sale of her daughter's house. Well, I found your website and ordered a half dozen kits. On Wednesday, the kits arrived at my home. That Wednesday afternoon I received 2 phone calls to show the house. On Friday I showed the house twice (remember, I had'nt shown this house in over a month). On Saturday, I delivered St. Joseph to Mr. & Mrs. Seller. On Monday, they had 2 offers. Within a month the house was closed. Thank you St. Joseph!!!!

Colleen Zajac

July 03, 2007

Thank you so much; however, the week that we buried St. Joseph, we got an offer on our home and we closed on it this pat Friday June 29th!


July 02, 2007

Our home sold just two weeks after putting St. Joseph in our yard! Thanks!


July 02, 2007

We ordered the statue on a Saturday and the following Monday we had an offer. We sold the house and are now in our new home. I have told everyone I know selling houses about your website.


July 02, 2007

Thank you for the offer to list my home - but thankfully I have no need for it - we sold our home!! Yay! I do believe that St. Joseph did play a part in the sale since, after 3 months of no offers, then "planting" the statue it was just 3 days later we got the offer that sold the house! I am grateful for the stressful process to be over with and owe my peace of mind to St. Joseph.

Tami Curtis

June 22, 2007



Relax St. Joseph, let the listing do the work for you.

June 21, 2007

Just a note to let you know that I sold my home a week after planting my statue in a planter near my for sale sign. Thank you.

Esther M.
St. Joseph, MN

June 21, 2007

I buried my St. Joseph back in early April and my house was under contract within two weeks! So I can pass on the free house listing. Thanks!

Emily H.
Centennial, CO

St. Joseph did his thing before the listing even got on the site!

June 15, 2007

Our home was on the market for about 45 days without any solid offers. We had a very limited time frame to purchase a new home contingent on the sale of our old home. My wife, children and I prayed every day and sometimes multiple times to St. Joseph. We reached our time limit at 45 days and were literally 5 hours away from taking our home off the market when our realtor came up with a potential buyer. St Joseph answered our prayers by allowing us to sell our home just in time. Thank you St. Joseph!

Bothell, WA

June 11, 2007

We placed this home on the market in March of this year. We were paying this mortgage payment along with our new house note. We were desperate to sell this house. We lowered the asking price by $5000 and offered to pay closing. I heard the story of the St Joseph statue and I must admit, I was skeptical at first. I decided to go ahead and try it, what have I got to lose right? Well I received my statue today along with a call from our agent who had a wonderful offer and the buyers want to close on the 25th of this month! We are so grateful and truly firm believers of the statue!!

Thank You!

Memphis, Tn

June 06, 2007

I would like to let you know that I received my package on Monday June 4th with a $0.14 additional fee. I ordered my statue on Friday June 1st. I am very excited to say that although I did not receive my statue until Monday, I got an signed contract on my home on Sunday night. Thank you St. Joseph for helping us.

Debbie M.
Lafayette, LA

June 01, 2007

My house is a one bedroom, one bathroom. Only a certain market of people to choose from with a house like this. I put it on the market on January 22, 2007. My realtor held open houses every weekend. After three months, only 2 people had looked at the house and only a handful had come through the open houses, more out of curiosity (the house is over 100 years old). I dropped the price. Two more months went by and no one viewed it-again open houses were held every weekend with only 1-2 people coming through. No offers…no interest. I ordered my St. Joseph kit and buried the statue on May 19th. Less than one week later, I had a call from two different realtors to bring people through my house. The second buyer LOVED my house and made an offer 3 days later. My house is now sold. I am not a religious person-in fact, I don’t practice religion at all. I had my mother do the praying for me. And somehow, this little miracle worked. Thanks you St. Joseph!

Dawn Hoernemann
Brooklyn Center, MN

May 29, 2007

I’m Gwen T. of Charlotte, NC. My home was getting great reviews from realtors for eight weeks but with no offers. We had double digit showings. Then I remembered hearing about St. Joseph. I ordered your least expensive statue and buried him with a prayer for assistance on Mother’s Day. Three days later we had a written offer...the following day we had a signed contract!!!!! As we were signing the contract, my realtor informed me that someone else wanted to place a contingent contract on hour home. We got the amount we wanted, also. As I promised St. Joseph, I will dig him up after closing 6/15 and bring him to my new home!


Gwen T.
Fort Mill, SC

April 28, 2007

Just to let you know that I sold my South Florida house in 2 weeks after burying the statue and saying the prayers. There are at least 45 other homes for sale in my development and most have been for sale for over 3 months or more.

A true believer.

Marcia H.
Pembroke Pines, Florida

April 27, 2007

I purchased the statue for my son he is selling his home. I had success when I sold my home so I pray that he has the same. Arlene B.

Arlene Brown

April 05, 2007

Thanks for helping me out on the phone today regarding listing my Boston property as SOLD! Here's a little info - We had our condo on the market starting in April 2006. No luck, no luck, no luck. In late fall our relatives told us we really should have a st. joseph statue and we found you online. So easy and simple - so many great stories on the web site. So we ordered an 8" statue and waited for him to arrive in November of 2006. He was very difficult to bury, as the earth was quite hard, and our choices were limited as most of the condo outdoor space is for parking spaces! But we buried him. In January we got a serious nibble on the house, we started looking for a new home in nashville, and then we sold in February! We waited until the actual closing to go get St. Joe. This proved very difficult. The February temperatures were low, and the ground was frozen solid. We hadn't dug him too deep, and we found his plactic covering, and were able to snap off a piece of his base. We have this peice and it will have a place of honor in our new home. Some may feel we need the whole thing, but we feel the spirit in our little piece. Thanks!!! Laurie

March 28, 2007

My name is Anita and I live in Atwater California. My dad and I started on the road to sell our house last April of 2006. We enlisted an agent and she was with us for 3 months with no results. Then we went to another agent and the same thing happened...nothing for four months. We even dropped our price down by more than $ 20,000. As the holidays rolled around, we decided to take a break and took the house off the market. The last week of December of 2006, we interviewed a couple of agents and decided on one in particular and so we got the house listed again. Shortly afterwards I begin to read about St.Joseph and the success rate of people who used him but I was skeptical. January 2007 came and went and so did February and I begin to think..what if? So on March 11th, 2007 I ordered The St. Joseph Statue Home Sales Kit. When it came I followed the directions and started the waiting game.On March 23rd, I got a call from the agent saying that she had some people who had drove by the house and now they wanted to see it in about an hour and a half.....and they were coming in with cash! Well...when I pulled up into the driveway the people were from around the corner..they were looking for a place for their folks...they asked if they could see the place, I said "sure"....they came in and a few minutes later, they offered me $260,000 but the wife said that she would like her hubby and son to look at the place too. So at the appointed time, the hubby and son and others came over, and spent a long time in the house. Later on that night, the agent called saying that they were going to meet the next day and make an offer!! Next day I got a call from my dad saying that they were offering $250,999 with the stipulations that we remove the hot tub, which is encased in cement, do all needed repairs and that me and my daughter have to be out by the end of May. Well....we said "no" to removing the spa.... too costly, yes to repairs, but I needed a 90 day escrow, and dad asked for $265,0000 in the counter. Just a few minutes ago, my dad called and said the people agreed to all and we are officially SOLD!!!!! YES YES YES!!! Amazing!!! I will forever be in gratitude to this wonderful St. and he is, as promised, on my mantelpiece in his place of glory!

Atwater, CA

March 12, 2007

Just wanted to pass along our St. Joseph story. I ordered a statue just prior to us putting our house on the market in late August, early September (2006). At the time we did this, there were 93 properties for sale in our town and only 4 were under agreement. We buried the statue just below the For Sale sign and carefully followed the instructions. We said a prayer not only for the sale of our current home, but for prosperity in the new one. Weeks after we listed, the real estate office burned to the ground! (along with a lot of our paperwork). This was not looking good. When the housing slump really hit, we said it would be a "miracle" if we sold our house. We didn't even get our first showing until the week between Christmas and New Years. Then after the first of the year, things really picked up. During the last week in February, we were averaging a showing a day. Finally two weeks ago, we got the offer we'd been waiting for. Our town now has 116 properties for sale. All I know is OURS is under agreement! What's more is the timing couldn't be any better. My wife is a school teacher and was on vacation the week we got the offer. We would not have had the time to do all of the negotiating and tend to the details if the offer came at any other time. We're closing and moving to the new house at the end of April (her next school vacation). Perfect! We really put sincere religious faith forward when we asked for assistance in this process, and I believe it worked. It took some time (and there were days that we were certainly ready to give up) but it did work. Now, I just have to remember to follow through with the tradition (digging up and bringing St. Joseph with us) and displaying him in a prominent place inside the new home. Thanks so much.

John & Georgianna
Weare, NH

March 12, 2007

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to pass along our St. Joseph story. I ordered a statue just prior to us putting our house on the market in late August, early September (2006). At the time we did this, there were 93 properties for sale in our town and only 4 were under agreement. We buried the statue just below the For Sale sign and carefully followed the instructions. We said a prayer not only for the sale of our current home, but for prosperity in the new one. Weeks after we listed, the real estate office burned to the ground! (along with a lot of our paperwork). This was not looking good. When the housing slump really hit, we said it would be a "miracle" if we sold our house. We didn't even get our first showing until the week between Christmas and New Years. Then after the first of the year, things really picked up. During the last week in February, we were averaging a showing a day. Finally two weeks ago, we got the offer we'd been waiting for. Our town now has 116 properties for sale. All I know is OURS is under agreement! What's more is the timing couldn't be any better. My wife is a school teacher and was on vacation the week we got the offer. We would not have had the time to do all of the negotiating and tend to the details if the offer came at any other time. We're closing and moving to the new house at the end of April (her next school vacation). Perfect! We really put sincere religious faith forward when we asked for assistance in this process, and I believe it worked. It took some time (and there were days that we were certainly ready to give up) but it did work. Now, I just have to remember to follow through with the tradition (digging up and bringing St. Joseph with us) and displaying him in a prominent place inside the new home. Thanks so much.

John & Georgianna
Weare, NH

January 31, 2007

I buried St. Joseph on Monday, after coming home from work. My husband and I went outside, buried St. Joseph and said our prayers.

THAT Saturday we received 2 offers !!! We sold our house to one of the two.

We were amazed but are definite believers..............

Laraine Tyska

January 31, 2007

Yes, we've had a awesome experience with St. Joseph's intervention in selling our home. It's been on the market since last May. Job relocation.

December 31, 2006 we attended my husband's hometown church - St. Mary's Catholic Church, Abbott TX. The sermon was centered around St. Joseph. I had been told during a holiday Christmas party that we should bury St. Joseph in our front yard. I thought about getting the statue, but never did. After the sermon on New Year's Eve, my husband and I both began praying to St. Joseph to intervene and sell our house.

January 1, 2007, I was at the house doing bi-weekly cleaning that afternoon. Just as I finished, a couple drove up to see the house. They made an offer 7 days later. We are set to close March 15, 2007. My husband and I have prayed to St. Joseph every day since December 31, 2006. I purchased a St. Joseph statue through your company and will bury it in the front yard next weekend. I believe without doubt St. Joseph intervened and found us a couple who have fallen in love with the house.

Shelly Sinkule

January 03, 2007

Just wanted to tell you that within 10 days of placing St. Joseph on our property we received an offer, then a contract and we SOLD !! We believe !!!!

Nick Stone

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