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Believer Letters from 2006

December 21, 2006

We had been trying for 2 years to sell our small farm by ourselves, quite a few people made appointments and they liked what they saw, but no firm bites. So our neighbor saw the 60 minute portion about the St. Joseph Statue and told us. Well, we sent for the St. Joseph statue and it had come but we hadn't buried him yet... he was sitting on our table... To our suprise a man called and we showed the house on a Wednesday and the man liked it, he said he would be back possibly on Friday and bring his wife to take another look. Well she came and walked thru and turned to him and said "Honey I feel like I'm home, please write him an earnest money check." Well they did and he was to set things in motion by calling the title company and get an appraisal and inspection. We all agreed this should be done in a 2 week period. Tweleve of the 14 days went by without contact and finally my husband called him, unfortunately the day before they found out his wife has cancer of the lymph nodes and they had to back out... We felt so very sorry to hear of her illness and here we had to start all over... but to our surprise, just that next day, a lady pulled into the driveway and said my husands name, she had been there 6 months earlier and unfortunately had decided against our home but tried to purchase another, but for some reason the contingency on the sellers home didn't work out and come to find out, her husband liked our home better than the other home.... Well, the ironic ending is this lady use to be a nun in the St, Joseph order and it was St. Joseph in our home, that I believe, led this wonderful couple to us and their new home!! Thank you.. we believe!!!!!


December 13, 2006

Well I was the believer!!! I just knew St Joseph would work. It took 2 months, but the market in our area is down right now. We feel so blessed....and the buyers are paying cash.


December 07, 2006

I had been traveling 200 miles to work for a new assignment for about 9 months when we decided to list our house and relocate. We listed our home in September of 2005. That week the housing market in NJ crashed. We had one offer but the buyers were not serious and backed out soon there after. The housing market was dropping and deals for houses were getting very competitive. We even changed realtors after 5 months into our listing to try something different as well as a few price changes to no avail. As the seasons changed 3 times, things were looking bleak and the months were adding up. After 10 months of disappointment and thoughts of finding work closer to home and abandoning the sale, my mother purchased the Statue as a gift for us. About a week after receiving the gift I followed the instructions and buried St. Joseph with my daughter. In less than 24 hours we had an appointment for the house, a showing and an offer in 48hrs. Despite numerous challenges that might have made other deals break we prevailed and the house sold on the scheduled closing date. St. Joseph is now proudly displayed in our new home on the mantle for all to see.

We believe!

The Quinns
South Eastern, Pa

December 01, 2006

True story...I buried St. Joseph, said the prayer and the next day I received an offer. Amazing.

Thank you,


November 27, 2006

We are true believers. Our son told us about this statue and we ordered one. We had had our home on the market for 5 months to no avail. We received our St. Joseph status, followed the instructions by burying him, saying a prayer everyday, and one week from the time we buried him we sold our home. He now sits on our mantel in our new home. Thank you so much for this honored tradition.

Ike & Roseanna Murrah

November 27, 2006

I certainly do not know why this works, (upside down!?) but I am now a believer. St. Joseph did the job. He is the best real estate agent ever!


November 17, 2006

After carefully following your St. Joseph's instructions, the phone started to ring with earnest interest in just three hours. Willing buyers wrote an offer on our property soon after. Even though the property was under contract there still was great interest in the house


October 28, 2006

Just wanted to let you know that after having our home on the market for nearly two months, we buried Saint Joseph last weekend and had an offer within four days. We are due to close on December 14 and could not be happier.

Waikoloa, Hawaii

September 25, 2006

We had a contract on our home. It was contingent on the buyers selling their home. They had to sell by October 1st or the contract was void. Everyone...including the buyers...had given up hope. It was already the 23rd of September and they had only had one person look at their home weeks earlier. On the 23rd of September we went out and buried St. Joseph according to the instructions and said our prayer. That was at approx. 10:30AM. At approx.12:30AM (the same day) the buyers of our home received an offer for their home and by 5:00PM the same day had signed all papers. Their buyers have no contingencies and they are now cleared to buy our home. All they have asked is that we extend our closing date to the 20th so their house can go through closing. We were amazed how quickly St. Joseph made this possible. How cool is that!!!!! Thanks so much for making him available and everyone selling a home should know of this. Have a great


September 23, 2006

Thank you St. Joseph! Our house went on the market August 7th. Had a few showings, but no luck. Ordered the statue a week or two later, buried him as instructed, said my prayers, and then no showings, no nothing for over 2 weeks! All of a sudden this weekend, we had 3 showings in 1 day which resulted in 2 offers the same evening! The market has really slowed in our area (our last home sold in 12 hours) and we were getting a little concerned that no one was looking and then THIS! I'm convinced although I had faith all along anyway. When time comes, we will unearth St. Joseph, transport and display him in our new him across county.

Thank you,


September 19, 2006

We ordered the St. Joseph kit and followed the instructions by burying it in our front yard. After 60 days of our home being on the market, our house sold and we close on our new home next week. We are believing Christians and here to tell you that prayer and devotion does help! Thank you St. Joseph and the supporters of this website for assisting believers in selling their homes!!

God Bless

MKG Family

August 22, 2006

We would like to thank your company for offering the St. Joseph statue because it worked for us.

We put our house for sale on May 15, 2006. After 4 weeks and only three showings, we purchased our St. Joseph statue and received it on June 16, 2006, and buried him, following the directions, that same day. Four days later, we got an offer on the house and closed on July 27, 2006.

Believe us when we tell you that our Realtor was very surprised that we sold our home so fast with over 150 homes for sale in our neighborhood. When we told our Realtor about the St. Joseph Statue, he smiled and said, "Well it worked!" We are very happy and grateful that everything went smoothly and will be moving into our new home on August 26, 2006, and our St. Joseph Statue is coming with us!!

We would like to say that we also prepared our home to sell and used St. Joseph along with many prayers. We give praises first to God and then to St. Joseph.

Thank you again!

Willie & Patricia
Cleveland, Ohio

August 18, 2006

We listed our house and received the St Joesph Statue After burying the statue our realtor showed the house and an offer was made within 24 hours. We signed the papers 2 days later. We had had the house on the market 4 months with no offers.


August 16, 2006

I just wanted to write to let you know that we ordered the St. Joseph Statue after not having one showing of our home. We buried the statue on July 3rd and on August 4th we had a buyer. We are closing on 8/24/06. It made a believer out of me. Once our new home is built we will display the St. Joseph Statue proudly on our fireplace mantel to bless our new home. Thank you for everything.

Dawn and David Jarrett

August 15, 2006

I just wanted to share with everyone our incredible story. I met a girl that I had been in love with at our 30th High school reunion. I lived in Washinton and she lived in Sacramento Ca. The reunion was in Ca. Long story short, 3 months later we were together in Ca., I brought my 2 children with me,and she had 2 herself. A wedding due in July,1 year later after meeting, we decided to buy a new house to fit us all. We couldn't sell the house on our own,although we tried,so we got an agent. 2 months we sat on this house with the other soon to close. Frightened to have 2 mortgages and a new marriage and the stress of having an out of state wedding, I was suggested to get a st. joseph statue by my realtor who was also Catholic. We did so, and Susan and I went to the back of the house and buried the statue and said the prayer. Susan is not Catholic but has been near it all her life and I am devout. As we said the prayer, I noticed that her prayer to St. Joseph was spirit filled and was taken back by this. 2 days later we got an offer, the only offer and took it. It closed 2 weeks later and we are in our new house. Trust me when I say that I'm leaving alot of details out of this whole story to save you all excess reading. One thing though, my wife is now preparing to be baptized soon and I am the happiest man in the world. Thank you God,Jesus, the Holy Spirit,and thank you St.Joseph!

Best wishes,

Rick Faiola

August 11, 2006

I purchased my St. Joseph kit before we had actually put our home on the market. I had our priest bless our St. Joseph statue before burying him. Our house went on the market the first of May. On May 29, I was in the driveway cleaning out my car when a family drove by, saw the sign, stopped and asked about the house. I invited them in, they spent three hours looking. By the end of the week, we had a firm offer. The buyers were having some financing problems, but I kept praying to St. Joseph to help them. On August 9, we closed. We now have St. Joseph in a display by our front door.

Wayne and Maggie
Urbana, IL

July 30, 2006

We had purchased the St. Joseph statue, buried and said the prayer on a Sunday on Monday a realtor called to make an appt for Tues. They came again on Thurs and put made an offer on Saturday. We closed on 6/2/06. Thank you Dear St. Joseph.

Joe & Laurie Giannone

July 26, 2006

I truly believe that St. Joseph helped sell my home. One day after I buried him next to my sign, I received an offer. That offer and the one a few days later did not work out, but by July 6th I had a firm offer and my house closed on July 24th. When I went to dig him up it was as though he was ready and waiting for me because he had moved up close to the surface. At the very least, I felt that he helped keep good energy around my house and protected it.

Thank you for making it possible for everyone to have this sort of blessing at a time that can be very stressful.


July 21, 2006

Our home had been on the market since December 2005. Initially there were a few interested buyers, but also a lot of "lookers". We had one very low offer which we turned down. The housing market in Florida is really flat at the moment and has been that way since October 2005. We were getting desperate.

Eventually one of our neighbors told us about the St. Joseph Home Listing, and we decided to list our home with you on June 13th,2006. In the meantime our neighbor had found their statue, so we ended up with two. We buried one in the front garden facing the road, the other in the back garden facing east. We said our prayers and hoped & prayed for the best. Within three days we had an acceptable offer, a cash sale and the buyers wanted the property on the actual day we were planning to move.

Needless to say the St. Joseph(s) will have pride of place in our new home.

Brian Letten
Beverly Hills, FL

July 11, 2006

The housing market has been very slow in this area. Lots of houses for sale but not many buyers. When we first put our house up for sale on May 1st we had a lot of showings but then all of a sudden the showings stopped and we had nothing for a couple of weeks. I found the website and I purchased a statue. I buried him and we said our prayers. Right after I buried him the showings started up again and in three weeks we have sold our house! I am a believer! I told my real estate agents about it and had them check out this website! Thank you St. Joseph....he will definitely be displayed in my new home!


July 08, 2006

I am so excitied!! I did not want to email you until after the closing of our house. We buried the St. Joseph's statue on April 1st, then we started to have 3-4 couples looking at our home every week as before we were getting an average of 0-1 couples per week. We recieved an offer on May 23rd and we closed on June 27th. Now we have moved into an apartment waiting to hear from a builder to build our new home. I knew that using St. Joseph Statue would work because another person had bought a statue and sold her house in two weeks. We had bought a lot, but in order to purchase the lot we had to pick out a house plan and agree to let Andover Homes build our house, well in the meantime the builder for Andover had quit, now we are in an apartment until another builder is found. The St. Joseph Statue WORKED!!!! Thanks,

Jenny O'Brien

July 04, 2006

I have not been a religious person for most of my life but in desperation to sell our home I purchased a St. Joseph statue and buried it as directed. The house was new construction but only about 75% finished when we ran out of money due to a series of problems, including contractor fraud and embezzlement We knew it would be difficult to sell in its unfinished condition, and it was. It sat there for months. We had 1 ridiculously low offer. However, within a week of burying the St. Joseph statue in front of the house we had an offer to purchase "as is" and got the price that we wanted. We closed in 3 weeks. It astounded me! I now have "St. Joe," as I call him, on my desk and I thank him daily for his help.

L. Fisher

June 29, 2006

Thank you St. Joseph. My experience with buying this statue was incredible. I listed my home on for sale by owner with no luck. Then listed it with a real estate agent, still no offers. I heard about St. Joseph and how he performs miracles. I ordered the statue online and the next day we had an offer, went to contract and are now waiting for the closing we should be moving in another week or so. I would suggest and have suggested all people not able to sell there house should invest in this. IT WORKS!


June 29, 2006

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know our house has sold. I received your St. Joseph kit a month ago and our buyer finally came through. Do to the slow housing market right now it did take divine intervention to help us out and the St Joseph kit worked for us. I also said the prayer that was included in the kit nightly to help our situation further. It works but you must have faith and believe in yourself. Thank you again, he will now sit in honor in our new home.

Mission Viejo, California

June 28, 2006

Thank You, Saint Joseph! My husband and I buried our St. Joseph statue and in just a week, we had a cash offer on our house and closed the sale in two weeks. This was the first house in two years to sell on our street. I have just sent my sister a kit; she has been trying to sell a house for three years. I will give testimonial for her once St. Joseph helps her.


June 21, 2006

We have had our home on the market for over a year. We decided to give the St. Joseph statue a try (couldn't hurt, right?). The day I ordered it, we got a call for a showing! It hadn't even arrived yet and it was already working!

Its been buried for about a month and a half and we got an offer! And at a reasonable price!!! We are closing next week, and you can bet that St. Joseph will be coming with us!

Mat Nicholson

June 15, 2006

Our house has been on the markert for sale for the past five months with no offers,just a lot of lookers. On Friday May26th I buried my St.Joseph Statue as per the instructions and said a prayer .On Friday June 9th I received my first offer which was close to my asking price,and we accepted the offer the next day.My wife and I are true believers in the St.Joseph Statue.. Thank you,

Phil & Ruhsar
Ft.Walton Bch, Florida

May 23, 2006

I just wanted to share my success story. I purchased the statue on 4/21 after my home had been on the market for seven months without even an offer. I buried the statue on 4/27 and said a prayer. On 5/17, less than one month after purchasing the statue, I accepted a CASH offer for my house and will be closing on 6/1.

What can I say, it really does work! I can't wait to dig the statue up and bring him home!


May 19, 2006

We need to share this with everyone. We have been trying to sell our house by owner since October 2005. We had several showings & one offer which didnt go thru. So late February 2006 we decided to go thru realtor which is by Remax team 2000. We need it help to sell the house fast since we had signed a contract for a new house. But we still had no offers. Some people that i didnt even know have told me to get ST.JOSEPH statue that it really works after you bury him in the ground. Me & my husband are both Catholic so of course i ordered ST. Joseph statue & i received it exactly on 03/23/2006. Couple days later i took the statue with me on Sunday to Church to have it blessed by a priest. Later in the late afternoon i have buried ST.Joseph in the ground face down facing the street next to the for sale sign. My husband made a joke like " dont be suprised if we sell the house right away". After about half hour after i buried St.Joseph me & my husband were eating dinner when someone rang the door bell. We were suprised to see a couple with a realtor asking us if they can see our house. We agreed of course. After they were done looking at ther house we were told that we have a very lovely house. The very next day our agent has called me with on offer. The offer was little too low so we gave them the last price & the buyers still agreed to the offer & couple days later the contract was signed. Now i am happy to say that we are closing May 26th,2006 on Friday. I just want to say Thank You ST.Joseph & big thank you to God who has made this possible. I must also say "with God all things are possible". St. joseph has been my friend ever since. Amen.

Chicago IL

May 18, 2006

We ordered the St. Joseph statue after a realtor in a home we were viewing suggested we try the ritual to sell my boyfriend’s home. He lives in a very small town and had an old farm house home he was trying to sell. Our realtor told us that for every buyer there are 6.5 houses available right now; therefore the odds of my boyfriend selling his little house seemed rather grim.

We ordered the statue and buried it on the weekend, and just as we were covering up the dirt over the statue, a neighbor and his friend came walking towards us and the friend said “I’m the guy who is going to buy your house!” We were stunned. When we got inside, we had a message on our answering machine and it was my boyfriend’s realtor saying there was a guy who had looked at the house a week before and wanted to come in a make an offer on it! My boyfriend closes next week!

We really feel St. Joseph made this happen for us and can’t wait to dig up the statue and put it in our new home!

Jean & Jim

April 19, 2006

I am a true Believer in the St. Joseph (Saint of Real Estate). I purchased my statue in Jan. 2006 and after my home being on the market 1 day ( yes, 1 day ) it SOLD.......Thank you...


April 14, 2006

The day we received St Joseph in the mail we received a phone call from a couple that wanted to see the house. We buried the statue before they came to see the house. We had a contract that day. We closed 30 days later.

April 13, 2006


I wanted to let you know my success story. A little bit of background is that my house was burglarized in mid October 05' and it was the last thing I need to convince me to move. It was a newly built house in a questionable neighborhood. I loved the house but through four years of living in the area I needed to move on.

I had heard about the St Joseph Statue helping with home sales and did a google search to find your web site. I bought the St Joseph statue last November and was planning on listing my house for sale. The earliest I could list it would be early January 06' since my front door needed repair as it had been badly damaged by the burglars.and the company hired by the insurance company could not replace the door any sooner than late December. I hired some realtors to get the sale rolling. The realtors were not impressed with the area and said I was given bad advice from a previous realtor to have bought a new house in a bad neighborhood. They figured it would be a difficult sale.

I buried the St Joseph statue according to the instructions in early December before the for sale sign was up since I wanted to make sure it was in the ground before it froze. The house was listed on the second Tuesday in January and that weekend I had one person who looked at the place twice. The next Friday they faxed over a purchase agreement which I countered and the next day it was a done deal. The realtors thought it was a miracle that it sold so fast since they see houses in bad locations that just sit for long periods of time. I was relieved to have found a good buyer and ready to move on and put this all behind me.

On closing date I dug up the ST Joseph statue and now have it placed on the mantle of the fireplace in my new home. St Joseph came through for me. Incidentally when I purchased the St Joseph statue they had accidentally sent me two statues. I gave the second statue to my sister who had been trying to sell her house for a long time. It turns house she sold her house a very short period of time after burying the statue. "The Underground Real Estate Agent" works wonders.

St Paul, MN

April 03, 2006

We bought a St. Joseph from your site and we are skeptical catholics to say the least (raised catholic but we don't practice it like we should) anyway... We buried st. joseph, said the prayer and 7 days later we had 3 offers come in all on the same day - granted we had just hired a new realtor who had us do some extra cosmetic improvements to the house but it had been on the market for 4 months with tons of traffic and 0 offers so... Whether it was the new realtor or st. joseph we'll never know but I can assure you we are putting him in a place of honor in our new home!!! P.s. You may want to add a note in the directions to mark where you bury him because we don't remember exactly where he is and I'm not looking forward to digging a bunch of holes to find him - we will eventually find him but it's just a suggestion.

:) thanks to St. Joseph and have a great day!

Tricia & Brian
Austin, TX

March 16, 2006

Hi - I just thought I would share our success story with you. Due to a job promotion for my husband we are relocating to another state. The company does not help us with the sale of our home, though, so we are on our own with that. Faced with my husband reporting for work in a little less than 4 weeks, we knew we would need all the help we could get. I am not Catholic but my husband is, so he has heard all about St. Joseph. Our house officially went on the market around noon on Saturday 2/18. We had a couple of showings that following week. St. Joseph arrived in the mail on Friday 2/24 and we promptly buried him as instructed. On Saturday we had three showings and on Sunday we had two. We learned Sunday night 2/26 that the last folks were interested. They made us an offer on Tuesday 2/27. Wow!! We are now set to close on 4/13 and looking forward to our move. St. Joseph will have a place of honor in our new kitchen. I may not be a Catholic but St. Joseph has made a believer out of me and strengthened my husband's beliefs. Many thanks to you and to St. Joseph!!

Kara Pacholski
Aurora, IL

March 10, 2006

Our home was for sale by owner beginning January 8, 2006. We had several showings but no offers. I was talking with my brother-in-law one day and he told me to bury a St. Joseph Statue in our yard to help sell the home. He didn't know any details so I looked it up on the net and found YOU! I ordered it immediately and received it in the mail on February 8, 2006. I buried him the day I got him in the mail as the directions said and prayed everyday to St. Joseph including saying an 8 day novena. March 8, 2006 we got a call that someone wanted to see our home that afternoon. The couple came and loved our home but no offer was made. The next day, she called and asked if she could bring her son to see our home. Today, March 10, 2006, they came, made an offer, we counter offered, they accepted. So it was only one month to the day that we found a new owner. Of course, we must wait for the closing to take place but the prospective owners told us that we can stay in our home until our new home is finished being built which will be in June, 2006. Without a doubt, I really feel that St. Joseph along with our faith in him, played a BIG part in selling our home. I'm anxious to remove him from the ground, give him a big kiss and place him in a special place in our new home. Thanks to Rich, my brother-in-law, for introducing me to this special act but a special thanks is given to St. Joseph along with his wife, Mary (I prayed to her also)!

Chuck and Sandra Scholl
Advance, NC

March 01, 2006

...I am writing to tell you my house sold after two incomplete closings, and other problems with the neighborhood. Thanks to God with his helper St Joseph also helping

Mary Anne
Lake Wales, Florida

March 01, 2006

After about 9 months of having our home on the market and two failed contracts, our realtor finally mentions that maybe it's time to get St. Joseph involved. My wife and I had never heard of the tradition, but figured there was nothing to lose. We ordered the kit and the rest is the complete, unbelievable truth! The day we received St. Joseph, we promptly buried him next to the sign as the directions indicate. We said the prayer and kept our attitude fun-loving, but respectful. That same day (Wednesday), a well-known realtor was interviewing with a neighbor who also had their house on the market and the next day (Thursday), she brought by a couple that fell in love completely with our home. We heard on Friday that they were going to make an offer the following Monday. They did and everything worked out perfectly from there. I just got back a little bit ago from the title company with my check! It's too late to go and get St. Joseph tonight, but I'll get him out first thing in the morning and we are ready to have him in our new, lovely home. I told my neighbor about it, so maybe he can use the underground agent too! Thanks so much for the information about a fun (and functional) tradition.

Ron & Carolyn

February 11, 2006

We have just closed on a property that we purchased for my mother. Although we did this with loving intent, my mother decided to move back to the east coast and we were left with selling a mobile home in a senior community. The mobile home market is much different that the housing market here in CA. We thought we would be holing this property for a long time but a friend suggested we check out your website. I did purchase the St. Joseph Statue and followed all directions and prayed, alot. 3 moths later our mobile home sold and we have just closed. We have dug the statue up and now placed St. Joseph in a place of honor in our home. This truly works. Thanks to you and St. Joseph!!

Linda Muggli
Tustin, CA

February 09, 2006

St Joe works again . I had bought and fixed up 4 houses in the past and St Joe came through every time . I hadn’t done it in about 2 years but a friend wanted to give it a try so we did it together. I told him “we have to get a St Joseph statue and bury it” Well our house was on the market for a little while but given the time of year(holidays) was not getting much action at all . Kept on praying and the first couple to see it in the new year put in an offer. The power of prayer never fails. It always helps to talk to St Josephs wife also . thanks so much

Guy Korner
Bethlehem, PA

February 08, 2006

I had to write to thank you for this wonderful web site. Being a Realtor for 20 years in New Jersey, I know the market here is very seasonal most homes sell between March -October. I had a Townhome with 3 offers in August but the owners declined them all because they could not find a home to buy.So we took the Townhome off the market & continue our search for a new home & in October we found one. I placed the townhome back on the market while the sellers where in contract to buy their new home. Both the sellers & myself were getting nervous at the thought of them paying two mortgages.So I searched the internet to find out where to buy a St Joseph Statue & I found your site. I ordered 5 statues and gave one to my sellers which they buried near the front door. A week later we received a full price offer with a 60 day closing. The sale was trouble free which is very unusal these days.The sellers are happy in their new home & closed on the Townhome last week. THANK YOU ST JOSEPH for prayers answered. I just ordered 20 Statues to give to my sellers.

Barbara Conti
New Jersey

Century 21 Action Plus Realty

February 01, 2006

... As soon as I buried the St. Joseph statue, we started getting calls and we had a contract within a week. Thanks for everything.

Ann Livaudais

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