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Believer Letters from 2005

November 30, 2005

I want to share my answered prayer. I listed my house for sale on 11/19/05. My best friend (whom I have always referred to as my Angel Friend) sent me a St. Joseph statue as a gift and said, "I hope and will pray this helps your house to sell so you can spend Christmas with your son and grandson in Florida". On Saturday, 11/19/05, I had left the house for a showing. On my return I retrieved my mail from my mailbox and there was the statue. The mail was delivered while the couple was looking at the house. The next morning, Sunday 11/20/05, I went out and followed the instructions to bury the statue as instructed. About an hour later my real estate agent called me and said she had received an offer on my house from the couple that had looked at the house the day before. That was the day the statue was in my mailbox while they were looking at my house!!! Everything has been absolutely perfect, no glitches, and another blessing is they offered $3,000 more than I had the house listed for. We close on December 20th. As my friend had prayed for me...... I WILL be spending Christmas with my son and grandson in Florida!! I truly believe the St. Joseph statue blessed my home and answered our prayers. I will wait until the day of closing (on the 20th) to dig up the statue and will proudly display my St. Joseph statue in my new home.

Watauga, Texas

November 21, 2005

Thanks very much for helping us to sell our NJ home. Soon after properly placing our St Joseph, we had renewed interest and today are busy cleaning up for a closing early next year. We will carry our St Joseph along as a regular member of our family.

Bob Tonnesen

November 21, 2005

We are a true believer in the St. Joseph statue! We buried the St. Joseph statue on friday night at 9:00 pm and the next day at 4:00 pm we received an offer on our house. It wasn't even 24 hrs and we sold our house!

Thank you St. Joseph!

Deborah and Erik

November 08, 2005

I am writing with the hopes this will convince other people that this really works. My house has been on the market for four weeks with several showings but no offers and time was running out because I had already purchased another place and did not want two mortgages. I ordered the St. Joseph kit last week and buried the statue on Saturday. On Sunday there was a showing ( 24 hours later ) and they put in an offer that same day!!! On Monday the contract was signed (48 hours later) and everything has worked out perfectly. The buyer has no contingency's and wants to close on the same day I am closing on my new purchase. Absolutely incredible!!!! I am now a firm believer that this works and I have recommended your site to one of my friends who is having a hard time selling her home. WOW!!!


November 07, 2005

I tried to update our listing, without success. We closed on our home on Wednesday, November 2, 2005! We are truly believers. Thank you for your interest and kind prayers.

God Bless,

Chris and Lisa

November 04, 2005

Our house had been for sale for four years. Two weeks ago some friends brought a St. Joseph Statue to us that they had ordered from you. They told us the tradition of burying the status in the yard and they had even brought a shovel with them so we could bury him that night. With our flashlights, we went into the yard and followed all of the directions and prayed the blessing. When my friend left we had set up a time to go out to eat the next weekend and she said confidently, "We'll see you next week as we celebrate your birthday and the sale of your house!"

The next day, Saturday, we had someone look at our house and on Monday, while we were out of town on vacation we got a call with a good offer. We accepted the offer and now have a signed contract. We expect to close on December 16, but St. Joseph is staying right there in the ground until after our closing. St. Joseph and the Lord did provide for us! We also have some land for sale that's been on the market for over three years so we are ordering another statue to speed that sale right along!

Penny C.

October 21, 2005

Our house had been on the market 5 1/2 months in a very slow buyer's market, and we had received only one very low offer which we declined. I learned about the practice of burying a St. Joseph statue while surfing the net and decided to give it a try. I ordered the kit online and it was delivered mid-day last Saturday and left on my front porch. I wasn't home due to a scheduled showing of the house on Saturday afternoon. I buried the statue late Saturday afternoon and on Monday, we received an offer from the couple who viewed the house on Saturday afternoon. Today is Friday and we are in the process of signing the contract after the buyers decided to accept our counteroffer for more money!

This is truly a blessing given the fact that we are moving out of state and were facing the prospect of two house notes. Needless to say, I will be digging up St. Joseph after we close and he will have a place of honor in our new home!

Keith & Kathy

October 15, 2005

My property finally sold. We got a contract on it on 9/16/05, one year after listing. We buried St. Joseph in June. So it took him about three months, but after nine months of nothing, we were happy with that. When my father went back to get him from our yard, he was gone. My father dug up many tulip bulbs, but no St. Joseph. I guess he had other places to go to. We won't sell another house without him. But we don't plan to sell any houses any time soon. Thanks for your help.

Name Withheld On Request

September 27, 2005

Six weeks after patetioning St Joseph, a couple flew out from California, fell in love with the house and made an offer. Price was what we anticipated and sale closes Thursday!

Name Withheld On Request

September 08, 2005

Our house had been on the market for 18 months. St Joseph's was purchased and placed approx 6 months ago. We were to take our house off the market on Aug 15th. We got an offer and eneded up closing on Sept. 7th. It wasto a single man with a girl friend and no kids. Our house is 3400 sq feet.

It was quite unbelievable. I have my St Joseph's in a special place now. Thank you St joseph's

Mark and Debbie

August 19, 2005

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that after I saw your website, I got a St. Joseph statue, and prayed. My home had been on the market for months.... 1 week and 1 day later, we received an offer and we are accepting. St. Joseph was hard at work!!! Thank you!

Lou Berman
VP Business Development

August 13, 2005

I am a Realtor who listed the above mentioned home on July 1st. The ower and I were talking and she stated she has to purchase a Saint Joseph to bury in the yard but was not sure how to position it. I stated not to worry, I will check on the internet. I found your site and ordered 4 for a quick delivery. We received the order in a few days and the owners buried it.

On July 8th, (THE DAY THE OWNERS BURIED IT) a Gentleman came to look at the house. On July 9th we had an Public Open House and the same Gentleman came back with his wife. THAT SAME DAY I RECEIVED AN OFFER, A WEEK LATER CONTRACTS WERE SIGNED, AND WE ARE JUST AWAITING THE CLOSING DATE WHICH IS SCHEDULED FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 19TH, 2005.

I am glad I purchased 4, because I will use St. Joseph again and again. Thanks, and Thanks to SAINT JOSEPH. God Bless!!!!

Maureen Richardson

July 22, 2005

You have so many letters but I still feel compelled to write. I put my For Sale By Owner sign up yesterday morning and buried St. Joseph, as instructed, beneath the sign. Within an hour, I received a phone call. A lady and her husband came and looked at the house this morning and wanted to take a second look with additional family members this afternoon. They brought a completed contract for me to sign and actually gave me $400 more than I asked.

God is so very good to us and I thank him for his Saints....special thanks to St. Joseph!

May your company continue to prosper.


July 21, 2005

First of all, thank you for this website. It gave me a lot of faith while I was selling my house. Let me tell you my story: We put our house on the market in January. After three months without a nibble, we fired our realtor, took the house off the market, and put some time and money into making improvements. At the same time we re-listed it in May, we ordered a St. Joseph statue. We buried it next to the "For Sale" sign and said a prayer over it. I also began a novena. Now, the interesting thing about the St. Joseph novena is that it centers not just on having your prayers answered, but also on being content and accepting God's will in your life. Our house still wasn't selling, and we decided that maybe God's will was that we stay in this house and be happy there. So, even though the house remained on the market, I started focusing on projects (like restoring the hardwood floors) that would make our little house feel like home.

On July 11 I got an e-mail from the website asking me to update or renew our listing. I was pondering whether to renew or simply to delete it, since we planned to stay. The very next day we got an offer on the house. We are now waiting to close, at which time St. Joseph will accompany us to the beautfiul home we are buying. Even though I didn't get a magical, fast sale from St. Joseph, I still believe he was watching over us and listening to our prayers. His message to us was one of patience, faith, and acceptance, and when we truly had those in our hearts, we were able to achieve the outcome we desired.

Thanks again, and blessings to all who are trying to sell their homes!

Terry Donia
Farmers Branch, Texas

July 08, 2005

We tried selling our home "By Owner" for 6 weeks with no luck. We listed it with an agent and went another 4 weeks with no luck. I bought the St. Joseph Statue and buried it in the flower-box on our front door-step. After about 2 weeks; we received a full-price offer on our home. I believe we would have sold it sooner if I had buried the statue 6 inches from the Sale Sign like the directions stated. Atleast I remembered to bury him upside down with his feet facing heaven and his front facing the Sale-Sign and street area.

This is an amazing concept and I do believe it works. I plan to dig him up AFTER our closing and put him on display in a pretty shadow-box in our new home where we will forever pay him homage and respect. Thank heaven for this special little Saint!

Annie Prenni
Kansas City, MO

June 30, 2005

To EVERYONE it works cant tell you how but just have to say,my new baby came home from the hospital (my first baby at 43) and all I knew was the business [a bar] was running slow. I just wanted out and get my baby and new place to live, so I reluctantly on my wifes advice to buy the statue, in Hours my bussiness has been the busiest its been in 5 yrs the next week had a buyer we are closing in the next few weeks....WOW....And i got my haggling,,,,,,I won't touch the statue till the closing day....

Johhny C.

June 27, 2005

I just wanted to add my testimony to the hundreds of others you have received. My house was For Sale By Owner for 5 weeks. I had reached a point where I hadn't shown it for two weeks. I am relocating the beginning of August and was starting to get nervous. My new boss told me his grandmother always said to bury a statue of St. Joseph in your garden and your house would sell faster.

I received your statue on Thursday, buried it at 10:00 am Friday morning, had an offer on it Saturday night at 7:00 and had earnest money and was signing a [contract] by 3:00 Monday afternoon.

I will give St. Joseph a place of honor in my next home. He deserves it!!!


May 25, 2005

Dear Believer- I would just like to let you all know that I buired my St Joseph 3 weeks ago and our house is already in the process of being bought! With no realitor involved!! We are true believers. Thank you.

Kali McCauley
Pensacola, FL

May 17, 2005

want to share my good luck with everyone. My husband and I were attempting to sell our house by our selves but kept getting buyers who loved it but could not afford it. Then I remembered St. Joseph so I ordered the statue and before we left for Florida in February we said the prayer and put him in the ground. We came back first week in March and 3 day later we had a buyer. We close 5/31 with the help and grace of St Joseph and God. We could not have done it without him and wanted to let everyone know that you must believe.

St. Joseph will have a place of honor in our new home in Florida when we move. Thanks again to the St. Joseph Web site and to all that believe.

Aurora T. Carlucci

April 24, 2005

This is truly a miracle! We managed to sell our house barely three months after burying the St Joseph statue in the garden. A miracle because there are about 20 properties up for sale in the same vicinity and most of them in a much better condition. Furthermore, we got the price we wanted!

Thank you St Joseph.

The Sequerah Family

April 18, 2005

After 6 days the house sold for more than I was asking! St. Joseph is now proudly displayed on a mantel for his honor. Thanks so much please indicate to all believers and skeptics,,, God is still in the miricle business!

Robert Morrill
Federal Way, Washington

April 12, 2005

St Joseph really works! My husband and I are true believers. We used it to sell our house in January 2004, it two weeks to find our buyer. Now we needed to sell our current home only ten months later to move into one that was on contingency of our selling ours. The sellers gave us only 17 days to sell our house. As soon as we listed it we buried St Joseph, even before we got the sign. Within 8 days at our first open house we had an acceptable offer. And this is in a very saturated market that has an average listing time of 60 days. We closed escrow in less than three weeks.

So with some great staging and daily detailed praying to St Joseph we are moving to new home within the week, and both of my sisters -in-law requested for me to get them St. Joseph for their real estate needs.

Thanks to my mom for telling me about St. Joseph

Corona, California

April 05, 2005

My house had been on the market for 6 weeks with out any viewers. My aunt sent me a statue and I had an offer 5 days later. Cool!


March 28, 2005

I do believe in miracles!!!

We are in the process of selling two homes. The one we live in and the one we currently rent out. We really want to sell both, but our main focus is the one we live in because the home we want to move in to is only available to us on the contingency that we sell our home.

So, I buried a statue of St. Joseph on Holy Saturday outside of our home that we live in. Five minutes after I buried him, the phone rang and our realtor for the home we rent called and said we have a buyer!!! Now, of course I went outside and was yelling at the ground that it was the wrong house, but hey, St. Joseph did his job in a round about way!!! Now we are all praying the he does what we intended him to do for us, sell our house on Butter Lane!!

Reading, PA

March 28, 2005

Hello Three years ago I wanted to sell my house. My inlaws told me about St Joseph statue (which had worked for them in their house in Oregon) and loaned me their statue. It was winter though, and the ground was hard. So I just put St Joseph in a plastic bag and stuck him inside the compost bin. Well, we didnít sell the house but we were able to rent it for a good profit for a year.

When we put it back on the market later, we pulled him out of the compost bin and really put him in the ground. The house sold. I promise you this is true, you can ask anyone in my family- we all saw it.

Kathryn Pizzo
Seattle WA

March 21, 2005

Thank you . I always heard the story but I wasnt quite sure how and what to do with the statue I had a statue from my grama that was old and did not want to bury it so I bought one of yours , I found your site and was reading then bought one I burried my grams til yours came

22 hrs from the time I burried the statute I had a buyer wanting to look at the house by the 24th hr a contract by the end of the week they were agreaing to my terms to let us rent back until our new home was done

Thank you and Thank GOD AND St JOESPH AND your company.

Mrs Mott
Fort Myers Fla

March 10, 2005

I had a listing in Vallejo that just wasn't selling so I bought a St. Josephs statue.

I gave it to my clients the day I received it, they buried it that night and we received an offer the next day. We closed escrow 25 days later. WOW!

Patty DuHamel
Coldwell Banker Solano Pacific

March 07, 2005

Hello, Here's our story I thought you might enjoy:

The day after I ordered the St. Joseph statue, we got an offer on our house. So when the statue arrived by mail a few days later, we figured it wasn't necessary to do the ritual of burying St. Joseph. Then, just two weeks before closing, with many boxes packed in preparation for the move, the sale didn't go through. That's when we called on the help of St. Joseph. We buried him that night and said our prayers.

The next day we received an even better offer. So far, the sale is going well and we expect it to go through the end of this month. Thank you St. Joseph Statue!

kathy Schaeffer

March 06, 2005

I hadn't updated our listing as I didn't want to jinx anything ... almost seemed too good to be true. We listed our home in December for $269, against better judgement. (neighboring homes were going for low $280s, but the agent was convinced the lower price would craft a bidding war.) We got two bids below our listing price. A few snarky emails later, we had the agent re-list us at $279. He said in his email that our chance of getting a second round of multiple offers was "absolutely nil at this point." (to be fair to the process, I'll admit that we did install new carpeting when we raised the price, so that did help. )

Buried St. Joseph Sunday January 16th. Open house Saturday the 22nd. Sat down and received two more bids on Sunday the 23rd. Interesting in that the new owners of our home -- they had been struggling to sell their house. And they received *5* offers on Monday the 17th, the day after we buried St. Joseph. So this helped them put in a rock-solid offer to us that week. (But wait, there's more!)

Finally was able to retrieve our hard-working Underground Real Estate Agent this week, Thursday the 3rd of March. Put him up on the top shelf by our front door. In addition to selling and buying ... I am going to yoga teacher college in the LA area for three months and have really struggled mightily to find a nice place to live. Things just keep slipping through my fingers. Quite frustrating. So I taped up a picture of an apartment that had come available, I taped it up on the wall next to St. Joseph. I turned his face towards the picture, and asked for a little extra magic with my college housing quest. Within 60 minutes, my phone rang, voila!, the apartment will be mine. As the kids say these days, St. Joseph is the bomb.

Tracey & James
Seattle WA

March 05, 2005

You have made believers out of us.

5 days after placing St. Joseph in front of our home as the directions stated, we received an offer for full asking special requests, no argument on the price..... no nothing. And since the offer we have had many others wanting us to contact them if this deal falls through. Close of escrow is Tuesday, March 8, and you can be assured we will retrieve St. Joseph and he will get a place of honor in our new home, once it is built.

E & G Dahl
Phoenix, AZ

February 28, 2005

We decided to sell our home in early December and were faced with the fact that right before Christmas was the worst possible time of the year to sell a house. Added to that was the fact that we decided to try to sell the house ourselves. I decided to order our St. Joseph kit about a week after house went on the marked and had only had 2 calls (both walked through).

After I ordered the kit and before it arrived, one of the interested parties called us and asked to walk through the house again. The statue arrived Tuesday and on Wednesday the couple called us and asked if we could sit down and work out contingencies. From that point forward we got several more interested calls and an offer. Because the ground was frozen we weren't able to bury St. Joseph, but kept him in our kitchen and prayed to him often asking him to find us buyers.

We have now moved into our new house and give complete and full credit to the interecession of St. Joseph in this transaction.

Mary McGrath

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