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Believer Letters from 2004

December 16, 2004

As many of your testimonials state - the statue works! My house had been on the market since March and I lost two buyers - one within one week of settlement in May and another within two weeks of settlement in July. I switched real estate agents and my new one tried everything but no bites. I ordered the St. Joseph's statue from you in early October. I received the statue kit in the mail on Tuesday, October 12, and buried it on October 13, and began my prayers!

received my offer on, yes, you guessed it, Thursday, October 14! There were a lot of contingencies on the sale - the buyer needed a zoning variance and he wanted a home inspection so I kept praying. After a few minor delays and some more sleepless nights, we finally closed on December 2nd. I dug up St. Joe the night before and he is now proudly with me in my new home!

Thank you for everything!

Debbie Eshbach

November 19, 2004

Our home was a difficult sale in the current California market - nearly 20 acres in a small mountain community. It required a specific type of individual to purchase that size property and we felt the home would take 6 or more months to sell. We were feeling desparate as we had already put in an offer on a home in Washington and were taking a big financial risk if this home didn't sell. I ordered a St. Joseph Statue on Sunday evening, September 12th, 2004 and began praying to St. Joseph. I received an offer the day after I ordered the statue (I hadn't even received the statue yet) on Monday, September 13th and accepted it. Since that time, our agent has told us that she could have sold the house 4-5 more times. The house had been on the market two months and we had only three people come to look at it before purchasing the St. Joseph Statue.

I pray to St. Joseph every day that the homes we have in escrow continue to progress through the paperwork process and close on time. I pray that our commercial building also sell. I know that these prayers and the St. Joseph statue help. There are many prayers on the internet to St. Joseph and they really express the love that he has for all families. I would recommend to everyone selling a house that they incorporate the power of belief and prayer into that journey.

Tammy B

October 22, 2004

The day we put our house on the market, I ordered a St. Joseph statue. It arrived 7 days later, and that night we buried him under the For Sale By Owner sign, and said the prayer. I was anxious—first time selling a home ourselves, and we had already found a new home and bought it, no contingency.

The very next day we received an offer on the house! It was a low bid, but gradually we reached agreement 2 weeks later, but this time the buyer was nervous about signing the final contract without another walk through that day. I balked because we had gone back and forth several times, and I was tired of disrupting a family of 5 just because the buyer was being so skittish. I requested that he come through that Sunday, when we already had an Open House scheduled. Sunday dawned sunny and warm; the house sparkled. The potential buyer showed up with family and friends in tow, to analyze details on their walk through, so I pulled out the St. Joseph prayer and fervently prayed for a decision. Suddenly, the front door opened and several families walked in all at once—wanting to participate in our open house….the most traffic we’d had! Comments were flying about how nice the house was, and another potential buyer started talking about bidding on our house! A true sign of Divine Intervention happening! The first buyer overheard all this and was suddenly very anxious to sign the final contract!

Today we closed on our house, and are now in the process of moving into our new home. This is the second time we’ve used St. Joseph in the sale of a home, and my family and I are devout believers!

Karen Meador

October 07, 2004

Two weeks to the day I received my St. Joseph statue and placed him in the place of honor underneath the "for sale" sign, I had an offer for almost full price.

I'm so thrilled as the market had really fallen off and I was uncertain as to whether I would sell or not in a timely fashion and for my price. I'm thrilled and will take my statue and place him in an honorary spot in my new home

Judy Collins

October 05, 2004

After months on the market and no solid offers we were starting to give up hope. Several people had mentioned to us that we should bury a St.Joesph statue. We of course thought that will never work, it is just crazy

Finally after six months we decided to give it a try, what did we have to lose anyway. Within two weeks we had a written offer for our asking price and are on our way to closing.

St. Joesph is definitely going with us to be put on a shelf of honor at our new house. Thank you St. Joesph!

David Monroe

October 05, 2004

I am sorry I have not updated the site, but I've had a very busy summer. It took me the entire month of July to actually get my house ready to go on the local market. After I met with my realtor, and she pointed up everything I'd need to accomplish before getting the house on the market (outside paint job, inside paint job, repair microwave, repair freezer, etc. etc. -- a long list!), I began the St. Joseph 30 day novena.

We got the house ready by the end of July, and buried the statue of St. Joseph the day of the realtor open house. Within one week we had a bonafide offer which we accepted!! My realtor told us August is a "dead" month so we should be patient. Also, she told me comments were made about our house being on a "busy street" so it might take a long time. Not only did we get a good offer, the buyers wanted to close in September -- one month later -- apparently unheard of, which suited us fine, as by the time we had sunk so much $$$ into fixing the house up for the sale, we truly needed to make the sale!!

The statue, coupled with the 30 day novena are powerful tools facilitating a successful sale. Patience, perserverance, and above all faith will prevail!!


October 05, 2004

I was planting daffodil and tulip bulbs this past weekend, and I came upon something buried in the flower garden. To my surprise, it was a St. Joseph statue! I heard that if you bury a St. Joseph statue, your house will sell quicker. Well, here's a story from the other side of the fence.

My wife and I bought our first home 5 months ago. The moment we walked into this home, we knew it was meant to be ours. We had a list of planned homes to visit, but this home wasn't on our list. We just saw an open house, didn't really want to go in, but thought...let's give it a shot. There was something pulling us into this house. We absolutely loved it. This house was perfect for us! We just couldn't let this one go. We made an offer the very next week, and we love our new home.

It was no surprise to me that we found this statue which we believe helped us find the new home that was right for us. St. Joseph is now sitting on our windowsill. Thank you St. Joseph!

Andy & Heather Gall
Cedar Rapids, IA

September 28, 2004

Hello to everyone at the St. Joseph Statue homesite. I recently listed my home with you, and updated it to reflect the lower price we were asking. I was feeling a little blue, as our home didn't seem to be generating much interest with a home buyer. I would have written before this, but, I didn't want to jinx anything.....

it seems that exactly 30 days to the day of receiving my statue and following directions promptly, we have a firm offer on our house, the home has passed all inspections, and we are just awaiting word on the buyer's finances being approved, which should happen without a hitch, as they have already been preapproved.

I cannot thank God and Saint Joseph enough! ( And there were also quite a few skeptics waiting to see the results! ) When the house closes, I shall inform you to remove it from the sale listing, and, I shall also be taking St. Joe to a place of honor in our new home!

Becky Bellomo

Thank you all, and especially God, and the "Underground Realtor" !

August 31, 2004

We ordered your statue kit, while it was in the mail (approximately two days later ) our neighbor's sister looked at the house, took some pictures and E Mailed them to her husband. They both returned the next weekend and took a tour, that was on Sunday. We received our kit on Monday, planted St. Jo.(as we fondly refer to him ) that afternoon and recieved an acceptable offer that evening.

We had our house for sale for six months without a realtor, then we listed it in November of 2003. The sale of our house late in July 2004 was not a result of any advertising or realtor listing, ( not that our agent didn't try ) strictly St. Jo. It was approximately 45 days from the night we ordered your kit until escrow closed.

With the equity, we paid off all our bills, made a downpayment on a house in the White Mountains in Arizona and will be retireing there next year.

Doug and Marilyn Lonie
Susanville Ca.

August 22, 2004

I wanted to say thanks for sending our my order so quickly. It really works! It arrived one morning and I buried it right away. That evening we got the offer on our house. It took us only 4 1/2 weeks to sell our home in a market (Atlanta area) that has been a bit sluggish (at least in our neighborhood) We were the last ones to put ours on the market and the first to sell during a 4 month period of time! We were very excited and have relocated to our new home in the Memphis, TN area.

By selling as quickly as we did, we were able to get the new house we wanted here. The St. Joseph statue has a prominent place in our new home!

Thank you so much! You have to believe in it!!!

Karen & Jerry Barnett

August 20, 2004

We put our house on the market May 8, 2004, knowing it had to be sold by Sept. 1. By the end of July we had several people looking, but no serious offers and my agent told me with school starting, August was the slowest time of the year to sell a house. I was talking to a friend, who had her house on the market for a year and never sold it, who told me they gave up and leased their house. That wasn’t an option for us so I was really getting depressed. She also mentioned her real estate professional had told her about the St. Joseph statue and my curiosity was immediately peaked. I asked if she got a statue and performed the ceremony and she just laughed about it.

After that conversation I did a quick Internet search and found your site. My statue arrived on Friday, July 30. My husband and followed the instructions complete with ceremony. Two weeks later on Friday, August 13, we received a contract on our house.

All things considered, it has to be more than coincidence that things worked out the way they did. I’m a believer!

Susan Walker

August 17, 2004

The same day that I put my house on your web site and sent away for the St. Joseph statue, they called to schedule a showing with the people who ended up buying my house!

Terri Quirk

August 09, 2004

I wouldn't have believed it - it sounds like something out of an infomercial! My son and his family had to move from Houston to DesMoines. They put their Houston home up for sale over six months ago and had a total of one offer several months ago.

Because they are moving into their new home this Aug. 12 (and would have had 2 house payments), I sent for a St. Joseph statue several weeks ago and then sent it to their friends in Houston for buriel. The statue was buried last Tuesday, they had an offer on Wednesday, and the closing was on Friday!

Shirley Bossard

July 27, 2004

After 6 months on the market & very little interest, we learned of the St Joseph Statue tradition, found the website, and ordered one that day. We buried it according to the directions and had a showing the very next day. Interest in our property improved, but no contract. We made plans to move despite no sale, and the weeks went by.

About 8 weeks after we received the statue, we received an emergency phone call from my brother concerning my elderly parents in Florida. We dropped all plans of our own, and along with several other family members from all over the country, we converged on Florida, and spent 3 weeks working 12-14 hr. days to get my parents into a wonderful assisted living facility, sort thru 50+ years of 'stuff', sell their house, car, etc. We also went to the SPCA and found the "Purrfect" kitty for my Mom who is mentally ill - the best therapy in the world! My Dad had been resistant to this idea for years, but we convinced him and he has been raving about the idea and "Nutmeg" ever since! When we arrived home after that 3 week marathon, both physically and emotionally exhausted, our realtor nearly met us at the door, with an offer in hand!

We now have a contract and expect to close in about 3 more weeks, giving us just enough time to pack up this house and continue with our original plans. A miracle? You be the judge... but if ever 2 people felt the need for a "helping hand", that last 15-hour day in the car on the way back from Florida was it! We will complete our part of the bargain, and after we close plan to dig St. Joe up and take him with us to our new home!!

Bob & Patsy Schlieter
Fredericksburg, Tx.

PS - Your notice to renew our ad came via email about 4 hours after we learned of the contract! Mark it SOLD!!!

July 27, 2004

Of course my home sold! It had been on the market over three months and not even a bite! After following the instructions in my St. Joseph kit, my home sold within three weeks!

BLT Ready Mix

March 10, 2004

I honestly did not think that it would work but it did!

I received my statue on Wednesday, Feb 25th and unfortunately, we received 2 feet of snow that did not start melting until Saturday. Sunday as I was out in the front yard, planting my St. Joseph, a realtor pulled up and said that she had been trying to contact our agent about a showing the next day. The buyer came buy the next day and saw our place at 3:00 and we had a solid offer by 7:30p.m. We close on March 30th! We have had our house on the market for two years with barely any showings!

Thanks St. Joseph!

Katie Winger

February 25, 2004

hi , you good people from thanks for the warning, but i have good news! we found a buyer and we will settle on the 4th of march. of course i will bring joseph into our new home and give him a good place to rest (this time head up).

actually, after i put him to work we had an offer within a week, but it was to low and the people did not want to negotiate. but about two weeks ago there was the next offer, even lower then the first, but this person new the value of our property and came back with a great offer and we took it.

thanks again.

Hans Griebl

February 25, 2004

I gave my son a St. Joseph kit when he was selling his condo. He sold the codo and I dug up the statutue. Last July my sister died and I inherited the old family home with my two siblings. The house was in terrible condition and I asked my brother to bury St. Joseph.

Shortly after, a buyer contacted us. We had to wait to probate and ultimately the buyer couldn't compete the deal. However we found ourselves bombarded with buyers and have signed a purchase and sale for a cash sale within 30 days.

THANKS ST. JOSEPH. My brother wants to make sure he digs the statutue up after the closing. he is now a believer.

Jane Anderson

February 02, 2004

I just received this notice regarding whether we had sold our house and I am happy to report that I buried St. Joseph in the front yard just before Christmas and had a contract on the house in less than a month.

We closed within two weeks of signing the contract on January 28, 2004. I guess it worked. Before burying St. Joseph we had had our house on the market for six months. I wish I would have buried this guy a long time ago. It sure would have saved me some grief and a lot of trouble.

David Parker

January 26, 2004

We received the saint joseph kit on Dec 22, 2003 and buried it on the 23rd by the for sale sign. Between the 23rd of december and Januaruy 1st we had probably around 10 showings but no offers.

On News Year day we got a call from our realtor and said she had flat tire would we mind showing the house ourselves to a lady from Portland, that she was here for the weekend and wanted to see the house. She was here for about an hour went back to her hotel and was back next day with another realtor as ours would not represent her and us both due to conflict of interest issues. January 2nd that night we received her offer, we countered and she accepted on the 3rd. We have gone back and forth for 2 weeks over the inspection report, but finally last week everything has been resolved and we are now in escrow with a closing date set for 2-20-2004.

After 2 realtors who had absolutely no clue as how to market our house and one who finally did plus the st. joseph kit we are now very anxious to move. I can say absolutely to anyone who is trying to sell a house, invest in the $9.95, it absolutely worked wonders for us, and the statue will have a place of honour in our new house after the closing date, I do'nt want to jeopardize anything at this point in time. By the way our buyer is from Portland, Maine. Anyone who does not believe in the power of the internet, well believe, it works, that is how she found us.

Jim and Maja Jones

Thank you very much

January 23, 2004

The day I received my St. Joseph statue I placed him in the flower bed in front of our house and within 3 weeks our house sold!

I do consider it quite a miracle since the majority of homes in our neighborhood have been on the market for over 3 months (some almost a year!) and we put our house up for sale during December, one of the worst months for selling a home. We close on our house next week and I am so excited!

Many thanks to you and to St. Joseph!


January 18, 2004

This is an acknowledgment of the power of prayer and help from St. Joseph in the sale of my home. I ordered my St. Joseph kit the end of March 2003 and started the process in April of 2003.

I forgot to renew my listing on the website. However I continued to pray and advertise in our local American Classified free paper. In January 2004 my prayers were answered and a very nice couple with four children purchased our lovely home. I know they will be blessed as we certainly have been, and will enjoy our home as much as we have.

Thank you St. Joseph.

Eileen Tobin

January 06, 2004

Wanted to let you know that our townhome sold one month to the day that we buried St. Jospeh by our real estate sign. It is a challenge to sell a home in Minnesota in the middle of winter when temps are below zero and there is 16 inches of snow on the ground.

On Christmas night someone took a brochure from our real estate sign. We had two showings with the same person two days after Christmas and by New Years Eve our home was sold.

Thank you for the service you provide. It does take faith in God and his helpers to make things happen.

Mary Hammond
Minneapolis MN

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