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Believer Letters from 2003

December 16, 2003

Our house sold for full price on the first day it was shown - Thank you St. Joseph!

Mary Jo and Skip

December 15, 2003

Hello! I just wanted to write and tell my story! Our house had only been on the market for about a month, but my family and I are moving out of state at the end of December. So I was getting a little worried because I really wanted to sell our home before we actually left.

I was on the internet just looking around and I ran across your add for the St. Joseph statue. I thought "it couldn't hurt, I'll take as much help as I can get". So I went ahead and ordered it. I got it about a week later and I buried it underneath the for sale sign followed the instructions.

Well the next day we got an excellent offer and we are in escrow!!! I don't believe that it was just a coincidence, I strongy believe that St. Joseph had a lot to do with it!!! Thank you so much!

Maria Lopez

December 11, 2003

You said you'd be interested in hearing our story about selling our house. We had called on St. Joseph several times before to sell homes, but forgot about him this time. The house had been on the market 2 months, with no offers. Suddenly, my husband remembered St. Joseph. I ordered a St. Joseph from your site.

I then had to go out of town due to a family illness. While I was gone, St. Joseph arrived, and my husband buried him in the front yard, next to the for sale sign. Before I returned a week later, we had a firm offer on the house and it was in escrow when I flew home, with an almost full price sale. THe sale closed 6 weeks later with absolutely no problems and no contingencies. The new owners seem very happy.

Oh, yes, in the meantime, my brother and sister-in-law, who knew we were looking for a St. Joseph, sent us a second. They both bless our new home (temporary) and are helping us find a new permanent home.

Ron and Maureen Ehle

December 02, 2003

Thank you very much for your help!! My wife told me about "the statue" and it's story and ordered one for us as we were trying to sell our home. Within two weeks, actually two open houses a couple bought our house.

I pray and think about St. Joseph everyday and thank him for the assistance. I ask him to help my family and in turn ask him how I can help him out in return. Between he and St. Teresa, another favorite of ours, we see the way to do good each and every day.


The Hanhauser's
Erie, Pennsylvania

December 02, 2003

I bought a home without the contingency to sell mine so I was in hot water. I didnít think my home would be so appealing in November, especially with the holidays coming.

I ordered a St. Joseph statue at the suggestion of a friend and my 67 year old house sold within 3 days to the second family who looked at, for the price I wanted, and it passed a rigorous inspection!

I am so thankful to St. Joseph. He will always have a special place in my new home. Thank you for having this website, thank you for the great price, and thank you St. Joseph!


October 21, 2003

Please mark my listing as "Sold" , I have moved and don' t have my password any longer

Reeds Spring- 86,900 sold for listing price in 1 week!!!

Sheila L.

October 09, 2003

Our house had been on the market for over a year. Two weeks ago we purchase a St Joseph's statue. Our house just went under contract for 97% of our asking price.

Thank you God and Thank you St. Joseph !

Bill and Marianne
Crestwood Kentucky

September 30, 2003

My house was just listed...last Wednesday, September 24th, and already I have an interested buyer.

St. Joseph is working hard for me!

Mary Redenius

September 19, 2003

We were given the kit from a friend and per instructions, we buried it next to the for sale sign and said the "blessing". Our first open house had many visitors. Before we were able to have another one week later, we had multiple offers -- and good ones, too. We accepted an offer above the asking price and kept St. Joseph in the ground until escrow closed. Everything went as planned.

Now the statue is displayed in our home. Our realtor is planning to buy kits to give to his clients. I'm a believer now!

L. Cirivello
Santa Rosa, CA

September 14, 2003

I buried the St. Joseph's statue I ordered from you on Saturday, September 6, 2003, and received a contract for the house six days later, Friday, September 12, 2003. We sold the house for our full asking price.

My realtor said she had never seen so much activity on a house. Thank you, St. Joseph!


September 10, 2003

I buried a St. Joseph statue on the back patio of my Condo a few months ago and had several showings, a few offers but nothing went through. I pushed him down in the flower pot and broke off his head one day when watering flowers, my mom, a devote catholic, said that he had probably done his job and I didn't need him anymore, me, still skeptical and superstitious about the broken head (and with no acceptable offers) purchased another one last week.

The day after I ordered it we received an offer, too low to accept though. I eagerly waited to actually receive the statue, I did on Saturday and promptly planted him on the front stoop in a flower pot before the open house on Sunday. Today is Wednesday and we received an offer for asking price! I hope this one doesn't fall through but I have a good feeling about it so I think it will work out.

I believe that it works and that he pulled through for us. I need to mention that I have done a lot of praying to St. Joseph, every day and our blessed mother.

Boston, MA

It works!

September 03, 2003

This is kind of strange. After not hearing from an "interested in your home" party, we assumed the young couple was not interested so we figured we needed help from you and ordered a St Joseph statue and listed our home. Thank you so much for that.

Our statue was ordered on 9-2-03. On the morning of 9-3-04 we received a call and an e-mail from this young couple stating they were now ready to move forward on the deal and wanted to buy our home. And I didn't even get St Joseph yet! So even ordering has power!!

Sheri Morphis

August 26, 2003

We put the sign up on Thursday evening and on Sunday showed it, then on Monday signed a contract at 98% of asking price. At our request, the closing will not take place until early January, 2004.

St. Joseph is going to spend the next 4 months in the ground, but we won't forget to remove him after the closing!



July 28, 2003

We heard about St. Joseph when we had a house on the market for 2 years. We borrowed St. Joseph from a friend and received no instructions, except to bury him in the front yard, which we did. The house sold within 60 days.

After 11 years, we are moving again. We couldn't find a statue of St. Joseph, but our daughter found your internet site, and I ordered him the same day - we received St. Joseph on May 15, 2003, followed the instructions the same day, and had a contract on our house in 60 days.

We were elated and are true believers now. Thank you God and Thank you St. Joseph.

Don Murphy
Coffeyville, Kansas

June 25, 2003

I just wanted to drop a line saying that my wife-then fiancee'- were getting down to the wire. We had been trying to sell her house for 5 months, with our new house being built. We had been racking our brains for ideas on how to get the house to move. Then I remembered Sharon had asked for St. Joseph's help in selling her last house (unfortunately she couldn't remember where he was buried, so she was worried that he was mad at her).

So late one Friday night I found your website and ordered a St. Joseph Statue. A few days later the he arrived and we followed the directions and waited. Less than a week later the house was sold to a couple who had looked at the house a month ago, and subsequently looked at over 30 other houses.

We are now moved in to our brand new home and St. Joseph occupies a prominent location in the house. God Bless,

Ed Stanczak

June 20, 2003

I had my house on the market over a month, when my mother told me about the statue of St. Joseph. I could not find one anywhere and went to the internet. After I ordered it, I had an offer.

My friends that live up the street have had their house on the market for the same amount of time. When I recieved my statue, I decided to give it to them since I already had a contract. The next day they had two offers.

I believe. Thanks,

Kimberly Lade

June 12, 2003

Hurray!! We burried St Joseph and three hours later a family came out of the blue to see our home. They returned three more times to view the home because they felt "drawn back to it"....Sunday we received a contract from this same family. Two weeks after we buried the statue!!

We will definately put our little statue in a place of honor in our new home. We are very much believers!!

The Cains
Wimberley, Texas

June 09, 2003

It's an interesting story, actually. We first listed the house two years ago. The first realtor was new in the area and didn't really promote or otherwise attempt to sell the home, other than list it. When her six month listing was up we placed the home with another realtor, a leading company in this area. Because we were not getting many people to come see the house, I suggested we split the lot so we could get the price of the house under $300,000. That realtor was not helpful in that process. Accordingly, when her listing was up last November, I contacted another large company. I split the lot, getting the house and an acre and a half under $300k and we were ready to go by February. We still were getting very few people to come see the house. I then remembered the story about St. Joseph and ordered the statue.

We buried it one Saturday evening. At that very moment, someone was leaving a message on my answering machine to come visit. A second person came out the next day. The second person came back an additional two times. I received your email Thursday. I received her offer on Friday and we worked out the deal yesterday (Sunday). The closing is set for 7/8.

Pretty impressive.


Thanks for your help.

June 07, 2003

I do believe the St. Joseph statue worked for me. I inherited my Mom's house when she passed away in February. Immediately put it on the market. There were 5 other homes within a two block radius that were already on the market and had been for well over a year. I had little hopes of moving mom's house anytime in the near future.

A neighbor told me about the St. Joseph statue and I immediately ordered it. It arrived on April 26th, but I didn't get to go back to the property until June 2nd or 3rd to bury it. I don't have an unbelievable story of getting a buyer in a day or so, but on May 31st, the realtor called me with a 'cash' offer that was for actually more than I was planning on selling the house for and we CLOSED title yesterday, June 6th.

I can't thank St. Joseph enough.

Marilyn Warga
Leesburg, Florida

May 22, 2003

After trying to sell our home for over a year with no serious offers, we heard about the St. Joseph statue. We buried the statue on his feast day, May 1, 2002.

Then we started our daily prayers asking him to help us sell. He had a real tough job because our house was too valuable for the surrounding neighborhood, and it was an older home in need of some repair. We had purchased another home before we sold the one we owned (a big mistake) and all our savings were exhausted in just making the monthly payments. We were in bad shape and on the verge of losing the new home when St. Joseph came through just in time and with the perfect buyers.

We closed the deal early this year. They are happy and we are most grateful. Thank you God and Thank you St. Joseph!

George & Dorothy

May 20, 2003

Ten years ago, we had our home on the market for 14 months. Over 100 people looked at it and there were no offers. We bought a St. Joseph statue at a local Catholic bookstore and buried it according to instructions. The very next day we got an offer which translated into a sale. This is an absolutely true and miraculous story and we are not Catholic, we're Jewish.

Janice and Norton Glass

May 14, 2003

listed house on Saturday, April 27th followed instructions and buried St. Joseph on Monday, May 5. Had offer on Monday, May 12 and now expect to close on June 11.

Winston Lewis

May 07, 2003

my house is now occupied. we have agreed on a lease/purchase deal. i gave my best friend one as she listed her house. it sold within the week!

yes, we now have them in places of honor in our homes.

thanks so much.

susan brown

April 29, 2003's how it worked: we buried the statue per the instructions. i'm jewish...but my partner was raised, i had her dig the hole and say the prayer. the house is in my name only, but she has lived here with me since day 1. i said a couple of words too. we both said "amen". and i kid you not...we got an offer within 7 days. but unfortunately, the buyer opted out during the option period.

so....about 6 weeks went by...and i kept saying that we ought to dig the statue up and re-bury it on the other side of the for sale sign. so, finally, on a tuesday night...we did it. exact same scenario as before. and i kid you not...the following tuesday morning, my realtor called to say that we had received an offer. i countered that night...and they accepted. we are moving tomorrow morning. and the closing is scheduled for mid-next week.

bizarre but true, both times. makes me wish i had NOT waited 6 weeks to dig him up and re-bury him. oh well. thanks!

Robyn Green
Austin, TX

April 14, 2003

March 14, 2003 - I buried my statue. March 21, 2003 - I listed my home with an agent. April 4, 2003 - I had a signed contract in my hands. Closing is set for April 30, 2003.


Alison Woodson
Kingsland, GA

March 24, 2003

I purchased a St.Joseph statue for my Canadian listing which was on the market for 5 yrs. I ordered it in April.2002, and it took the seller till November/2002 to go to the home and bury it.

Well... winter in Canada is not a good time to market a summer lake home.. guess what???!!!!!!!! We closed escrow the end of February,2003.

Thank you St.Joseph!

Marti Scott

March 11, 2003

My mother had her house for sale in a flat real estate market in Florida from July 2002 - February 2003, and there were no bites on her house. She went with a new real estate agent and still nothing happened. Recently I had ordered her a St. Joseph statue and she received it last Thursday, March 6. She called me last night March 8, 2003 and she had an offer on her house for the price she wanted. She followed all the directions and St. Joseph will have a place of honor in her new apartment.


C. Montgomery and D. Sutton

March 09, 2003

I purchased my St. Joseph's statue a few weeks ago in anticipation of putting my house on the market. The day the sign was put in I placed my statue in the ground according to the instructions that accompanied it. The sign was placed in our yard on a Sunday afternoon. The next Sunday I had an offer on my home that was acceptable to the asking price.

This is the second time that I have used St. Joseph to help me sell my home. The first time it took almost a month but this was more than I could ask for to have it sell so quickly and get the price that I wanted. My St. Joseph statue will be placed in my new home once I move in.

Sharon Belmudez
Valrico, Florida

February 21, 2003

I wanted to let you know that we have sold our home. We received the statue on a Thursday and had an open house that Sunday and we received an offer Monday night. We had our house on the market just about 3 months and hadn't had an offer, I was so amassed how fast this worked. We just closed on the house yesterday! Thanks a million

Cindy Johns
Notre Dame IN

February 21, 2003

I wanted to let you know that we have sold our home. We received the statue on a Thursday and had an open house that Sunday and we received an offer Monday night. We had our house on the market just about 3 months and hadn't had an offer, I was so amassed how fast this worked. We just closed on the house yesterday! Thanks a million

Cindy Johns
Notre Dame IN

February 13, 2003

My home has been on the market for approximately four months. It is priced right and their has been numerous people looking at the property. However, no one has made an offer. I am in the process of building my retirement home in Florida as we speak. I have been extremely stressed lately trying to sell my current home. A friend of mine suggested St. Joseph's intervention.

I located your website on Tuesday February 18, 2003 and purchased the "Underground Real Estate Agent" kit at approximately 11:00 AM. WOW! I received a telephone call from my realitor three hours later at 2:00 PM. She told me she received a written offer on the house. The offer was most gracious. We accepted the offer and entered into escrow by 4:00 Tuesday February 18, 2003.

Today is Thursday February 20, 2003 and I just received the St. Joseph's kit in the mail. I will be burying St. Joseph within hours and leave him there until escrow closes in thirty days.



February 13, 2003

Our house sold /closed on January 31,2003. It took a while but the St.Joseph statue helped us sell our house so that we can move on to the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Joe Dail

February 13, 2003

I am sorry for being negligent about doing the "Sold Notification". Yes, our house got sold and I believe that St. Joseph had made it possible. The statue of St. Joseph was actually a gift and was sent to us via Fedex. Immediately we had an offer on our house the day St. Joseph arrived on our front door. So I never had a chance to bury him. He is now in my altar at the new house.

Thank you so much, St Joseph.

Minda Boulton

February 12, 2003

We have a huge success story, which isn't surprising. We owned a condo in a Chicago suburb in a courtyard building. A nicer unit in our courtyard had been on the market for a month when we listed ours, so we were pretty nervous that ours would be on the market forever. We really needed to sell ours; had we not, we would have been carrying two mortgages -- scary. Ours sold in a week; the other condo stayed on the market for two months after we sold ours. I am absolutely positive that St. Joseph made all the difference!

Best of luck to all of you folks. We keep you in our prayers.

Maura Marcotte

February 11, 2003

The day after I ordered a St. Joseph statue from your website, my listing received an offer. I didn't even receive the statue until 5 days after my clients had accepted the offer. This home had been on the market for 4+ months with no offers, and it was sold 4 days after I listed it and 1 day after I ordered the statue. Thanks to St. Joseph and your website!

Carolyn A Robinson

February 11, 2003

Don't know if this is the correct place to do it, but we have sold our house, which was dated on your free website 9/24/02.

Helen DeYesso

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