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Believer Letters from 2002

August 30, 2002

We sold our home 1 week after receiving St. Joseph. I will display him proudly in our new home. It was incredible, we actually had our house on the market for $199,900 and dropped it to $195,900. The day we dropped the price a young man came by and signed a contract for $200,000. We sold it to him and settled on August 16th. Thank you so much! I am a true believer!!!


August 27, 2002

Just wanted to thank you and let you know that after 90 days on the market our house has finally sold! Standing in our driveway you can see SEVEN for sale signs. We had had very few serious buyers coming through our house. We received (and cermoniously buried) St. Joseph on Tuesday and received an offer on Wednesday! The offer was low, though, and the people didn't want to negotiate. But the people who made the next offer on Saturday DID and we signed a contract five days after burying St. Joseph! We'll be digging him up soon and taking him with us to our new home in Maryland.

Thank you!


July 31, 2002

I did not reply right away because I did not want to reply until the closing was done. We received an offer on our condo a day after 'planting' our St Joseph statue in addition to prayers. Our buyer was a first time buyer and there were some fact it seemed the deal was dead 5 days after the offer was accepted but it was recessitated and worked out wonderfully. We closed last Friday, July 26th...on the condo we were selling AND our new home. We ended up with two St. Joseph statues, as my mother in law gifted us our second statue. St. Joseph is now proudly displayed in our new home!

Thank you for your listing was not the means we found our buyer, however is a great idea and resource.

Thank you,

Devon Kinney

July 23, 2002

This was my first attempt in the field of house rehabbing. It took me a little longer than expected to get the house to market. My wife & I were expecting our third child and I jsut didn't have the time to get it ready. Any way I was able to get it on the market in May I believe. It went about 2 weeks without any action & then I asked St. Joseph for help, He had helped my niece sell her house. With in 2 weeks of putting St Joseph to work my house was sold. Closing takes place this week, it was supposed to be last week but we had a glitch. I will ask St. Joseph for help from now on w/ any property I buy & sell.

Guy Korner
Bethlehem, PA

P.S. It doesn't hurt to ask the Blessed Mother for help either.

July 11, 2002

I listed my home for sale over a year ago. I was in no real hurry to sell it because I was building a new home which was to take approximately 9 months to build. As my new home was getting close to completion and my current home was not sold I began to get real nervous. The thought of 2 house payments can cause alot of stress. That's when I turned to St. Joseph. After I placed St. Jospeh in the ground my home sold within 30 days. I have to say I'm a believer and that I've shared my experience with friends and family.

M. Dunn
Statesville, NC

June 19, 2002

We put our house on the market 3/13/02 and had lots of showings.....over 40 with not one offer. I purchased a St. Joseph statue kit on 5/9/02 (had heard about it previously from several other friends who tried it), which I received on 5/18/02 and buried it the same day. On 5/30 we had our first and only offer and they bought the house. I will be taking St. Joseph with me and will pass along his graces.


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