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Letters & e-mails From St. Joseph Statue
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Our Newest Letters (2001)

October 3, 2001

To think just a month ago I was biting my nails, cursing my realtor, and worried that my home would never sell. I am happy to report that all of those thoughts and feelings have vanished now that my home has SOLD!

I originally put my home up for sale the first week of June. I was going to be relocating from Washington to California and needed to sell fast! I was priced fairly, the house showed great, and the feedback I was getting from other realtors showing my house was very positive. I remember the first weekend it was listed and not one person came to look at the house. I was baffled! June tuned into July and we still had no offers and the foot traffic seemed to come to a halt. The first week of June I lowered my price below the other comparable listings in my city, but still no luck. I thought back to a story I heard from one of my managers about the St. Joseph Statue and how it had worked for him TWICE. To be honest, I laughed it off thinking it was a cute story, but in no way took him seriously. As my corporate housing was running out and the thought of me possibly having to move back to Washington, I felt I had nothing to lose, but to order the statue, fly back to Washington, and give it a try.

I arrived in Washington on a Thursday, buried that night, and maintained positive thoughts. The following morning (Friday) two realtors called to say they would be bringing clients by over the weekend. I thought to myself, "at least this is drawing up some traffic." Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., there was a knock on my door which woke me up. I quickly grabbed a few items and ran to the door anticipating leaving quickly since I didn't like to be there while my house was being shown. The realtor had parked behind my rental car, so I was unable to leave. I had a good feeling about things since they were in my house for about 30 minutes. They came out of the house and the seller asked me a few questions of which I was more than happy to answer. They made some positive comments about the house and finally left. I felt good and realized that it would have been a miracle if they made an offer on the spot. Well, there were three more showings over the course of the weekend and I had to fly back to California on Monday. As I was at the airport, my cell phone rang. The buyers agent called to tell me they had an offer and wanted to catch me before I flew out. I had already checked in and was going to be boarding shortly, so the possibility of me staying was not likely. I ended up speaking to my realtor when I got back to California and he said that in addition to the offer I was already aware of, he received two others! I will admit, all three offers came in low...much lower than I was expecting. However (and this is the good part), all three participants were now in a position to bring in there best offer. I was so relieved and somewhat baffled.

To bring this wonderful story to a close, I ended up selling the house to the original offer that came from the Saturday morning showing and closed in 30 days. This experience has been something I will never forget and have no hesitancy to lets others know about the St. Joseph Statue. I am know and will forever be a believer in this wonder.

Thank you so much!


August 24, 2001

You will NOT believe this. We received our statue on Thursday. My husband and I promptly went to plant St. Joseph (as directed). We late that day got a call that someone who had been to see the house before wanted to come back to look again. That was YESTERDAY. They came this morning and signed the deal. I am shocked.

Now... (removed for privacy) I am telling everyone about your miracle sell..



August 20, 2001

I'm amazed ...... We got an offer on our house today and I have ordered another St Joseph Statue for a family member who is also having difficulty selling their home. AMAZING!!!

Best Regards,
Priscilla Adams

August 14, 2001

My husband and I had found our dream home and in the neighborhood of family. In order to get our Dream home we first had to sell our existing house. We had a buyer that backed out at the last minute leaving us with 1 day before we were going to have to withdraw our offer on the Dream House. My sister-in-law wrote me in an email to see how things were going, after hearing our dilemma she asked me if I had St Joseph in my yard yet. I needed clarification as I had never heard of the legend so she sent me the link to your web-site. After hearing of the St Joseph Legend I could not ignore the coincidence that 3 years ago when I was planting a garden I found a small plastic religious statue buried in the ground. My husband and I saved the statue and it has been on my kitchen window sill ever since as we could not bare to part with something that was meaningful to someone. I called me husband and informed him of the legend and we agreed that tonight, St Joseph would return to the flower garden right where we found him 3 years ago.

Less than 10 minutes later, I received a call from our realtor that she had arranged a showing for this afternoon at 4:30 and that if nothing came of it we would have to pull our offer from the new house. Hearing this news after immediately discovering the true meaning of the little statue that I found while planting, I immediately raced home to return St Joseph to his spot in the garden. I had no sooner covered the statue with earth and the phone rang .... it was our realtor and she had heard from the realtor of the house that we were expecting to loose .... the other offer has been pulled and thus we have more time. It is now 4:20 and I have renewed faith. God's will be done.

Best Regards,
Priscilla Adams

August 12, 2001

Please put sold on my property listing. I am a believer.

My sister is the one that told me about the statue and I have to tell you I was skeptical. However, I did end up finding your website and placed the order. I received my kit on Friday, July 27 and had a call that day from someone that wanted to see my house. I buried the statue that night and the people looked at my house the next day. The following Friday, August 3 we accepted their offer. Our house had been on the market for over a year and within a week of getting this kit we had an offer. It may seem like coincidence but who is to say. I have a friend who has been trying for three months to sell her house and I will be ordering a kit for her.

Thank you.

Robin Hancock

August 8, 2001

My kit arrived as promised and my statue was buried immediately after receiving it. My home sold in 3 weeks! It's an unbelievable story too. An old friend of the family who we lost contact with was in our area looking for a house. She had won a large sum of money in the Maryland Lottery. She happened to see our house for sale and in less than a week she bought it with cash! What a story! This was a complete story of divine intervention. After settlement, we dug up St. Joseph and I had our whole family thank him and even our realtor is a true believer now.

Thanks so much for leading the way!

Kathryn Heilman

August 8, 2001

Our house sold the day I received St. Joseph in the mail!! Great timing, huh? I'm keeping him for the next time we move. Thanks.

Becky DeRoche

August 2, 2001

I first heard of the St. Joseph statue via my uncle. Several years ago, he was having difficulty selling his home and his mother (my grandmother) had told him to bury a St. Joseph statue in his yard. He reluctantly tried it (after she went right out and bought him a statue!) and amazingly sold his home within a week.

After hearing such a wonderful testimonial, I felt compelled to try it myself when we were selling our previous home. We had already moved out and were trying to sell our vacant home quickly to avoid paying multiple payments each month, so I was ready for some divine intervention! We got our Underground Real Estate Agent Kit in the mail and immediately buried it per the instructions included.

Less than one week later, we had received our first offer on the home, and a contract soon followed. The buyer was relocating from out of town and needed to move in quickly, so our closing was set for only three weeks away, meaning that we didn't have to make another house payment! It was truly an amazing occurrence. We had sold our home one month after putting it on the market, with absolutely no advertising and no real estate agent! All we had was a sign in our yard and the Underground Real Estate Agent!

You can believe that we now have our St. Joseph statue in a prominent place on our mantle in our new home! Thanks St. Joseph! We feel blessed!

Jason and Katie

P.S. My mother is now selling her home, and I ordered another kit as a gift for her!

June 28, 2001

Purchased St.Joseph Real Estate kit. The day we received the kit people called to view the home. They made an offer several days later. We close sometime this fall. Thanks St. Joseph.

Greg Fanale

June 11, 2001

Our house has been on the market since last November 2000. We have been tying to sell it so we can move out of state. But to no avail, alot of lookers, but no offers.... NONE! We changed realtors three times, offered bonuses, were willing to deal......

After seven months of living in a fishbowl and being rejected. We purchased the St. Joseph Statue, planted him last Thursday evening, had a showing that night. AN OFFER THE NEXT DAY! Then a late showing on Saturday and A BETTER OFFER on Sunday.

TWO offers after 7 months.... Remarkable. Thank You so much. It really works.....

Please post on your web-site to inspire others...

Kansas City MO.

June 11, 2001

We have had our house on the market since early March. We only had about 3 people go through the house in that time.
I ordered my Saint Joseph kit May 22, 2001. Received it on May 31, 2001. Buried Saint Joseph on that Friday. The day it came we had people go through the house and then called the next week to see it again. Made an offer and we sold on 6/10/2001.
We close the end of August. Are prayers were answered.

Greg Fanale

June 4, 2001


I bought my St. Joseph statue from your site a couple of weeks ago, received it last Friday and buried it that evening. I must have looked a pathetic site digging furiously with a large spoon (which is the closest thing I have to a shovel) in front of my West Hollywood condo complex. I did not follow the prescribed prayer completely, but asked St. Joseph specifically for the price we needed to sell for so that we could purchase a nearby home on which we had made an accepted offer. Also, I included the whole trinity in the prayer. The following Monday evening we got an offer for exactly the price we need to move into the house that had accepted our bid on contingency. Our realtor was amazed, and said that he will be recommending St. Joseph to all his clients. I can't wait to dig him up when escrow closes, and make him a little shrine on our fireplace mantle.
Many thanks to both St. Joseph and you site which made the statue easy to purchase.


May 6, 2001
Hi! My husband, Steve, and I have planned to move to Northern Virginia for over a year. My parents babysit our 21-month-old daughter while we are at work, so we asked if they would consider moving also. Then we decided to move at the same time and share the expense of a moving truck. Everything was going along great. My parents sold their house and have a closing date of June 11th on a townhouse in Virginia where we will live with them for a couple of months until our house is available. I got a great job offer which I couldn't afford to turn down. My husband then received an opportunity to continue working for his current employer via his home computer and the internet, at least until he gets settled in Virginia. The moving truck was reserved to begin loading on June 8th and begin our trek north on the 9th. But, we couldn't get our house sold! It had been listed for five months and time was running out when my mom remembered something about the St. Joseph's statue legend and my husband said his mom had mentioned it, too. That night my parents ordered it for us through your web site. It was received a few days later and buried immediately with a little family sunset ritual. We sold the house one week later, but all the sale activity actually began the very next day! My mother and I both work at a church and a church school and there had been lots of prayers offered during the past six months, but we believe that faith and an extra boost from St. Joseph made the difference. Thank you so much from all of us!

Shannon and Steve Michael
and parents, Carrie and Karl Lyman

p.s. The directions that came in the statue said to face it toward the road, but other information we had reviewed said to face it toward the house, so that is what we did. We don't know if it really makes any difference, but just thought we would let you know.

April 25, 2001
We put our house on the market about March 19th.

After I talked to you, I was in San Antonio on the 22nd for a few days and while there, I looked for a St. Joseph statue. Both stores I went to were sold out and had been for weeks they said.

I had told my son and daughter about your stories concerning St. Joseph and they told other people. My daughter-in-law, Amye, told her parents, Don and Sarah, who are Catholic. They heard that I couldn't find one so they found one and mailed it to me.

It was received in our mail this Monday, April 23rd. THAT AFTERNOON, our agent called and said we had an offer but it had to be negotiated. I had not even buried him yet! So yesterday, I buried him in the front yard, hoping to hurry the process.

TODAY, after only 1 day of negotiation, WE SOLD THE HOUSE @ 97% of our asking price!

Thank you so much for telling me about St. Joseph. Very few of my friends had even heard of the saint, much less about his help in selling a house.

Thank you, again.......
Gordon 'n Lee

April 11, 2001
We sold our house in exactly 7 days after we recieved the St. Joseph statue!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

Maria & AB

February 9, 2001


January 24, 2001
Thanks for the follow-up. I DO have an incredible story to share with you. I was very skeptical of this whole thing but just thought I'd go ahead and give it a try - hey, it's just a couple bucks right? Well, I received the statue in the mail and it just sat on my desk for awhile and I didn't get around to burying it. Well, we had already purchased another house and we were kind of getting desperate for our house to sell so we went out one morning before our open house and buried it. Guess what?! Yep, that's right - it sold THAT DAY!!!! I am not making it up, we sold our house THE DAY WE BURIED IT!!!!

Now I'm a little worried though because in all the confusion of the move I was not able to un-bury it and take it with us. So, it's still in the ground at our old house. I hope that doesn't give me bad luck.

Jill Hicks


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