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Letters From The Year 2000

A small success story for you. I bought my current house in Florida 3 weeks ago, but my house in Ohio still had not sold. The woman I bought from told me about St. Joseph. "I buried it on Saturday and you bought the house on Monday," she said at the closing. I'd heard about this phenomenon before, but it had slipped my mind. When my friend in Ohio could not find a St. Joseph locally, I went online and found your site.

I just got off the phone with the woman from whom I bought. She asked me if I'd sold the house in Ohio; I said no. She asked if I had buried a St. Joseph; I told her I'd ordered one online... she told me that the one she'd bought to sell this house was from you too.

So... at least one of your St. Joe's that I know of has worked. I hope the one I bought from you works half as quickly!

Thank you for getting back to me.

Laura Toms

Prayer to St. Joseph is the key....the statue helps us to have something in which to focus. I ordered a St. Joseph statue last month when no one showed up to look at our house the second weekend it was on the market. I placed the order on a Sunday morning, told friends at our Roman Catholic church (who were praying for our move and for us in general), and within five days we had a contract on the house. The statue of St. Joseph arrived a couple of days later, and I placed him in the ground following your instructions. Three weeks later - this past Friday - we closed on the house. After closing, we dug up the statue and now have him in our living room in our new house, 90 miles away. So, please place a sold status on our house, 1305 Suggett, in Enid, OK. And please pass on the power of prayer. The statue helps by giving us something to remind us to pray. Thanks again for the reverence you show on the web site.

Michael McNutt
Enid, OK

Michael, we completely agree with your thoughts. A St. Joseph Statue is a physical display of faith. It should be used in addition to prayer and faith. (Also in addition to a for sale sign, home listings, an agent, etc.)

Thank You St. Joseph!! I ordered two St. Joseph Kits. One for my Mom and one for my Aunt. My Mom had not had her home listed very long but had many many "lookers." She had already purchased another home and needed to sell quickly to avoid double mortgage payments. We performed the burial procedure on August 13th. On August 19th her home was viewed by a young minister who fell in love with it. On August 23rd she received a satisfactory offer and contract. A total of 10 days lapsed. The closing is set for September 16th!

While my Aunt is not yet ready to use her's we know she will have the same success, with the help of St. Joseph. Thank you again.

We are believers!

Jeanette King
Casselberry, FL

Our St. Joseph Statue came on Thursday afternoon. We buried him that evening. After 12 weeks being on the market, we had 3 showings that Friday, 5 on Saturday and an over-price offer by Sunday noon.

Ed and AnnMarie
Merrimack, NH

I placed St. Joseph in the ground as instructed on August 12. Our house was on the market for 1 month with only a handful of people in to see it. On August 13, we got an offer that was beyond what we had expected. We will be closing on September 26! Amazing! Thank you.

Eileen Bialek

Our St. Joseph Statue arrived in the mail on Friday afternoon. We buried him Friday evening. After 7 weeks (of already being) on the market, we had 4 showings that Saturday, 5 on Sunday and a full-price offer by Sunday evening.

Thank you St. Joseph.

Peter and Jackie Monsour
Aurora, Colorado

I'm helping a lady here in Helendale (Silver Lakes Resort) put her home on your homepage. I ordereded one of the St. Joseph statues last year and it WORKED for me !! We had our home "on and off" the market for several years. We visited Silver Lakes and fell in love with it. Went back to Texas and put our home on the market. A lady here in Silver Lakes told me about the St. Joseph statue, so I ordered one. Three months later...our home sold. :))

Now the BAD PART....I couldn't find St. Joseph !! We dug all around the yard where we thought we had buried him...to no avail...no St. Joseph. :((
So he is NOT on our mantel of our new home...hope he will FORGIVE us !

Fred & Mercedes Snyder

Note: While placing the St. Jospeh Statue in a place of honor is a vital part of the belief, the intention and effort put forth in this case will fulfill the tradition.

Well St Joseph is out of the Cold Cold Ground and is now sitting proudly on the TV set in the living room of our new house. He made it before the 1st of June (and yet another double payment), so up he came. My partner's mother is buying one for her other daughter's house to sell. Keep up the good work.

Yet Another Believer
John Melka

To Whom It May Concern,
I am a real estate agent whose house has been for sale for approximately 3 months. We were getting tons of showings and alot of positive feedback, but no offers. During this time we found a house that we were interested in buying, but couldn't until we sold our current house. My wife bought the Saint Joseph statue, I buried it in our flower garden, and six days later we received an acceptable offer that should be going to settlement at the end of May 2000. Our house sold just in time, if it had sold one or two days later we would not have gotten the other house that we were interested in. There were two other very interested buyers who were going to make offers on the house we wanted the day after our house sold. It seemed like fate or destiny that everything was falling exactly in place. My family and I are not overly religious but we believe in God and believe that things are meant to be. Having a little faith never hurts, so why not give it a try.


John G.

The St Joseph "kit" arrived on Friday and we had a second viewing (07:30PM) scheduled for that evening. I followed the procedures late Friday afternoon when I came home from work. Saturday we got an initial offer anda little negociating, a contract was secured. Wow!

Thank you.

Allen from Greensboro, NC

..., just an update. I buried St. Joseph on Monday May 30th. I got an offer on Friday, June 4th and signed the contract on Sunday June 6th. We are scheduled to close on June 30th. Considering my house has been on the market for a year - not bad. Thank you again!
Evonne McGee

Please send my niece your St. Joseph, The Underground Real Estate Agent Kit. She's had her house on the market one and a half years. I had sent a kit to a friend and she sold her home in 6 weeks. I told my niece about St. Joseph and she would like to try his help, thank God I still have your address.
Mrs. Mette

Thank you so much for St. Joseph. We planted him as per your instructions and we had a buyer within two days. So it does work! So glad you picked up on the idea and developed it.
Frank & Gail Optealand

Please send 32 St. Joseph kits ASAP. Check enclosed.
Trafagar, Inc.
Building Contractor

Last year I purchased one of your St. Joseph, The Underground Real Estate Agent Kits and put him to work. Within one year we were able to sell our property which was quite a feat as our real estate market was depressed at the time.

This spring a dear friend from England was visiting with us when the escrow closed and watched me dig up St. Joseph and after thanking him, put him on the mantle over the fireplace. She was interested in obtaining a kit for her flat in Spain, which she has been trying to sell for some time, and also for a friend's flat in Spain which is also on the market.

As this late date I have finally unearthed ( no pun intended ) your address and wish to purchase two sets of The Underground Real Estate Agent to send to Spain. Are these the first of your kits which have gone overseas? Enclosed you will find my cheque to cover the cost.
Marilyn Warnes
A satisfied customer

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my friends Elaine and Jim, for sending us the St. Joseph Statue. We buried him on a weekend and before the following weekend was over, my friends were contacted by their real estate agent that they had an interested buyer! All the paperwork has been going very smoothly so far. We hope the house gets closed before the summer rains start so that he won't float back up. Well, maybe he would be relieved, but they really do want the house sold.

Anyway, we think he is wonderful, powerful and truly a saint. Please send me two more statues. I will definitely get the word about where people can order St. Joseph kits.
Genie Stahl

I really don't believe I'm doing this, but I read your article in the Chicago Tribune some months back. We now are in the position that we have to sell our home and things don't seem to be going our way. I figure for 10 bucks, I'll give it a shot.
Marian Wallis


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