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Please send me one St Joseph: The Underground Real Estate Agent Kit. And, if you are aware of the patron saint of low mortgage rates and/or safe and easy household moves, I'd appreciate any information on that, too.
Mark Masek

Emergency call for St. Joseph Kits!! Firm believers! Help! Help, St. Joseph!!
Mae Lavan

It really works! We had a small house on the market for 7 months. We got an offer after exactly 3 weeks. We have another investment home that needs to be sold quickly so we can move into a new residential home. Send another kit please. Keep up the good work.
Josh Adams

I really hope that St. Joseph can help me sell my home. So far, I haven't found a real estate agent to help me sell my house, other than stick a sign in the yard!
Mary Van Deusen

We have been trying to sell our home for over four months with no luck. My mother told me about the newspaper article she read. She then sent in for an Underground Real Estate Agent, placed it at the site of the house she was selling and she did sell the house right away. I'm sure hoping this will also help us too!
Sharlet Pyne

Enclosed please find my check for payment of 100 St. Joseph: The Underground Real Estate Agent Kits.
Mr. Torres
California Land Title Company

Please send us two of your St. Joseph Kits. They are a wonderful 'Gag Gift'. They might even work. My husband said if it works he'd convert.
Dorothy Meissner

Please send four of your Underground Real Estate Agent Kits. I read about your clever idea in the Chicago Tribune. Of course we've used
St. Joseph Statues for years-but I think this more organized approach will appeal to my associates.
Mary Pratti, Pres.
Village Properties

I though you might like a report on my experience with St. Joseph.
My house in Contonment, FL went on the market February 11, 1991. It only showed three times the next four months. You can imagine how impatient I was getting. I ordered the St. Joseph Statue from you in July and recieved it within one week. I buried him on July 7,1991, signed a contract to sell within two weeks and closed on October 7, 1991!!
The sale enabled me to move back to my home in Alabama-a dream I had long desired.
It makes you wonder, but I prefer to keep the faith.
Thanks for everthing!
S. Plott

I had to share this story with you! I listed my own home 2 weeks ago and have had numerous showings, but no interest, so I decided to use the "Big Gun"... and planted St. Joseph! I had one left that I bought from you a while ago.
Since I had my grubbies on to wash my car- I picked that time to kneel down, plant him, and say my fervent prayers.
Well, 10 minutes later as I'm washing my car, a cute little red sports car slowed down and stopped in front of my home. The gentlemen rolls down his window and starts asking about my home, size, price, etc., and before you know it I'm showing it to him! He falls in love with it and now we have an appointment Sunday to bring his wife and kids over so she can see it.- and it looks real good to write up an offer!!
Yes I'm saying my prayers real hard and the house will be shining for the family on Sunday.
Diane Robinson

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